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Vintage Christmas jewellery display - From past to present

Vintage Christmas jewellery displayed - With past to present pieces.

Showing the Christmas jewellery display I did for this last Christmas. It had vintage jewellery mixed with new jewellery that I had brought recently. I change the display regularly to match the seasons and just because.

Vintage Christmas jewellery display
With just 13 pieces of jewellery with a Christmas design on. Having lost a lot of other pieces in the fire. I will have to keep a look out this years for more. 

This is a Christmas necklace with cute retro Christmas images on either side. Made to look old but only about 5 years or so old. It is made of paper mache varnished.  
A cameo necklace with Christmas bells on in off white and red. It is just one that I made a few years ago. I haven't painted this one but may do in the future. As the colours are a bit drab and plain. 
A small Christmas tree pin. It doesn't look well made but is stamped Avon on the back. Obtained this one about 10 years ago and then it was pre-owned. 

Avon jewellery signature on the reverse of this Christmas tree pin which is in enamel and decorated with clear diamante.

A teddy bear necklace with a Santa hat on. Another Avon jewellery piece. This was identified by the box it was in. Pave crystal clear diamante with red enamel finish. Pretty Christmas necklace although too young for me to wear. Great for display though. 

This Christmas pudding brooch is unwearable because the pin clasp does not close. But suitable for display. It was in my bag of broken jewellery. So I used it for display. Looks to be a copy of an original which the Chinese jewellery manufacturers love to copy because of the marking on the back. 

Another Christmas brooch but this is a 1950s/1960s vintage wreath brooch with a working bell. The enamel on this was very worn originally. So I painted it up. It is nice and heavy well made and the bell still rings.

The next few pieces of vintage Christmas jewellery are from the late 1970s to early 1980s. I wore them at Christmas on my uniform as a nurse/midwife. It was allowed then and was something I looked foreword to doing. Alongside my hospital and registered general nursing badges. This is a bright enamelled candy cane pin.    

Another one I wore on my nursing uniform was this Father Christmas boot brooch. Again in bright enamel colours with clear diamante accents. 

Lastly this Avon vintage bell brooch. Think this was the first years vintage brooch in around 1979 that I brought new to wear on my uniform. Will have to show my nursing badges at some point that I have somewhere. Signed Avon on the reverse with silver glitter enamel and now slightly faded red enamel.                                                   

This delightful reindeer brooch I brought new about 10 years or more ago from a women's clothing shop. Bright metallic green enamel on a deer head design. Well made and one I wear often. 

This Christmas tree brooch was brought from a car boot sale. I liked the blue bead bauble design. Unsigned but has a 1980s style. 

A recent purchase from a table top sale. From the 1960s/1970s and has a lovely old fashion winter scene - snow with a horse and cart. This type of vintage brooch were made over a long period. Not only by manufacturers but the `back can be removed and you can add your own picture. The "glass" is in fact plastic with a brass frame and clasp. 

 A brand new piece of Christmas jewellery by Anne Stokes. Christmas present surprise dragon pin brooch. This large enamelled brooch has 2 pinch back pin fastenings on the back. Unsigned but came with an identification card and also a soft dragon toy in the same design. 

Still have lots of vintage to new jewellery to display and show this brand new years. So keep a look out for more blog posts. 

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