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W, X Y and Z stamps on jewellery

W, X, Y and Z Stamps on Jewellery.

Stamps on the back of jewellery shows who made it and which designer it is. It can also tell you how old as certain companies used different stamps at different year ranges. Hallmarks were more used for gold and silver - this is not included in this alphabetically arranged directory.

W A P Watson - See Exquisite for further details as this was the company that produced the Exquisite and Mirella range also. W A P Watson can be seen on the Gothic Tudor Mint range of brooches and key rings. Often in pewter and with a crystal stone (real and faux) as with the Tudor Mint range of Dungeons and Dragon series. Signed on the reverse in a  circular plaque. See Exquisite for more information.

Warner Brothers - Copyright jewellery produced for the film company. Under Warner Bros marking.

Weiss - 1942 - 1971.Albert Weiss worked for Coro initially before striking out on his own. Excelled in the 1950s and 1960s, that had to arrange with Hollycraft to cover orders and demand. Produced some fabulous sparkling pieces on the par with Eisenberg. Famous for brooches in rhinestone, figural of birds, butterfly and fruit, Swarovski crystal earrings and much more

West Germany - Western Germany jewellery signed pieces will only date between the years 1949 to 1990 when the republic of Western Germany was in existence.
daisy brooch made in western germany

daisy brooch made in western germany back

made in western germany signature jewellery

west germany berry clip earrings

west germany berry clip earrings signature

west germany daisy clip earrings

west germany daisy clip earrings

White Diamond - See Elizabeth Taylor jewellery
wd white diamond signature on brooch

wd white diamond faux pearl brooch

wd white diamond signature on box

Willie Frey - see Michaela Frey information. 

Wilson Henry - (1864 - 1934) Inspired by nature, Medieval and the Renaissance period and was part of the Arts & Crafts era. Used gemstones carved to fit his designs - unusual amongst other jewellers of this period.

Yves St Laurent   - see YLS jewellery mark on the reverse of his jewellery.

1928 Jewelry - 1960s to the present day (USA). Online shop as well as several outlets in California and a shop in Canada. Also sells to the Macey's Store. Sells their own antique and vintage jewellery inspired brands lines under various names includes "Downton Abbey, Signature 1928, Antiquities Couture, Symbols of Faith, 2028 and many more.
Unknown and unidentified signatures - that we can not read to be shown soon.

T, U and V jewellery trademark directory

T, U to V Jewellery trademarks Directory.

Alphabetical arranged jewellery directory of trademarks and company information. From past to present. We explore T, U and V brands that start with these letters. 

A- B | C - D | E - F | G - H | I - J | K - L | M - N | O - P | Q, R - S | X, Y - Z  |  

Taiwan Jewellery - made in Taiwan stamps and marks. The brooches below in a bow shape and ribbon shape are stamped Taiwan on the back. They dates to around the 1980s.
Taiwan bow brooch 1980s
Taiwan brooch signed

Taylor Elizabeth - In the 1990s Elizabeth Taylor promoted her perfume "White Diamonds" with several items jewellery including a brooch and clip earrings with bows and diamante. These are signed with a signature "WD" and identified from their boxes. Still today, some gift sets include her designer jewelry the most recent a pendant with a chain seen in 2015. She also had a range of costume jewelry especially designed for her tastes with Avon in the 1990s. They are now very collectible. Since her death and sale of her fine jewels. There are quite a few companies making copies of her most famous pieces under her name. This includes QVC.  

Trifari - see Trifari jewelry and more in depth information Examples of Trifari jewelry and the marks.  
Trifari necklaces signed

Trifari clip on earrings signed

Large gold brooch by Trifari

Torino - American selling company that sells pewter jewelry with a novelty flare.

Ultra Craft - US company based in Rhode Island. Founder was Luigi Guadagno (C1936 - 2002) an American Italian who was born in Italy. The company made the Miss Universe and Miss America crowns in the eighties. Just a few pieces of Ultra Craft jewelry is available on the web. Brooches and earrings mostly found. Hand finished in large sizes and two tone or single colored metal. Pewter used with gold tone metals. A mix of whimsical and arty. Loved cat designs!

Torq - Little known about this company before 1995. At that point, they had 69 jewellery shops in the UK selling lower costing jewellery and watches. In 1995 they were in receivership and taken over by the Salisbury Stores group. This Sheffield UK based company owns the Salisbury luggage stores and Sock Shop chain.  

Tudor Mint - Myths and Magic Range by WAP Watson see Exquisite and WAP Watson.

Tudor Mint signature and packaging on brooch

Vendome - See Coro for all Vendome accessories information and more links.

Vogue Bijoux - High quality jewelry produced in Italy. This company closed in the 1990s and were famous for their hand finished costume pieces. Often finished in 18 ct gold plate. They are not the same as Vogue jewelry - which is a completely different brand
Vogue signature on a bee brooch

Vogue No 1 - Unknown company but probably from Asia. Late 1980s to the 1990s selling fashion jewelry.
Vogue Jewellery
Vogue Jewelry signature on a crab brooch

Vrba Lawrence - American jewelry designer. Worked for Miriam Haskell and Castlecliffe to name a few.

