Sunday 28 December 2014

Okay its sale time at Jewels & Finery

Sale, sale sale... Yes its our winter sale. All our jewellery and accessories are now half price. Lots of different jewels available. Some for the nerd and some for the normals! Take a look at some of the ones available. below.
These brooches, necklaces, earrings and sets are just a small selection that we have on sale. With over 1600 different pieces there are so many to choose from.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Beads and more jewellery of beads to wear

We love beads and the more unusual the better. So just a showcase of some of our bead jewellery to wear. From beads of strings to beads used on brooches and earrings. We like vintage and the more unusual shaped or colours. So take a peak at our selection. Of course they were all available on Jewels and Finery. We have now closed down our website. But have kept up this blog for information and of course many photographs of the different bead jewellery available once upon a time.

Black Cloisonne bead earring droppers
Black Cloisonne beads in this pair of earrings. Pretty and dangling pair of beads. Modern and made in the last 20 years.

Black and turquoise bead earrings dangling
How about this turquoise and black dangling earring pair? Unusual beads jewellery and a great look. Estimated made in the 1980s.

Citrine yellow glass bead necklace vintage
Citrine yellow coloured glass beads. Lovely faceted and long enough to just slip this necklace over your head. Circa 1930s vintage.

Bold acrylic bead necklace modern in yellow and purple
If its party wear - then this beautiful purple and yellow acrylic bead necklace is a beauty.  Multi faceted to catch the light. Acrylic crystal look that is a modem made piece and ideal for a sparkling occasion.

Amber bead necklace
Amber beads in both light and dark shades make up this lovely necklace. Long and elegant as well as being collectible.

Fixed bead necklace brown floral
Fixed beads in plastic go a long way and are a lot cheaper to buy and wear. You can also wrap these around your wrist as a wrapped bead bracelet. Versatile and unusual jewellery. This red fixed bead necklace above has some unique patterning. Circa 1960s to 1970s of age.

Filigree vintage floral bead brooch
Brooches with beads make a lovely gift. This floral piece has some unusual bead accents in orange translucent colours with the antique gold tone filigree it is very striking and unique. Probably made in the sometime between the 1960s and 1980s 

Gothic White Witch face brooch handmade
Bead embellished face brooch by Gothic White Witch, handmade and new. finished our collection of bead jewellery.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Our blog has a new home

Just to let you know that any new posts about jewellery will be now on our other blog that is attached to our website Jewels and Finery. We do still intend to us this occasionally but we will be transfering most of our old blogs over.

But for now here are a few of our latest additions in earrings:

Pewter earrings for non pierced ears

Long and dangling clear diamante earrings - again for non pierced ears.

Beautiful Iris or rainbow glass earrings for non pierced ears. We have a small selction of rainbow glass in earrings as well as brooches and necklaces. So have a look.

Corn dolly earrings - quite unusual and fun to wear.

African female and baby earrings

Red enamel earrings with diamante 

We add about 30 to 50 additions each week. So lots to see and of course we do reduce many items every month for clearance.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Postage Reduction on All Our jewellery

From today when ordering from Jewels and Finery we have reduced our postage for all UK, Europe and International orders to free postage. So the price you see for any piece of antique jewellery or vintage costume jewellery is the price you pay - where ever in the world you live.

We still have the option for next day and a Saturday delivery in the UK for an extra amount. But we have been working towards offering free postage for the last couple of months.

Latest update for Jewels and finery Craft is that we are still waiting for our new shopping cart - a delay because the right forms were not sent straight away for us to sign. But we should be able to add the carts later this week.

Anyone else having problems with their blog today??

Wednesday 3 September 2014

How to date vintage costume jewellery

Welcome to "how to date vintage costume jewellery" You have probably typed this into your search engine in the hope of dating a single piece of jewellery. However its just not that easy. In this blog and further tutorial blogs, I will try to give an overview to dating vintage costume jewellery that may help you. First it not easy and you have to take in many factors when dating jewellery:
  1. The front view - what style is this piece and can I have an educated guess at its age?
  2. Construction - the material used, the type of clasps and fastenings with an overall general construction study can give further clues.
  3. The back view - always look at the back of a piece of jewellery.
  4. Does it have a signature or country of origin - this can narrow down the age of a piece.
  5. History - take this into account. But not as Gospel - aunty Flo's inherited jewellery may have her life's collection from the 1950s to 1990s but may also have some inherited or acquired pieces that are of an earlier age.
 In this blog I will look at number 1 - The front view.

