Sunday 5 November 2023

Jonette jewellery or JJ or Artifact

JJ Or Jonette Jewelry 

Also this company produced pieces under the brand name Artifact. 

JJ – Jonette Jewelry company – This US company made many novelty jewelry pieces and associated accessories in their 62 years of production (1944 – 2006) However the founder Abraham Lisker became involved in producing jewelry earlier in 1935 and had two company names before. The first “The Providence Jewelry Company” and then “Lisker & Lisker” Famous for their novelty brooches in pewter, but they also used many other materials including, silver and gold tone, silver, brass and plastic. They also made some lines in enamel.
Classically their mark is JJ on the reverse. This was copyrighted and appeared in the seventies. They also used the name “Artifact” on their carding and boxes. This apparently started in 1986.
Below are the examples of JJ jewelry that we have found on my travels. Along with carding and marks for research. As usual with all our blogs on costume jewelry, this is an ongoing project and we will add photographs and information as we discover it.

back unicorn & wizard brooch jj

unicorn & wizard brooch jj
Unicorn and maiden brooch by JJ
wizard with cards brooch jj
Wizard with playing cards brooch by JJ
back fairy brooch jj

fairy brooch with wand jj
Also shown is the JJ mark that is on their jewelry. Fairy brooch by JJ 
watering can earrings jj

back of JJ watering can jewellery set

The above is a fabulous novelty gardening set by JJ Jonette Jewelry. A watering can earrings pair and has a matching brooch with dangling gardening tools. Fabulous to wear to garden in or to a gardening event. This set I sold. The other pieces are still in my own collection.
cat climbing earrings by JJ
cow on moon brooch by JJ

ladybird on flower brooch by JJ

Halloween costume jewellery displayed

 Halloween costume jewellery displayed

Just a quick post Halloween post. Here is my witch and Halloween jewellery display for the spooky season. Collected over a number of years with witch brooches, withes on broomstick and spider earrings and junk witch necklaces. Alongside Halloween pumpkin brooches and Halloween badges.

Halloween jewellery display
Witch and witch hat brooches by Kirks Folly. Cat on broomstick brooch- not signed, but by Avon Jewellery. Plenty of cheap costume Halloween pieces included found over the last few years. 
Halloween and witch jewellery display
Just a few displayed from my Halloween jewellery collection. Now have changed this display to dinosaur jewellery which I will photograph shortly....

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