Monday 25 March 2013

My older jewellery - What is it worth?

Every day we have people post either to our email address or to our blog the burning question "My older jewellery - What is it worth?" Unfortunately we can not answer these questions as we do not have the time. But we also feel that anyone with a little bit of research and genuine interest will be able to gauge the value themselves.
So how do you research? First of all look at the back of the vintage brooch is it signed?

Designer jewellery - vintage rose brooch signed Exquisite

If it is signed then undertake a search for that signature and look at a few pages for information as they will differ. Find out when that company were producing vintage jewellery. This will give you an idea of dates in between that your piece was made. Remember that some companies would only sign their vintage jewellery after 1955 and that if it has aurora borealis stones then again they were produced after the mid 1950s. 

     Sarah Coventry brooch - Water Lily dated to the 1960s.

Next if it is signed then look for a similar piece. E.G search Hollywood brooches or Sarah Coventry brooches. You may be able to find the one you are researching. Again look at more than one search result. This will give you an average price range for that piece.It will all also depend on condition and does it have all the original diamante or rhinestones. The condition will value the piece higher (unused condition) or lower (poor condition with stones missing) that your search results.

Can not find a signature? Then look for a similar vintage brooch or vintage necklace. Just by browsing original vintage jewellery you will be able to get a feel for the price range for unsigned beauties. Be careful as many websites now have vintage jewellery advertised and they only sell new jewellery that is vintage in style, so exclude these from your search.

Faux pearl necklace

Want to sell your vintage jewellery. If you have many items then go to an auction house locally. They will be able to tell you what you are selling and if it is costume or gold/silver. Just one vintage brooch or vintage necklace. Then try Ebay. Make sure that your starting price covers fees and your postage, then anything that you get over from this is a bonus. 

We at Jewels & Finery do not buy any item over the internet that is offered to us. We have our preferred suppliers already.

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