Take the piece of costume jewellery that you want to identify and look at it in a good light. Does it look a certain age? There is a look to many jewellery that will give you a clue to how old it is. However if you are a novice you will need to study extensively. I would say acquire good book on costume jewellery that have chapters starting at Victorian and going up in decades to the 1990s. Read more than one. I must have at least 10 or more in my collection. I have done some book reviews on this blog that may help. My article on Ezinearticles will also give you a guide for good costume jewellery books for reference Ezinearticle on 12 excellent reference books

Plain gold and silver tone were very popular in the mid to late sixties and seventies. However it was produced in many other decades as well. But you are more likely to see the gold plate worn, especially on 1970 pieces, as it was a thinner coating than jewellery made in the 1950s.

This cameo brooch has the look of being antique, don't you think? You would be right. This one dates to the early twentieth century and probably Edwardian.

The Art Deco look. This is an original Art Deco brooh and clip. However you need to be careful as many Art Deco styles were produced late on as well. It enjoyed a revival in the seventies and you will see some today that are new.

Classic Art Meta style and so seventies. Just by looking at this vintage brooch, you can see that it was produced in the 1970s because of the destinct Art Metal look.

Now you have an educated guess but don't take that as fact. You still need to look at the back, at its construction and does it have any signatures to actually assess its date more acurately.  

Spend time looking at jewellery and guessing the age. I would say do not use Ebay for dating information. Most are very inaccurate and are being sold by people who do not have a clue or are just trying to get more money by listing something as being older than it actually is. The same with buying in person. I have lost count of the number of dealers that have tried to sell me jewellery that was "Victorian" but I could see that it was not. And yes I have brought something early on in my career that I was told was Victorian but ended up being something far more interesting.
Oh and don't forget the golden rule that something that has diamante or rhinestone that are of aurora borealis (Stones that have that color changing oil on water effect) - Will always date after the mid 1950s as they were invented then. Part 2 coming soon..

I also appologies for any mis-spelling this blogs spell check has gien up the ghost!

Saturday 23 August 2014

Getting that vintage flower look with this set

Just so iconic - getting a vintage flower look with this bone china set. What caught my eye was the bright vibrant colors of the flowers. Vintage bone china from Shropshire and Adderley Floral. so if you like bright oranges and greens take a look at this flower brooch and matching clip earrings.
We have called this set Autumn because of the color tones used. Ideal collectibles as many are now becoming harder to find that are not chipped or damaged. Although ones that are damaged can still be used. Just take the jewellery findings of carefully. A soak in warm water often helps first. Then use to decorate mirror or picture frames.

Adderley are just one of the potteries in Stoke on Trent that produced china jewellery in the mid twentieth century.

Do you like bone china jewellery and how do you wear/use it?

Saturday 9 August 2014

Is this Miriam Haskell dress clip

On a recent buying spree I came across this poor vintage dress clip. On looking at the construction my first thought was "Is this a Miriam Haskell dress clip from the 1940s"? So I brought it - I think it cost me less than 50p and took it home. Now it is much rarer to find anything from Haskell in the UK compared to the US. Especially 1940s Haskell jewellery. If it was by Haskell, then this dress clip was probably a present from some GI to an English woman during World War Two. Now I am much more interested in the history of costume jewellery than any designer stuff, but this one intrigued me because it was made during the war.

I love to collect jewellery books on different designers, ages and materials; and I just happen to have this book on Haskell jewellery in my collection. I would recommend it as well - even if you have no Haskell pieces. As it looks at the designs and different eras with loads of jewellery photographs. Its not a bad thing to read about all types of jewellery as it gives you a much more over view and education. Very handy when you are trying to date or identify many pieces.

It called Miriam Haskell Jewelry by Cathy Gordon and Sheila Pamfiloff.  

Back to this dress clip - well it is of faux glass pearl beads, some dangling and some arranged centrally. Then there is a pot metal leaf that has small diamante accents. The clip back is plastic with a metal clip mechanism. Here are a few "back" pictures that are very important when identifying jewellery.

Cathy and Sheila's Haskell book shows not only the fronts but the back view as well - Hurrah. Much easier to see if the construction is the same - although the photographs are a little small for my eyes now!

Yes the construction seems to match with the plastic base and metal shaped clip that Miriam Haskell's company used. Couldn't find the actual dress clip but the book showed a similar construction but with blue beads. Sorry can not show the pages I looked at in the book - so you must buy it yourself and see.


So I actually do think this is an early Miriam Haskell dress clip. What do you think? Yes its in bad condition and I have done nothing to it. No cleaning or repair. Yes I am keeping this one because its history and from WW2, so its not for sale. Might even have a go at restoration as I have enough glass pearl beads from that era to use as replacements.

