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Uncas jewellery information

Uncas Jewellery information.

Uncas jewellery and accessories is an American company founded in 1911 and still in business today. They act as a jobber jeweller for other companies in the main. Distribution is world wide with Disney, Sea World, Coca Cola and other branded companies amongst their clients

Uncas made silver, gemstone and fake (costume) jewelry and can be identified as having a signed of a “U with an arrow through” (1947 first trademarked)  NB the arrow has a 90% angle at the end. An arrow with a two point finish was registered in 1922. Or a U with two arrows pointing towards it. Registered in Uncas in 1961. the arrow with the two arrows pointing towards the U was first registered in 1947.

Other trade mark from this company are the following:

CC – CC letters in a ball held by a hand on jewellery. Registered 1983.
Jenlari – in capitals on precious jewels. Registered 2007.
Daryl Lee – on precious metal jewelry in capital letters. Registered 2005.
Julliet – precious metal jewellery registered 2010 and again in 2012. Both times in capital letters
Corsini Collection – Stylized C with Corsini collection printed below. Register 1997. Can also have capitals “CORSINI” again registered in 1997.
Jokara – Registered in 2010. Capital letters and on precious metal jewellery.
Tisha Lee now not used. Registered 2005. Capital letters signature on precious metal jewellery.
Curtis Creations registered 1983 and now not used.
Sorrento – Script signature on a slant. Registered 1963.
Kyoto – Capital K with small lettering yoto. Registered in 1981 on jewelry for personal wear.
Christian Heritage – First used in 1967 and now an expired trade mark.
Stars of Light. Jewellery with faux star shaped stones. Registered in 1971.
Lois – Stylized script writing. First produced in 1980 now not used.
Unicite – 1967 on jewellery.
Uncaclad – on rings made in semi precious and precious metals. First used in 1979.
Vincenzo – First registered 1966 on women’s jewelry.
Crystogem – about 1927 dated.
Glow-lite – Produced in 1942. Has capitals in a curved print.
Stylecraft gems – 1938 and 1947. Script lettering.
Ring-o Rama – 1959 and 1965 registered trade mark for rings and their display cases.
Coronado – trademark used from 1955 on mens jewelry.
Jewels of Fashion – started to be used in 1949. On brooches and bracelets as well a other jewellery.
Personality – 1947 first registered for jewellery.
Stylecraft – first registered in 1947 for jewelry.
Stylerite – Registered in 1947. Has the name in script.
Kiddiegem – jewellery trademark from 1934. In thick script lettering on an angle.
Crystogem – Thin lettering with an enlarged capital C and smaller block lettering with a line underneath. 1928 registered.

There are other trademarks from this company that have been very trading for a long time. But these we will add more information as we are able. 

Sarah Coventry jewelry

Sarah Coventry & Emmons Jewellery information

Sarah Coventry jewellery, boxes and accessories information. From 1948 to the mid 1990s this US company sold through their catalogues and home party plan.

UK and Canada made pieces are also available, as well that have been imported from the US. 

In the sixties I was given a home shopping brochure by Sarah Coventry jewelry and asked to choose a piece of jewellery. My nan was holding a party and at about aged 9, I was too young to go. But I have never forgot about this brochure with so many pieces to choose from.
This American C H Stuart company started out in about 1949 selling jewelry by both Sarah Coventry and Emmons. As they were often identical, they used the same names and information on cards and brochures.
Emmons was the first to promote quality costume jewellery. At first the jewelry was not signed until the mid 1950s. Then the signature was “EmJ”. Later on they were marked “Emmons”. Also you will find them stamped “Caroline” and “Caroline Emmons”. The Emmons jewelry started in 1949 until 1981.
Sarah Coventry started selling at home fashion parties in 1949. So successful, they became international and sold in the UK, Canada, Belgium and Australia. It is known that some of the Sarah Coventry jewellery was actually made in the UK. Again the early pieces were unsigned and then with “SAC” from the middle of the fifties until about 1961. “SC” was also used in the later part of the fifties and very early sixties. The mark “SC” was revived in the eighties, so be warned. “Sarah Cov” came in during the fifties as well until the start of the eighties. In the seventies jewellery was stamped “Sarah Coventry” and “Coventry” With just “Sarah” used in the seventies and eighties. I also believe that the mark “Sarah” was used when the company was revived in the 2000s. It is no longer in production.
This jewellery blog has been started to show case all the Sarah Coventry jewelry that we have obtained and will be an on going project as with our other vintage designer blog posts.

