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My family and other animal jewellery 2022

 My family and other animal jewellery 2022

Each year I look to find a subject to collect in costume jewellery. I source antique, vintage and pre-owned jewellery - as well as new. There are two criteria applied:

: It has to be cheap - usually £2 or less!

: Or it is unusual and rare or very collectable. If I pay more than £2.

For 2022, I decided to collect animal jewellery, as well as bird, insect, sea life and reptile pieces. My 2 year old grandson gave me the idea. I was watching him sort the many plastic animal toys and naming the various species. So just to start this year off. I am showcasing all the animal costume jewellery that I have at the moment. Most are in my own collection and some are for sale. 

Animal jewellery

Cat brooch on pumpkin
Black cat brooch on a pumpkin. Part of my Halloween jewellery collection. Made of resin and probably from the 1990s - 2000s.
Cat brooch on broomstick from Avon
Gold metal cat brooch - this one is stood on a broomstick and was made by Avon unsigned circa 1990s.
Egyptian chariot horse ring
Egyptian chariot horse ring. Part of my own Egyptian jewellery collection. Unsigned. Gold tone metal with a black enamel to show the chariot riding Pharaoh cameo off. Vintage of about the 1970s
Spotty Dalmatian dog brooch in enamel
A Dalmatian dog brooch - modern in cream and black enamel (For sale) Costume jewellery made in the last 10 years. Pre -owned
Vintage marcasite deer brooch mother and baby
Marcasite deer vintage brooch with a mother and baby (For sale) silver metal jewellery that is cute. Unsigned.
Vintage stag deer brooch in marcasite
Another vintage marcasite stag deer brooch in silver metal. Unsigned and in own collection. Deer jewellery is ideal for wearing during the winter and at Christmas. 
Egyptian eagle brooch signed
A majestic vintage Egyptian eagle brooch. In my own collection. Enamel of green, turquoise, white and red with turquoise resin cabochon. Signed on the back but unfortunately unable to make out the manufacturer.   
Eagle brooch by B & W
Another eagle brooch. This is modern and brought for my birthday a couple of years ago. How time flies. In a dark gun metal colour with sparkling enamel and a pave of clear and black diamante. Very large and eye catching. This is a Butler & Wilson piece of jewellery and in my own collection.  
Large eagle brooch by Butler and Wilson

Vintage horn with camel and pyramid dangles
Now I collect junk jewellery in plastic. I have two of these plastic brooch pins. It has a cream horn with two dangles. This one has an Egyptian pyramid and a camel. So ideal for show casing in an animal jewellery collection.  
Asian elephant bangle with mother of pearl
An ethnic brass bangle with an elephant pattern. This Asian elephant bangle also has green enamel and panels of mother of pearl shell. Rustic but very pretty. For sale and has been previously owned of unknown age.
African elephant bangle in resin
Another animal bangle. This one has an African elephant pattern with trees in between. Made of resin to look like wood and previously owned. For sale.
African elephant bangle in resin wood look alike

Asian brass elephant bangle with MOP shell

Ethic vintage bracelet with elephants and Hamsa dangle

Ethic vintage bracelet with daggers elephants and Hamsa dangle

Ethic vintage Morocco bracelet with elephants

Vintage elephant bracelet Ethnic

Vintage elephant bracelet Ethnic from Morocco
Above are a selection of different vintage bracelets with elephants on. They were made as tourist pieces in the early part of the twentieth century. Each has a Hamsa hand dangle at the end. Some signed Morocco and some with a filigree finished amulet Hamsa hand. They are in my own collection of Ethnic jewellery.  
Vintage elephant necklace in celluloid
Now this is an unusual vintage celluloid necklace of elephants. It has a screw cap fastening in celluloid with a row of elephants in cream colour with small round beads. Then ending in an elephant pendant bead. The African elephants are all the same size. Unknown age, but probably late Victorian to early twentieth century. For sale. 
Green enamel reindeer brooch
I love wearing this green enamel reindeer brooch at Christmas. Very festive and with a gold tone finish. I brought this one from a clothes shop in Solihull that has since closed down. It is in my own collection.
French Depose celluloid brooch with horse and carriage
Another antique vintage brooch in my own collection. This is a French Depose celluloid brooch. It unfortunately has some parts missing. It depicts a horse drawn carriage with a gentleman standing by it. The missing pieces are a woman and reins to the horse. Cut out details in celluloid and has a twisted gold tone frame. Unmarked. This type of brooch was made with many different scenes and are very collectable. 
Sparkling green diamante leopard ring