Saturday 12 July 2014

Mmmm No Its Second Hand and not for me

I have lots of lovely jewellery for sale but occasionally someone will order and then cancel with "I didn't realise it was second hand jewellery" Now what is wrong with something that is second hand?
First of all what is second hand - it is anything that comes under the antique and vintage banner or anything that has been previously owned and so is not new.

There are many reasons to buy second hand clothes and jewellery.
  1. Its highly unlikely that you will find someone wearing the same.
  2. You will have created a look that is so unique.
  3. Most vintage is of a better quality than today.
  4. Your saving this planet by recycling and re-using.
  5. Upcycle both clothes and jewellery and craft something that is wearable today.
  6. It is often cheaper that something brought new or just not available new.
I have been watching the Dawn O Porter show on TV "This old thing - the vintage clothes show". Its so funny when a newbie says that old cliché "But it'll smell" Now I wash everything that I get that is second hand from accessories to jewellery to clothes. A must before I even try them on or offer them for sale. I also clean any book cover that is not new before reading! Wipe with one of those antibacterial wipes and you will be amazed how much dirt comes off. Then there is this amazing invention that's usually square and lives in or near the kitchen. Put your clothes in, add washing powder and turn it on. Its so amazing when the clothes come out of it clean and fresh!

Now here are just a few of the second hand jewellery items we have showcased this week (that includes vintage, antique and modern pre owned):

A running zebra brooch in silver and black.

A huge flower fabric brooch in a mottled green color.

A blue and stainless steel 1970s pendant and chain.

So bye bye for this week. Its hot and sunny and I will be in the garden if you need me. You may also like to see our cleaning jewellery blog. 

Sunday 29 June 2014

Mens jewelry Sarah Coventry 1976 brochure P17

The pages 50 and 51 are showing mens jewelry in the Sarah Coventry 1976 brochure we have been photographing in its entirety. This is part 17 and for all click Sarah Coventry brochure 1976 and for any sarah Coventry jewelry for sale on Jewels & Finery then follow that link.
Page 50 has mens Zodiac pendants with a link chain and chunky chain bracelets. Very fashionable in that era and still so today.

Sun Signs 30" - Reg 16.00, half 8.00
A = 8001 Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20.
B = 8002 Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19.
C = 8003 Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20.
D = 8004 Aries Mar 21 to April 19
E = 8005 Taurus Apr 20 to May 20
F = 8006 Gemini May 21 to June 21
G = 8007 Cancer June 22 to July 21
H = 8008 Leo July 22 to Aug 21
I = 8009 Virgo Aug 22 to Sept 22
J = 8010 Libra Sept 23 to Oct 22
K = 8011 Scorpio Oct 23 Nov 21
L = 8012 Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

M = 9794 Brute bracelet in oxidized silvertone Reg 13.50, half 6.75.
N = 9795 Brute bracelet in oxidized goldentone Reg 13.50, half 6.75.
O = 9793 Spartan bracelet oxidized silvertone Reg 13.00, half 6.50.

For his ego

P = 8792 His Cross 30" in oxidized silvertone Reg 12.00, half 6.00.
Q = 8791 Sarah's dog tag 30" in oxidized goldentone Reg 11.50, half 5.75.
R = 8790 The Something chain 18" in oxidized silvertone Reg 9.50, half 3.25.
S = 9796 New I.D. bracelet in oxidized silvertone Reg 14.50, half 7.25.
T = 5956 Lock Up keyring in oxidised silvertone, Reg 7.50, half 3.75.
U = 9293 Explorer bracelet in oxidized silverone Reg 9.50, half 4.75.
V = 9376 My I. D. bracelet (boys) Reg 14.50, half 7.25.
W = 5955 Model T tie tac Reg 5.00, half 2.50.

Still a few more pages to go to the end of this seventies brochure. Just bookmark and I will try to blog the rest shortly.

Monday 2 June 2014

Accessorize your jewellery this first week of June

Okay the start of June has started off very sunny and warm. So how do you accessorize your jewellery if one minute its summer and the next it goes cold and wet!! Well I love vintage and pre owned jewellery, (save the planet and all that - and I just like something that bit different to the latest fashion flavor) so will always have something old and something a bit newer to coordinate with my outfit. Today I feel like going back to my hippy roots and treading the natural way with wood, beads of seeds and leather. Ideal for going to work (not that I have to any more) or just popping along to the shops. I would wear a long a long T-shirt dress with short sleeves and cover up with a chunky cardigan jacket. Getting my pale legs out from behind my jeans to hopefully get a bit of a tan! No brooch this week, just a simple long fashion necklace and plenty of bracelets or bangles.

This long black and grey Jobs seed bead necklace is ideal - natural seeds that can be found in many colors often mixed with beads of nuts and wood. Then for the natural bracelets go for some fabulous polished wooden ones. This wooden bracelet set is ideal and so tactile.