Q, R and S jewellery maker's guide

Q, R and S Jewellery Maker's Guide.

Company jewellery maker's guide beginning with Q, R and S. Arranged alphabetically to include jewellery brands modern, vintage and antique, logos, designers and famous stores that sell.

Readings - patent information on Victorian/Edwardian shirt clips. Unknown information.
Royal Orchid Company LTD -  Jewelry company from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Producing orchid design jewellery.

RT - unknown company. Mark found on a 1980s enamel jewellery brooch. Copyright signature and similar backing to the enamelled jewellery of the "Fish" company. 
rt signed enamel brooch

rt signed enamel brooch back

ruskin brooch

Salmon David - UK company that sold fashion and costume jewellery based in Manchester. Seems to have been trading from the eighties and stopped in the nineties. 

Sara - Unknown company with a heart shaped tag. On one side of the tag is the words Sara in lower case and the other has 3 dashes that form a face. Quality gemstone made jewelry. Be aware that Sarah Coventry jewelry has been known to be signed Sara - although this is rare.

Sea Gems UK - the 1990s - today. Cornish based company that originally produced enamel jewellery. Now making silver jewellery, fine enamel jewellery and gifts. Very collectible and inspired by Celtic and other traditional organic origins. 

Sherman 1947 - 1981 Canada's finest glitzy jewelry producer. Gustave Sherman in Montreal. Produced gorgeous rhinestone and crystal jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Aurora borealis effect on his stones is thought to predate the stated start date of use in 1956. Used Swarovski crystal in his Sherman jewelry and rhodium plating especially to the back of the pieces. Unfortunately, many of his pieces were not signed. Those that were can be dated from the type of signature

Sherman in script on an oval plaque is the earliest for the 1950s. In a rectangle the 1960s.

Identification - a square rhinestone tag at the very end of the necklaces.

They do sparkle is one of their characteristic features due to the Swarovski stones

If you like very sparkling rhinestone jewelry then this is one to collect.

Shiptons - family company based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, UK. From Victorian to today. Patented the reverse carved butterfly wing jewellery in 1923. Most found are 18th century dressed men and women and the Dutch boy fishing. Rarer jewellery includes the fairies, Elves and Art Deco scenes. Scenes of England including the sea views and inland water ways. Signed by Dorothy Buckley, Daisy Smith and ?

Thomas L Mott and Henry W King were companies Shipton's purchased their butterfly wings pieces for their shops. The shops were in coastal resorts including Hastings.

Silver Scenes - see MASJ for a more detailed guide. 
masj jewellery set

Sophos - See the Sophos jewellery follow the link for Sophos information.

Sphinx -English company  For Sphinx information and photographs see our other blog post.
sphinx jewellery brooch

sphinx jewellery bracelet

sphinx jewellery set

sphinx jewellery brooch

sphinx jewellery bird brooch

sphinx jewellery bird brooch set

sphinx jewellery bird modern brooch

Stratton UK company founded in Birmingham in Victorian England. Famous for made in England men's jewellery as well as compacts and all sorts of other items. 
stratton jewellery signature
Stratton, made in England on back of trinket box

Swarovski - This company used the swan emblem to mark their jewellery. Not to be confused with Swarovski crystal used by many jewellery manufacturers.
swarovski crystal brooch

O and P Understanding jewellery marks

O to P, In Understanding Jewellery Marks series.

Looking for jewellery marks to understand the company and designers. Then you have come to the right place. This is a guide full of information from O to P with photos of the marks to aid identification and help understand.

A- B | C - D | E - F | G - H | I - J | K - L | M - N | Q, R - S | T, U - V | X, Y - Z 

Oasis - mid-1990s to today. A British company that sells both vintage & contemporary jewellery and clothing worldwide.

Partridge Fred T - Part of Ashbee's Guild and School of Handicrafts. Produced exquisite combs inspired by French Art Nouveau. Used brass, horn shell and steel materials. Married to May Hart.  

Past Times - 1986 - 2012. Past times sold historical and reproduction history jewellery, accessories as well as home furnishings, books, makeup and more. The jewellery came in their trade logo boxes. But unfortunately does not appear to have been signed. Nice quality and an excellent historical version of jewellery to wear.

Pell 1941 - present-day, Company situated in Long Island, New York, USA. Produced fake jewellery of good quality the simulated "fine" jewellery. Uses rhinestones, crystals and other stones. The family business started by brother's Gaita.

PL - unknown but probably an Asian manufacturer from the 1980s and 1990s. This is a registered trademark. Note the R in a circle - small next to the PL stamp. This is the registered mark of a company. If no R or copyright sign - then not a company brand. But be aware that PL can also be meaning plated metal. It can also be mean platinum.

Poole - see Pottery jewellery for Poole and more information soon.
poole pottery dolphin brooch

poole pottery dolphin brooch

Princess Pearls - Unknown company. Hangtag on a faux pearl necklace.

Principles - 1984 - today (Under the Debenhams umbrella of brands) Fashion stores across the UK, that closed in 2009. First under the Burton's Group, then Arcadia Group, Rubicon Retail & Mosaic Fashions.

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