Thursday 24 February 2011

Wedding jewellery with faux pearls and cream beads

Spring and looking for vintage wedding jewellery is definitely on its way this week. Purple iris bulbs are starting to emerge and the shrubs are bursting into bud. The poor garden has taken a huge cold spell this winter that has devastated many plants. At this moment, we are not sure whether we have lost the two large "palm" trees or yuccas. The lavenders have died along one border and the we have also lost a large shrub in the front garden.

 vintage brooch in green 

But its been too wet to do anything, except clear up all the yucca leaves, into about 6 bin bags and filled the green bin to the top.
Lucky we brought in the banana plants in large pots and not leave them in the garden, other wise I think we would have lost them too.

So while I decide how what to plant in the empty spaces - we added many pieces of vintage jewellery and pre owned jewellery suitable for use as wedding jewellery for that something old piece.

In our traditional wedding jewellery selection, you will find faux pearl bead necklaces both vintage and pre owned. Clear rhinestone jewellery of brooches, earrings and necklacesCream and ivory coloured jewellery of wedding necklaces and wedding brooches. All to compliment wedding accessories for both the bride and bridesmaids.

Of course we have added lots of other brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well. 


Saturday 19 February 2011

Preserving jewellery in Sold Gallery

Preserving the jewellery that we sell in the Sold Gallery.
I know I mentioned this earlier this week , but just thought to expand the reason. What else to do on a very wet Saturday morning in Solihull?

Over the last 3 years, when we have sold a brooch, necklace or pair of earrings, we have just deleted the photographs and information. This is a shame because, many times we have researched and it may contain relevant information on that piece of jewellery. Maybe it was about the manufacturer, the era or the construction.

Mizpah vintage pixie brooch
Wanting to continue to share that information. We have now developed a Sold Gallery. Now once a vintage necklace or an antique brooch is sold we will gradually move it to this Gallery for display.
We hope this will help others to identify vintage jewellery manufacturers and designers. Help date their own antique/vintage/second-hand jewellery. Or just to look at some lovely jewels as I love to do!

Sarah Coventry pineapple brooch - beware that the glass part can be missing and so can be found as available without the pineapple bit online.

Just a quick reminder on how we categorize on Jewels and Finery:

Antique jewellery
Brooches, earrings and other pieces that are a hundred years old or older. This includes Victorian and now Edwardian jewellery.
Vintage jewellery
Generally, the jewellery in this category on the site is genuine necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and other jewels, that were made between 1910 and the end of the 1980s. Vintage is said to be over 25 years old. However, it is very difficult to date exactly and so we have chosen our timeline for easier and quicker listing.
Second-hand jewellery or pre-owned jewellery
This is more modern jewellery that dates from the 1990s up to the present day. It is all been in someone else's possession previously. Some is worn and some may not be. We do find that many of the brooches, earrings, pendants and accessories have been given as presents. Not being to the new owner's tastes, they are then resold to us. Some have not been out of the boxes.
All our antique, vintage and second-hand jewellery is usually only available in quantities of one. Once sold we may never source the same piece again.
Unlike our last and most recent category:
Vintage Inspired Jewellery
This is a brand new jewellery that has appealed to us. It may look retro or vintage. It may be of a historical design. It may be in gemstones that have taken millions of years to form. But we do have small amounts of each. So if you like one ring, you can also buy it in another colour!
And lastly not forgetting that we do sell earring backs for pierced earrings and pillows and pads for clip-on earrings in earrings accessories.

Here are a few of our latest editions:

Antique fleur di li brooch - Now this is jewellery with a past

These are very pretty resin roses and daisies - vintage floral cameo brooch

Vintage-inspired stretch ring - '50s inspired jewellery
Available in two finishes - silver and antique silver

Gorgeous vintage teardrop rhinestone clip earrings

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Part 7-Sarah Coventry. Jewellery from the 1976 Spring brochure

Sarah Coventry Jewelry Collection 1976 Spring brochure

Continuing with showing the pages of vintage jewellery from the seventies brochure today. This is now part 6 - almost half way through the booklet. By showing the pages, it can help to identify the name and the other pieces that were available at the time. Also it is one of the best ways to date vintage jewellery.

Page 26

A = Half Circles, earrings in silvertone.
Gold tone not shown but were also available.

B = Holiday Circles, earrings for pierced ears in silver tone.
Gold tone were also available.

