Thursday 19 March 2015

One more day and it's Friday - pink necklace

Thursday, one more day and it's Friday! Of course Friday means its nearly the weekend. So to honour this day, I am wearing some thing pink - just because it feels like a girlie day. I have made this banner using a beautiful vintage pink necklace circa 1960s photographed for our website to highlight that it is a Thursday.

Pink necklace one more day and its friday

Another jewellery quote from Vintage Jewels Geek blog.. Please be aware that our website, Jewels and Finery is now closed.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Have a great St Patrick's day

Yes it is St Patrick's Day and we have a jewellery quote to show. Using the Irish green Shamrock or clover in this vintage bracelet, we have used it for a photograph. Now just roll out the Guinness, stick a tall green leprechaun hat on your head and enjoy this day.   

St Patrick's day green shamrock bracelet

Monday 16 March 2015

Diamante - A girl's best friend

A quick jewellery blog about Diamante - A girl's best friend. Diamante stones that are available in a huge range of colours and shapes add so much sparkle or that something extra to jewellery. In glass or acrylic they accent many different pieces. So its no longer diamonds but diamante - the versatile and much cheaper accessory.

diamante necklace a girls best friend

Above is a diamante necklace in purple with blue tinted aurora borealis diamante. Just one of the many vintage necklaces that have passed through our hands when we run our website. We closed down last year. But still love to show some of the jewellery and also I can not stop buying more to add to my growing unique collections.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's day from Jewels

This Sunday is Mother's Day and I would like to wish every mother, a Happy Mother's day. Every Mothering Sunday, moms everywhere receive a card and sometimes a gift from their children. Just to say thank you for being their mum and taking care of them. So here is a mom jewellery quote saying Happy Mothers day.

I love flowers - a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase brightens up the room. But I like things that last, and so plants and rose bushes for the garden are even better. An everlasting flower such as this water lily brooch by Sarah Coventry is even better. Attach a brooch to a card - just to make it that extra special and so inexpensive.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Have you got that Saturday feeling?

Yes it is Saturday again and have you got that Saturday feeling where you would like to stay in bed, but have too much to do. Got to shop for clothes, food or get ready to go out tonight? What have I done today so far..
Well changed a couple of categories around on our vintage jewellery and accessories website and added a couple of more items for sale. Then there is the shopping to do, visit son and I might get into the garden to tidy up. Maybe not though. What are you doing this Saturday?

vintage belt buckles this Saturday

This jewellery quote above has a pewter eagle belt buckle as its theme.

Friday 13 March 2015

Are you going to be unlucky today - Friday 13th

Are you superstitious? Today is Friday the 13th and its said to be an unlucky day. So for those of you who have got out of bed and faced this fine wet morn. Don't walk under a ladder and don't break a mirror or spill the salt. Don't let a black cat cross your path (no luck on that one already!) Don't put shoes on a table or an umbrella up indoors. Make sure that you only walk on the pavement and not step onto the pavement cracks. Then wear all your lucky charms and good luck jewellery, just to make sure...

Friday 13th and cat earrings

The above photograph have a fabulous pair of cat earrings on by JJ in pewter for pierced ears.

Lucky jewellery to wear includes crosses, jewellery with horse shoes, white heather, and certain gemstones for extra luck - above is a vintage style marcasite cross necklace. Have a look in your jewellery box now. If not then here are some for the next Friday 13th or just when you want some extra luck.

Sparkling clear diamante cross by Oasis.

A silver Celtic cross pendant with a black onyx center.

Wear this Medieval cross ring.

Pink and purple diamante cross necklace.

A stock pin with a lucky horse shoe. So have a very lucky day.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Melt my frozen heart - Tuesday's jewellery saying

Here is another jewellery saying for a bright spring Tuesday in March. Melt my frozen heart with a pretty photograph of a frosted blue heart necklace. The foiled heart pendant under blue tinted glass has that icy lady frozen look.  It is complete with a slinky silver tone chain.
Melt my frozen heart its all iced up a past love. The love them and leave them type? Well you can tell the story and what are you going to do about it? Cry and be pathetic or think 'he doesn't deserve my love' and go find someone who is by far better and will melt your frozen heart.

Another jewellery quote soon.  

Monday 9 March 2015

I'm not fishing - fish earrings jewellery quote

I'm not fishing - fish earrings jewellery quote

Jewellery quote for the 9th day of March. Go wear a pair of fish earrings and say...

I'm not fishing really - fish earrings jewelelry quote

More Fish jewellery to look at..

blue fish earrings
blue fish earrings in wood and painted. Long dangling pair circa 1990s to 2000s.
Plastic fish earrings
Plastic fish earrings in a stone colour. Another pair of long dangling earrings from the 1990s - 2000s.
Plastic skeleton fish bone earrings
Plastic skeleton fish bone earrings in brown. Dropper pair from the 1990s to 2000s.
Star fish jewellery set 1990s

Star fish jewellery set  of a brooch and clip earrings from the 1990s. Silver New Age design onto a gold metal setting. Unsigned set.

Sunday 1 March 2015

This years witch themed jewellery collection

So each year I choose a geek theme for jewellery to collect. So for this year (2015) I decided on witch themed jewellery. Well I have had aliens and dinosaurs over the last few years, so I like a different challenge. It has to be fairly cheap and interesting and can be old or new. This is what I already have below and around Halloween I will show just what I may have collected in the next few months.
Well witches on broomsticks are quite easy..

Witch brooch by Kirks Foley

This dazzling witch on a broomstick brooch is by Kirks Foley.

Enamel witch brooch

All enamel witch on broom stick brooch in my own collection already.

Well witches have cats and so this jewellery theme expands into cats and pumpkins and broomsticks.....

Cat on pumpkin brooch

Black cat on a pumpkin brooch - the familiar of witches a black cat. Though I thought they only came in that color, as we always end up with a real one that has black in them if not totally black!

Cat on broomstick brooch by Avon

Love this simple cat on broomstick brooch by Avon. Its now vintage but can still be found to buy online.

Witches of East End necklaces
Witches of East End necklaces in red and green

Do you recognise these necklaces - one in red and one in green. Well for anyone who did not see the show "Witches of East End" This is a copy of the necklace that is worn by Wendy Beauchamp. It was originally green but turned to red when she had just one life left. Found these very cheap on that online website that sells everything and they are from where else - China!

Hematite pentagram necklace

The five star pentagram in this pentagram necklace has its association with witch craft, so I have included it in this witch themed jewellery collection. This one is very cool to the touch being in metallic grey haematite/hematite.
Green witch ring from Greggs

That is it for now. So said earlier I will post all what I have managed to collect later this year and will included the shows that have witches in - so that's the Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and more..

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