Maybe I would add a few Indian bangles for a more hippy look. Something like this Indian bangle set below. Just one or two bangles so as not to over do it. Doesn't matter whether they are in a gold or silver color, as wood will coordinate well with both these colors.

 Or I might choose a more seventies style. Definitely wearing this original 1970s choker necklace with metal and wood beads. The natural colored beads and stark silver metal just oozes that back to the seventies theme.

Then a flowery bracelet to just set my mood. This wooden flower bracelet is ideal and modern or I might choose something similar like the all sorts wooden bangle below that.

If I didn't want to wear any costume jewellery, then I might pull my hair back for this wooden floral flower hair clip. In a polished tan wood color. It has a unique and brilliant flower and leaf design.

So this beginning of June week I am going back to nature and pulling out all my wood and seed jewellery. What will you be wearing? 

Saturday 31 May 2014

Recommended book about Napier jewelry

This is today's recommended book on Napier jewelry. Napier is known in the UK for selling costume jewelry and accessories from 1878 up to today. As with most jewelry companies Napier has had several name changes and in the 1990s became the property of the Victoria Creations Inc.
If you want to know about this company and see hundreds of pictures of their jewelry? Then I recommend that you buy the book written by Melida L Lewis with Henry Swen called "The Napier Co: Defining 20th century costume jewelry"

I have to say its one of the thickest books about jewelry that I own and its so dam difficult to read physically. Its too heavy to hold up and you will get neck ache before the end!! However even with it being difficult to handle - it is a fabulous book about Napier jewelry that is a must to own if you collect or sell any type of vintage jewelry not just Napier.  
This book not only covers Napier but looks at the costume jewelry trends in America from Victorian to the 21st century. Don't forget that this is the American time line and jewelry fashion was a bit different for the UK time line. It does though helps with dating and identifying Napier pieces with the social history of the company is included in great detail. Its not cheap, I paid over $100 and then there is the additional shipping costs to the UK to add on. But I will say its is worth every penny - no I don't do dollars, but I have descended to spell jewelry the international not the correct English way!!
Napier was sold in the UK, not very often though do I find their costume jewelry. In the last 5 years I have come across when sourcing locally: 2 brooches, 1 pair of earrings and 2 necklaces only. But it can be found in huge quantities in the US and on line. If we have any Napier then you will find it in our Napier jewelry collection (spelt right)   

More jewelry reference book reviews in the pipe line and coming soon.........   


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Plastic costume jewellery featuring the Squares bracelets by Coro

Just a little plastic costume jewellery information featuring the Squares bracelets produced by Coro. The US jewellery company Coro jewelry which closed in the 1970s; produced the vintage bracelets which had square plastic inserts in about 70 different colors. From about the middle of the 1950s to the early 1960s for about 6 years, they released different colors for fall (darker) and spring (pastel). This information is in the "Mid Century Plastic Jewelry" by Susan Maxine Klein.

This Squares yellow-cream vintage bracelet is now available but instead of being signed by Coro - it has the Jewelcraft signature. It was probably made here in the UK for the English market, although some Jewelcraft jewellery was also made in the US. They are just so suitable to collect as well as to wear.  

Sunday 11 May 2014

Well umbrella and boat jewellery is a hit for 2014!

Well umbrella and boat jewellery is a hit for 2014.

Its May and this morning is a bit of a wash out. Rain and more rain - so this makes it officially umbrella and boat jewellery weather the top wearing accessory for 2014. Yes I firmly believe that jewellery reflects your mood and also what is happening around you. It becomes more meaning full and fun to put on. There are plenty of different figural to choose from with umbrella on their own, to ladies holding one and sailing boats, ships and other sea, fish or water themed jewellery.
Here is just a small selection to see:

Girl with umbrella brooch 1990s

Girl with an umbrella brooch found in our 1990s collections.

real Art Deco fish brooch

   Art Deco fish brooch in brass with paste stones.

Fish tie clip

Fish tie clip in an all gold color probably by Stratton.

Handmade rustic sea horse brooch
Rustic sea horse brooch - very unusual.

Turtle pendant necklace in turquoise

 Turtle pendant necklace in turquoise and diamante.

Ship's wheel earrings

Ship wheel earrings in red droppers.
Cream frog ring chunky
Cream frog ring chunky. Modern and great wet weather wear.
Blue and white umbrella brooch pin
Blue and white umbrella brooch pin in plastic.

We have plenty of boat brooches and more and add them frequently to this post. So when its raining go for something appropriate to match, but of course when it stops and it becomes sunny.....well that's another blog post.

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