Holiday Garden Necklace

C = Tortoise tone
D = White
E = Black
Available in 33" & 36" chains.
Other colours were available of melon & eggshell/aqua & eggshell - see the booklets front cover. View the first Part1 in this blog under Sarah Coventry.

Page 27


A = Flip set earrings (3 pairs)
B = Summer Flirt necklace in 22" & 29" chains.
C = Summer Flirt earrings

Page 28

A = Contessa pin/pendant
B = Contessa ring
C = Contessa bracelet
D = Contessa earrings - pierced, dangle removable.
E = Centurion earrings
F = Centurion pin/pendant
G = Antiqued chain 24" in gold tone
Available in silver tone but not shown.

Page 29

Charisma necklace 16" adjustable in gold tone.
Also available in silver tone but not shown.
Charisma earrings in gold tone
Also available in silver tone - not shown.
The pierced earrings were also available and can be found on page 46 of this booklet - to be produced in a later blog this year.

Below are a few vintage and pre-owned jewellery brooches.

Marcasite vintage brooch - signed Kigu

Vintage brooch signed MASJ '85

Vintage blue agate Celtic brooch signed Miracle

Centurion Roman soldier cufflinks - pre owned

More from the booklet in future blogs, as well as book reviews on jewellery and much more...

Sarah Coventry and other International designers and companies vintage & second hand jewellery is available in our International jewellery category. UK companies and designer jewellery can be found in our UK signed jewellery category.

Sunday 13 February 2011

New categories to Jewels and Finery

This last week we have been busy adding more new categories to our website.

As well as our wide range of genuine vintage jewellery we have added vintage inspired jewellery which has brand new jewels that have a look from history.

Last weekend as I deleted sold items from the website, I thought of having a sold jewellery gallery, where we could move all the pieces sold into and use it as a showcase with information to date and identify jewellery.

So here are a few of the items added this week. First from our genuine vintage jewellery categories.

    Star burst vintage brooch

Faux turquoise and pearl vintage brooch by Monet

Vintage men's jewellery - tie clip Damascene & MOP

These are just a few of the brooches and rings, we will be adding necklaces, bracelets and earrings shortly.

Crystal crown brooch

Unicorn crystal brooch with Swarovski stones

Stones red enamel ring

Stretch crystal ring - inspired by the 1950s stretch vintage jewellery

More great jewellery will be added this week. So have a great Sunday.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Spring Trade Show NEC 2011

Busy week attending the Spring trade show at the NEC Just outside Birmingham.
The show is full of suppliers from furniture to jewellery, packing material and ornaments. In fact too many things to name.

I love looking at the huge variety of jewellery and because the show is so big - that is all I usually manage in a day.
Small wholesalers and designers to large names like Pandora, showcase their new ranges.

So back from the show, we have added a few vintage and second hand pieces. We are also preparing a new category but more of that in a blog soon.

Floral brooch by MASJ - second hand jewellery

Vintage butterfly brooch by Monet

Vintage AB & clear clip on earrings

We have also managed to add a few vintage and second hand knitting, sewing and crochet patterns to Jewels and Finery Craft.

Vintage sewing pattern - maternity nightgown 1950s

Family Aran sweaters - pre owned knitting pattern

Crochet cot cover - second hand crochet pattern


Tuesday 1 February 2011

Sarah Coventry Jewellery Brochure 1976 Part 6

Whoops been a while since I wrote a sequel to the 1976 Spring brochure. So here is part 6 and I must try harder to keep up with blog posts now!!
Page 22

A = Heirloom pendant 25"
B = Old Vienna pin/pendant 24"
C = Old Vienna ring.

Page 23

A = Outer space pendant 20 - 22" adjustable.
B = Four dimension necklace/bracelet 33" in gold tone.
B = Above available in silver tone but not shown.

Page 24

Page shows the Black Charmer necklace or pin 30"
Black charmer earrings in clip only.
Versatile jewellery as the brooch can be attached and worn with or without the dropper.
The necklace can be converted into a choker style.

Page 25

A = Ultra versatile earrings
B = Ultra versatile necklace 24"
C = Mystic Lady necklace 31"
The headline says that 24 different styles can be achieved with this versatile ensemble. Detachable droppers and coloured pieces to interchange.

New vintage jewellery and second hand jewellery have been added this week and so much more to come.

Fuchsia vintage brooch by Exquisite July birthday

Silver and emerald ring - second hand jewellery

In Jewels and Finery Craft we have added a few more vintage buttons this week.

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