Green diamante leopard ring with red
When I spotted this leopard ring, I just had to buy it. It was in a small stall at the Clothes Show at the NEC in Birmingham. About 8 years ago and was new. It is in brass with lots of sparkling green diamante and red eyes. This majestic big cat has a larger diamante in red held in its mouth. He is in my own collection 
Brass lion ring

Brass lion ring king of the jungle
Another brass ring in my own collection. This lion ring is all in brass just cast with the male king of the jungle lion features. I don't know why I like him but I do! It is in a small size - so think it is more for a female to wear.
See no evil vintage monkey charm celluloid
Small but cute celluloid monkey charm. This vintage costume jewellery is part of a set of 3 - the other 2 lost in time. It shows the monkey with it's hands over it's eyes. For see no evil. Would have been part of a charm bracelet. For sale.
Vintage elephant charm brooch plastic
This is the second vintage elephant brooch that I have collected in plastic. The horn has two elephant charm dangles. From around the mid twentieth century and made to look like celluloid. In my kitsch plastic collection of cheap jewellery. 
Vintage monkey brooch in celluloid
Another monkey brooch that has found it's way into my plastic jewellery collection. Love the baby monkey on a branch with a mother monkey dangling below. In celluloid and has a brown finish on top of the cream.  
Vintage Barry Goldwater elephant brooch 1964
Apparently this is a vintage Barry Goldwater elephant brooch made in 1964 for the presidential election in America. No idea how it ended up on a vintage jewellery website in England. The website is long gone and sold cheap jewellery. I brought it and re-enamelled it. Sorry Barry but I changed the black glasses to blue. I hadn't a clue on what this cute little brooch stood for at the time. Just a few years ago I was researching political jewellery and came across this one. For sale as is. The new owner can change the glasses back to black - if they so wish.  
Mrs rabbit brooch by Danecraft
Another cute rabbit brooch. This one is part of my own collection and is a Mrs rabbit by Danecraft jewellery. In an all gold tone with pink and white enamel finished with green diamante eyes. Part of my own collection. She is watering flowers by a bird table.
Mr gardener rabbit brooch by Danecraft
This is a mr rabbit brooch by Danecraft. He is a gardener pushing a truck filled with red apples. Sporting a green pair of enamelled overalls. Part of my own collection, brought to make a picture for my husband for a wedding anniversary. The anniversary is long gone, but one day I will complete what I started out to do.

I will have another 3 blogs shortly of sea creatures, birds and reptiles. So follow this blog for more 


Friday, 12 November 2021

Beautiful vintage jewellery - Take a look

 Beautiful vintage jewellery - take a look!

We have added some more vintage brooches, vintage bracelets and vintage necklaces to our eBay today.

Gorgeous jewellery that has stood the test of time and worth adding to your jewellery box.

Green rhinestone vintage brooch
This striking green, orange and yellow rhinestone brooch on a black setting is a winner. Add to a jacket or coat to bring a stunning look to your everyday or evening wear. Signed but we are unable to identify who the manufacturers are. Striking Green Orange Rhinestone Brooch Signed Vintage Costume Jewellery | eBay

Pink Opaline vintage brooch 1960s

A pretty Opaline and pink brooch - vintage 1960s. The Opaline shimmers pink and reflects colour. Smaller than average but oh so pretty. Pink Opaline Rhinestone vintage Floral brooch | eBay

Sarah Coventry vintage brooch 1970s GB

A Sarah Coventry vintage brooch circa 1970s. Made in the UK because it is signed GB. Large solid piece that has a striking black and silver design. Sarah Coventry GB Silver Vintage Brooch - Signed Costume Jewellery | eBay

