Sunday 29 June 2014

Mens jewelry Sarah Coventry 1976 brochure P17

The pages 50 and 51 are showing mens jewelry in the Sarah Coventry 1976 brochure we have been photographing in its entirety. This is part 17 and for all click Sarah Coventry brochure 1976 and for any sarah Coventry jewelry for sale on Jewels & Finery then follow that link.
Page 50 has mens Zodiac pendants with a link chain and chunky chain bracelets. Very fashionable in that era and still so today.

Sun Signs 30" - Reg 16.00, half 8.00
A = 8001 Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20.
B = 8002 Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19.
C = 8003 Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20.
D = 8004 Aries Mar 21 to April 19
E = 8005 Taurus Apr 20 to May 20
F = 8006 Gemini May 21 to June 21
G = 8007 Cancer June 22 to July 21
H = 8008 Leo July 22 to Aug 21
I = 8009 Virgo Aug 22 to Sept 22
J = 8010 Libra Sept 23 to Oct 22
K = 8011 Scorpio Oct 23 Nov 21
L = 8012 Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

M = 9794 Brute bracelet in oxidized silvertone Reg 13.50, half 6.75.
N = 9795 Brute bracelet in oxidized goldentone Reg 13.50, half 6.75.
O = 9793 Spartan bracelet oxidized silvertone Reg 13.00, half 6.50.

For his ego

P = 8792 His Cross 30" in oxidized silvertone Reg 12.00, half 6.00.
Q = 8791 Sarah's dog tag 30" in oxidized goldentone Reg 11.50, half 5.75.
R = 8790 The Something chain 18" in oxidized silvertone Reg 9.50, half 3.25.
S = 9796 New I.D. bracelet in oxidized silvertone Reg 14.50, half 7.25.
T = 5956 Lock Up keyring in oxidised silvertone, Reg 7.50, half 3.75.
U = 9293 Explorer bracelet in oxidized silverone Reg 9.50, half 4.75.
V = 9376 My I. D. bracelet (boys) Reg 14.50, half 7.25.
W = 5955 Model T tie tac Reg 5.00, half 2.50.

Still a few more pages to go to the end of this seventies brochure. Just bookmark and I will try to blog the rest shortly.

Monday 2 June 2014

Accessorize your jewellery this first week of June

Okay the start of June has started off very sunny and warm. So how do you accessorize your jewellery if one minute its summer and the next it goes cold and wet!! Well I love vintage and pre owned jewellery, (save the planet and all that - and I just like something that bit different to the latest fashion flavor) so will always have something old and something a bit newer to coordinate with my outfit. Today I feel like going back to my hippy roots and treading the natural way with wood, beads of seeds and leather. Ideal for going to work (not that I have to any more) or just popping along to the shops. I would wear a long a long T-shirt dress with short sleeves and cover up with a chunky cardigan jacket. Getting my pale legs out from behind my jeans to hopefully get a bit of a tan! No brooch this week, just a simple long fashion necklace and plenty of bracelets or bangles.

This long black and grey Jobs seed bead necklace is ideal - natural seeds that can be found in many colors often mixed with beads of nuts and wood. Then for the natural bracelets go for some fabulous polished wooden ones. This wooden bracelet set is ideal and so tactile.

Maybe I would add a few Indian bangles for a more hippy look. Something like this Indian bangle set below. Just one or two bangles so as not to over do it. Doesn't matter whether they are in a gold or silver color, as wood will coordinate well with both these colors.

 Or I might choose a more seventies style. Definitely wearing this original 1970s choker necklace with metal and wood beads. The natural colored beads and stark silver metal just oozes that back to the seventies theme.

Then a flowery bracelet to just set my mood. This wooden flower bracelet is ideal and modern or I might choose something similar like the all sorts wooden bangle below that.

If I didn't want to wear any costume jewellery, then I might pull my hair back for this wooden floral flower hair clip. In a polished tan wood color. It has a unique and brilliant flower and leaf design.

So this beginning of June week I am going back to nature and pulling out all my wood and seed jewellery. What will you be wearing? 

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