Tuesday 2 August 2011

BJL Signature on enamel jewellery

BJL signed enamel jewellery was a mystery to many vintage costume jewellery collectors. But at long last the mystery has been solved. BJL stamp refers to The Bohemian Jewellery Ltd company. they produced a huge amount of enamel and marcasite jewellery. Some are stamped and many are not.  

To jog memories here are a few pieces to help things along.

 Signed lily flower brooch and matching clip earrings - also signed. My own collection

BJL made many pretty enamel and marcasite brooches and earrings. Looking at the style and findings of many of their pieces - they made jewellery from the 1920s up to the 1960s at least.  Not only the enamel ones but a range of vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets.  Some of the jewellery was signed with block lettering BJL on a square plaque. But there are unsigned ones to look for.

This is an unsigned vintage brooch with a hummingbird. (own collection as wing damaged) A brooch in the same colouring was signed BJL found in America
This little enamelled robin brooch is by BJL but is unsigned.

Both of these brooches are from BJL as size, findings same and they appear to match in style.

Which leads me to the infamous vintage lily brooch in enamel and marcasite. Made in numerous colourways. Is this by BJL? The backs are very similar to the ones that are signed BJL. The lily brooches are in both pot metal with a C shaped fastening. Also they are available with rhodium plated backs and with a safety fastening. SO DO YOU HAVE this brooch with a signature? Please share any information.

Pot metal with C shaped fastening - my own collection.

Lily enamel and marcasite brooch - with a safety fastening.

Comments appreciated.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and information. I inherited a brooch that originally belonged to my grandmother and found yesterday it has been stamped BJL on the back. My mother gave it to me in 2007 as she wanted to give me something for my graduation and I needed something bright to wear on the black gown. It has been keptt in it's box and only worn on only worn it twice and it attracts a lot of complimentary remarks. The brooch is a White orchid with some purple/pink detail to the edges of the petals, green leaves and an abundance of marcasites. If you would like a photo let me know in a comment and I will give you my contact so I can send it off site. Marjorie

  2. I would like to see a photograph. Contact me at sales @jewelsandfinery.co.uk. The more BJL jewellery identified then the more likely the unsigned pieces can be attributed to the company. Does the box have any details on as well?

    Best wishes Sue

  3. Hi, I bought a necklace very similar to this just yesterday. It has a flower like this in the centre, then a smaller bud attached to each side. It is a pinky rust colour. Really pretty. I wanted to research it as I had no idea how old it was - I even thought it might be new, but designed to look vintage. I bought it simply because i loved it. It is stamped BJL which I had never heard of until now. Would you like a picture?

  4. Yes please. Could you post it to our email on Jewels and Finery at
    sales @ jewelsandfinery.co.uk (just remove the gaps first)

    Thank you Sue

  5. I have a lovely twin bird brooch (they look like budgies or parrots) that was my Nan's. I dug it from the bottom of my jewellry box as my daughter said bird jewellry is in at the moment,

    It is silver colour with marcasites and around an inch and a half in height. It has 633 BJL B stamped on the back. Do you know when it was made?


  6. Unfortunately I can not give a date as bird brooches were popular for a long period. Also no information is available for this company

    Regards Sue

  7. Hi I found a brooch looks like a lizard or reptile covered in diamantes with little green diamante eyes. It was in my collection which is massive it is stamped BJL on the square bit. I have no idea when I got it as I have a good few thousand pieces of costume jewellery. Anyone know yet who this company is and its history. I live in UK so will see what I can find out.

  8. Hello, Ive had a number of brooches with the BJL stamped in a square. Ive a silver fish jumping, macrasite and red eye, not sure what type of fish its as a long nose. Also have the above lilac orchid that also as no initials. have the basket of heather and also a swan, did have a buitiful marcasite silver knecklace which i sadly lost. I did do research sometime back, but cant quite remember the details so will have to look into it againl
    kind regards

  9. Hello, I have a peacock brooch stamped with BJL and next to that a much larger B. The tail feathers were coloured with blue and green but a fair bit has rubbed off, unfortunately. It belonged to my grandmother, but as she was born in 1899 and died in 2000 it doesn't really help date the brooch!

  10. HELLO - I have a BJL signed brooch, it also has a 575 mark. It is a porcelain clipper sailing ship on the high seas with billowing sails, on the back it says real limoges lovely gold fancy edging. about 1 3/4inch x 1 1/4inch no box picked it up in a junk shop cost 50pence.

  11. Dear Sue, I plan to send to you some illustrations that will identify BJL once and for all. I have unused boxed items, that state the manufacturer, brand name, and they were manufactured during the mid-'50s to early-'60s. I shall be selling them at Cromwell's Antique Centre at Sawbridgeworth, where I have my outlet of designer costume vintage and antique jewellery.

  12. Hi sue. I was give a brooch which is a horse with marcasite and has a green stone for its eye by my grandad from his mother. It has the hall mark bjl on a block. It is in fantastic condition and wondered if you would know anything about it

  13. Hi i have a 615 bjl brooch given to me my by late great grandmother she was 100 years old when she died over 10 years ago not going to sell it but hoping to get some info it

  14. Hi I have pair of clip on ear rings they have pink flower with a stone in and green leaves with stone at bottom can u tell me what flower it is plz

  15. Hello there. I collect BJL (Bohemian jewellers Ltd) jewellery. If youd like to see my large collection plus info on the company please join my Facebook group called bjl (bohemian jewellers Ltd) collectors group. I have well over 100 now and as far as non aware I have the only group dedicated to bjl. I have been cataloguing as I go. :)

  16. Hi,
    I have just wrapped two brooches to send to my Rhodesian relatives in the states.
    Marcasite/enamel Rhodesian/Zimbabwe National emblem Fish Eagle the other small Flame lily. The fish Eagle is stamped but small so can't make it out,it is stunning. The flame lily I can't see a stamp.
    I had lived in then Rhodesia my self for a number of years and seen a few flame lily's but never the National emblem so not sure how old it is.
    I took a picture before wrapping if anyone interested to see them.

  17. Hi. I have a broach with BJL AND B on the back. Is a flower with green leaned and a bud.

  18. Celesté Rich24 July 2023 at 12:51

    I have a stunning pair of BJL enamel earings. I would love to share a picture


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