Friday 24 April 2015

Swimmimg with the fish - dolphin brooch

Swimming with the fish - dolphin brooch and jewellery

Hope you like our "swimming with the fish" dolphin brooch quote for today. Because it has been such
a beautiful April with the weather warm and sunny. This quote was inspired by yesterdays activity. Cleaning the garden pond and filters. A yucky job. But I was surprised on how many fish we had left. Having caught the heron on the pond in February - it had managed to work its way through my heron pond defences!
So having just added this dolphin brooch to our fish jewellery collection last week. Here is the swimming with fish quote.

Swimming with fish - jewellery quote

Small blue dolphin earrings in a child's size and made of plastic.

Sunday 19 April 2015

China and china collecting

This collecting information blog post is entitled "China and china collecting" as that is the title of the paragraph in the Home furnishing and decoration book that the china identification marks below comes from. This old book is fabulous for helping the householder of the time. Published in the household reference library in London by The Fleetway House. I own 2 of the 6 books that were published in about the 1930s in this series. On Jewels and Finery, we have china jewellery as well as antique and vintage china trinket boxes for sale. So I am always on the lookout for any information on china marks. these are quite old though but this information may be of use to someone. 

  China marks:
1,2,3 = Bow (Old Chelsea and Bow - To the 18 century belong may landmark in the progress of the art. But amongst all the productions of that age lover of old china are the fondest of Chelsea ware, because of its charm and historic appeal. Owing to its remoteness from our own day it is not abundant and the homes of Chelsea and Bow are no more)
4,5,6 = Chelsea (1730 - 75)
7 = Derby 1751 - 69
8 = Chelsea Derby 1769 - 80
9 = Crown Derby 1780 - 1815
10 = Bloor 1815 - 39
11 Derby modern (for the 1930s)
12 = Chinese six-character mark1723 - 36
13, 14 = Plymouth 1768 - 72
15, 16 = Bristol 1770 - 77
17, 18, 19 = Worcester 1751 - 83
20 = Chinese dedicatory mark meaning harmonious prosperity.
21 = Chantilly 1725
22 = St Cloud 1695 - 1773
23 = Sevres 1754
24 = Dresden- Meissen 1716
25 = Copenhagen 1772 - 74
26 = Japanese fabric mark Imari ware 1800 

Monday 13 April 2015

Love you to the moon and back earrings

Love you to the moon and back earrings.

Moon and stars have always been a great motif to use in jewellery. So the current popular theme of "Love you to the moon and back" fits in with the moon and star earrings that we have acquired on my travels. 80s and 90s inspired New Age jewellery is just perfect to wear. So here is our jewellery quote for today.

Love you to the moon and back - which is a very long way! 

love you to the moon and back earrings
More New Age jewellery.
Moon and star brooch in the New Age style
Moon and star brooch in the New Age style. Made in the 1990s with a black background and multi coloured metal moon and star design.
Rainbow moon brooch pins

Rainbow moon brooch pins with colourful detail and faces on the moons.
Star fish jewellery set 1990s New Age

Star fish jewellery set 1990s. In a New Age design of silver and gold metal. Large star fish brooch with matching clip on earrings. Unsigned.

 Our website is no longer available. We are taking a rest from selling jewellery online. But have a look at our blog as I still buy a few pieces along the way. I just can't help myself....

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