Eloxal vintage bracelet 1960s Germany

I love Eloxal jewellery. Made in Germany in the 1960s and this vintage bracelet is large links with a design of gold and silver faux marcasite. Worth collecting Eloxal vintage bracelets and other jewellery. They are light weight and do not seem to age or tarnish. 1960s Eloxal Vintage Bracelet in Gold and Silver | eBay

Green diamante bracelet

Green diamante bracelet modern pre owned

A more modern diamante bracelet with tiny green stones. Probably made in the last 10 years and previously owned. A nice addition to your party wear. Pale Green Diamante Bracelet - Modern Costume Jewellery | eBay

Real marcasite vintage necklace

Real marcasite vintage pendant necklace English

A dainty vintage pendant and chain necklace. Real silver marcasite flower design with a white small pearl centre. Rhodium plated and made in England. Vintage Marcasite Floral Pendant and Chain Necklace English Made 1960s | eBay

These are just a few of the vintage and modern jewellery pieces we have for sale on our eBay site.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Cameo necklace to vintage clown brooch

 Cameo necklace to a fabulous vintage clown brooch from the 80s.

Continuing with our fabulous additions to our eBay shopping listings. Today we have added more vintage to previously owned jewellery.weave25 on eBay 

Starting with a new cameo necklace called Fallen Fairy from Gothic White Witch.

Cameo necklace Fallen Fairy by Gothic White Witch

 Then back to the late 1990s or early 2000s with a large bead necklace in blue, pink and gold. This graduated beaded jewellery has a colourful style that will blend into many outfits just perfectly. The beads are in resin and vary in shape and size to create an individual piece.

Large bead necklace in pink, blue and gold 1990s

 Then to a newer Egyptian necklace in a brilliant Bohemian look. Made in the last 10 years in a darker silver with cabochon of turquoise, blue and coral pink. 

Egyptian silver necklace in a Bohemian style
Abalone has a very unique look. This shell has a shimmering appearance in blue, green and a rainbow of colours when catching the light. Simply set into a silver metal frame this abalone brooch can be worn on a jacket, top or hat. 
Abalone brooch in silver and blue shell

Staying with a blue theme. This great little collectable vintage blue enamel bracelet. Typical junk jewellery from the 1970s with alternate blue enamel onto a golden brass base. 

Vintage bangles are smaller in size in the 1970s as wrists on average were smaller than today. Easy to collect these pieces that were imported from Asian countries. 
We have also added this smaller length vintage resin pearl necklace, that is ideal for a smaller neck or teenager. Alternate simulated pearl beads in a creamy white and grey blue. Made in England in the 1980s. It has a simple push in clasp.
Vintage simulated pearl necklace 1980s choker small

 Lastly for now is this brilliant vintage clown brooch from the 1980s. In a gold tone metal with enamel of green, blue, white and red. A typical circus clown shaped figural holding a flower - just ready to send a spray of water into someone's face. Circus brooches make great collectable jewellery and displayed in a box frame will put a smile on anyone's face.
Vintage clown brooch 1980s enamel

 Hope you like our selection and not only will this help you date some jewellery by style. But they can be brought. Just head over to our eBay selection. 

Monday, 20 September 2021

Jewels Vintage Geek back to selling

 After a lot of thought we have started to list jewellery and other items back on our business account on eBay.  

We have sold previously on our own website as "Jewels and Finery" but had problems with the website creating too many pages for the same item! Couldn't resolve it with the provider and so shut the website down and then switched to an American provider. But found that we didn't have time due to our new grandson. So have gone back to where we started on eBay and started under Jewels Vintage Geek this time.

However, our beautiful grandson started school a couple of weeks ago and suddenly I have time!! 

We have hundreds of vintage jewellery, pre owned modern and old stock pieces to sell. It had been sent to storage until we could get the time to think of what to do. Most is still in storage and will get it out gradually as time goes by.

As an avid collector, we will also add many of the other items we have collected over the years. So watch this space.

Vintage butterfly by Avon 1990s 

Friendship bracelets by AbraCARDabra - old stock
Pre-owned dragonfly brooch with a sparkling blue diamante
A 1980s vintage Ciro Pearls necklace in it's vintage box
Peach rose ring by Diva - old stock

Lastly two Edelweiss brooches circa 1950s  in plastic and bone.

More to add this week - so watch this space......


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