Saturday 31 May 2014

Recommended book about Napier jewelry

This is today's recommended book on Napier jewelry. Napier is known in the UK for selling costume jewelry and accessories from 1878 up to today. As with most jewelry companies Napier has had several name changes and in the 1990s became the property of the Victoria Creations Inc.
If you want to know about this company and see hundreds of pictures of their jewelry? Then I recommend that you buy the book written by Melida L Lewis with Henry Swen called "The Napier Co: Defining 20th century costume jewelry"

I have to say its one of the thickest books about jewelry that I own and its so dam difficult to read physically. Its too heavy to hold up and you will get neck ache before the end!! However even with it being difficult to handle - it is a fabulous book about Napier jewelry that is a must to own if you collect or sell any type of vintage jewelry not just Napier.  
This book not only covers Napier but looks at the costume jewelry trends in America from Victorian to the 21st century. Don't forget that this is the American time line and jewelry fashion was a bit different for the UK time line. It does though helps with dating and identifying Napier pieces with the social history of the company is included in great detail. Its not cheap, I paid over $100 and then there is the additional shipping costs to the UK to add on. But I will say its is worth every penny - no I don't do dollars, but I have descended to spell jewelry the international not the correct English way!!
Napier was sold in the UK, not very often though do I find their costume jewelry. In the last 5 years I have come across when sourcing locally: 2 brooches, 1 pair of earrings and 2 necklaces only. But it can be found in huge quantities in the US and on line. If we have any Napier then you will find it in our Napier jewelry collection (spelt right)   

More jewelry reference book reviews in the pipe line and coming soon.........   


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Plastic costume jewellery featuring the Squares bracelets by Coro

Just a little plastic costume jewellery information featuring the Squares bracelets produced by Coro. The US jewellery company Coro jewelry which closed in the 1970s; produced the vintage bracelets which had square plastic inserts in about 70 different colors. From about the middle of the 1950s to the early 1960s for about 6 years, they released different colors for fall (darker) and spring (pastel). This information is in the "Mid Century Plastic Jewelry" by Susan Maxine Klein.

This Squares yellow-cream vintage bracelet is now available but instead of being signed by Coro - it has the Jewelcraft signature. It was probably made here in the UK for the English market, although some Jewelcraft jewellery was also made in the US. They are just so suitable to collect as well as to wear.  

Sunday 11 May 2014

Well umbrella and boat jewellery is a hit for 2014!

Well umbrella and boat jewellery is a hit for 2014.

Its May and this morning is a bit of a wash out. Rain and more rain - so this makes it officially umbrella and boat jewellery weather the top wearing accessory for 2014. Yes I firmly believe that jewellery reflects your mood and also what is happening around you. It becomes more meaning full and fun to put on. There are plenty of different figural to choose from with umbrella on their own, to ladies holding one and sailing boats, ships and other sea, fish or water themed jewellery.
Here is just a small selection to see:

Girl with umbrella brooch 1990s

Girl with an umbrella brooch found in our 1990s collections.

real Art Deco fish brooch

   Art Deco fish brooch in brass with paste stones.

Fish tie clip

Fish tie clip in an all gold color probably by Stratton.

Handmade rustic sea horse brooch
Rustic sea horse brooch - very unusual.

Turtle pendant necklace in turquoise

 Turtle pendant necklace in turquoise and diamante.

Ship's wheel earrings

Ship wheel earrings in red droppers.
Cream frog ring chunky
Cream frog ring chunky. Modern and great wet weather wear.
Blue and white umbrella brooch pin
Blue and white umbrella brooch pin in plastic.

We have plenty of boat brooches and more and add them frequently to this post. So when its raining go for something appropriate to match, but of course when it stops and it becomes sunny.....well that's another blog post.

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