Saturday 26 May 2018

New Necklaces book review by Geek Jewellery

New Necklaces book review by Geek Jewellery

Another book and another opinion. Is it worth buying this fabulous book entitled "New Necklaces" 400 designs in contemporary jewellery by Nicolas Estrada?

Well having obtained and read many books on both vintage and today's jewellery - this is a must. Especially if you like the little bit of Geek or something very different from the normal in your neck jewellery. It is full of clear images and descriptions of contemporary necklaces and with each turn of the page, more just jump out and fire your imagination. Okay, so many you would not wear, but many you would. Just like some of the clothes displayed on a fashion show. These necklaces are inspirational and daring. Fabulous use of mixed media in some cases and traditional silver and gold in others.
Many people tend to stick to the same boring designs that are "In fashion" and available in their hundreds and thousands. But why follow the crowd - when this amount of necklaces in so many fashionable designs are available.  

What this jewellery book contains.

It has 400 images of cool jewellery from statement necklaces to fine silver and gold necklaces and beads designed and made by jewellery designers around the world. Big and bold pieces to small and neat. Just love the designs that are totally unusual.

From using new material and many different kinds of materials. This book also has many designs made from recycled items.
How cool is this teddy bear necklace by Soyeon Kim? who also has a pink rabbit toy necklace depicted.

 Take a look at this fabulous book. It was first published in 2016 and is available at all good book retailers now.

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