The above large brooch and earrings are by Sarah Coventry called Pinwheel. Circa late 1960s to 1970s.

The above is a pair of earrings called Peta Lure circa 1960s and also it has a matching brooch available.

Peta Lure brooch by Sarah Coventry.
Pinwheel brooch

This is just a small sample as we are re-photographing and sourcing even more of our growing large collection to show here.  

Sunday 20 February 2022

Enamel glitter 60s jewellery

Enamel glitter 60s/70s/80s/90s brooches - fabulous souvenir pieces.

Sixties glitter jewellery found as a souvenir at the sea side, fun fair and zoo for children. Enamelled pins that were found in all sort of shapes from butterfly, hats, insects, animals, reptiles to cats and dog to name just a few.
enamel glitter 60s hat brooch pin

If you had ever ventured to the sea side, zoo or fun fair in the sixties. You would have come across these little fun souvenir glitter jewellery pins. Multi coloured and glittering with silver and gold. All enamelled so that they last for ever. Available from the sixties to today in so many different themes and aimed primarily at children. From boats to hats and animals, insects and many more. There was something to collect and hold as a treasured memory of that exciting visit. Today they still can be found most as collectible and wearable vintage, with some being produced today (their back are very different and they look new). They can also be found with slightly different finishes. Here are just a few that we have sourced and as usual we add more as we take photographs. Most now show some wear as the gold covering wears to a darker color. All of the earlier pins had a C style clasp fastening but they were quite secure. They are so wearable as a kid as the glitter did not come off and they have stood the test of time as the enamel does not appear to have any damage to the ones that we find!

This pretty blue butterfly brooch is in just one style and colour available to find and has glitter enamel and a under pin clasp fastening. 
Blue enamel butterfly brooch

Orange owl enamel glitter brooch
Above is an orange owl brooch with psychedelic colours included. Circa 1960.

Pink blue hat brooch 1960s
A pretty hat brooch with pink and blue with green and yellow enamelling. A touch of silver glitter as well. 
Kingfisher bird brooch 1960s
This is a rarer brooch in the shape of a kingfisher bird. Love the blue enamelling. It has a raised hinged wing to give a 2D effect.
Enamel vintage butterfly brooch

Red vintage butterfly brooch 1960s

This red butterfly is still being produced today. The back is in silver and looks new with a roll over clasp fastening. Butterflies in the sixties to nineties in the souvenir glitter jewellery were available in many different colours. Pink, blue, red, green and black. Glitter, jazzy and psychedelic flowers.

Now lets look at the owls. Multi coloured and collectible. Spot the difference to the owls above!

Then there was so many different hats with big bows and glittering colours in all shades and some with different finishes.
Then there are reptiles and animals – a rare tortoise brooch. This tortoise pin reminds me of the large ones I saw in the zoo as a child. We had one at home and always wondered if it would ever get that big!
Now I love the vintage cats brooches in yellow and the first just a little different.
Back of 60s butterfly brooch

Silver green 60s butterfly brooch

Orange owl brooch glitter enamel

Orange blue owl brooch glitter enamel

Duck glitter vintage brooch

Butterfly fridge magnets

Tortoise vintage glitter brooch

ore insects with a dragonfly pin in blue and silver can also be found. I will try and find if I have kept any of the above photographs to add as well. 
Watch this space as we add more for you to view.

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