Tuesday 19 September 2023

Jewelcraft jewellery information and showcasing a few pieces

Jewelcraft jewellery from Coro.

This is a collection of Jewelcraft jewelry and a bit about this US company. Produced in Sussex and worn across the British Isles. This prolific produced jewellery’s history
One of the brand names used by the jewelry company Coro was Jewelcraft. It was used here in the UK quite a lot, because of the court case that Ciro Pearls the UK company had with Coro – over the right not to use their name here as it was too like their own. Ciro won and so Coro was not allowed to use their brand name of Coro here and that means that many of the pieces found here in the UK will be marked “Jewelcraft” or “Corocraft” instead. All the ones we will be showing are signed – unless they come within a set and at least one other is signed. But I will tell you about this when I show the jewelry.
large Jewelcraft brooch pearl flower

large Jewelcraft brooch pearl flower

Jewelcraft & Vendome signed clip earrings

Jewelcraft signature on vintage jewellery

Red enamel Jewelcraft brooch Christmas

Jewelcraft clip on earrings enamel flowers in cream

Jewelcraft signature on bracelet

Jewelcraft signature enamel bracelet
In this blog we will gradually add the photographs and signatures of Jewelcraft jewelry that we have found and hopefully build up quite a jewelry library of images.
crescent brooch signed Jewelcraft

Blue enamel * bead necklace signed Jewelcraft

Green leaf enamel necklace by Jewelcraft

Faux pearl flower brooch signed Jewelcraft
 This pretty faux pearl brooch is very large and very pretty. Cream faux pearls cover the flower head and it has a long stem. 
Corocraft was another Coro mark. In the seventies and eighties, I can remember that when shopping most of the jewelry around was saying Corocraft. But few are found here today – I puzzled about this for a while. I think that the cards and boxes were signed but not the actual jewelry. Which will make it difficult to firmly identify.
Jewelcraft jewellery set of a bracelet and clip earrings
The above is a matching Jewelcraft jewelry set of a bracelet and earrings. In a light brown/taupe color. The bracelet is signed Jewelcraft but the earrings are unsigned. Without them being sourced together we would not have known they were from Coro.
As usual we will be adding more Jewelcraft jewelry photographs as we take and source more. So please bookmark this and all our jewellery blogs.

Unusual crystal glass bead vintage necklace

 An unusual vintage necklace of crystal clear glass beads

I have never seen this type of crystal bead necklace ever. So of course I had to buy it from the car boot sale. The glass beads are faceted to give that twinkling effect when the light reflects of them. However instead of having colour added to the glass or a coating over the glass beads to add some different colours. The thread is in a multi coloured style. So when it passes through the bead the colour is magnified.

unusual vintage crystal necklace

unusual vintage crystal necklace red blue

unusual vintage crystal necklace pink green

Bolt ring fastening unsigned
So although the beads are all clear. There are flashes of red, blue, green, pink and yellow thread colour. Completed in a graduated style with a silver metal bolt ring. Unfortunately the clasp isn't signed. An important tip is to look at these ring fastenings under a loop. Many are signed with the country of origin or maker. Sometimes they are stamped with the silver mark.

Not for sale and now part of my growing collection. 

Vintage Celtic Penannular brooch with faux gemstone

 Celtic penannular brooch with faux gemstone decoration.

Another vintage brooch find, but at a festival from a charity stall this time. Yes I do shop at other places not just at car boot sales. I do like this Celtic style brooch because it is sold and well made. Definitely vintage and unfortunately it is not signed. 

vintage celtic penannular brooch

vintage celtic penannular brooch pin back
It is in a pewter jewellery coloured metal with small faux glass gemstones in green, blue and purple. The fake gemstones would have represented malachite, amethyst and possibly blue lace agate. Not a true penannular brooch as it has the pin in the centre fixed with a roll over clasp fastening at the back. 
It is a very nice piece of costume jewellery and one hat will be added to my own collection. I do not sell jewellery anymore and just showcase the pieces I collect. 

Have a look at the many other pieces that I find. 

Mizpah Grouse bird foot brooch

 Mizpah grouse bird foot brooch with an amber glass rhinestone

Picked this vintage grouse foot brooch up at a local car boot sale recently. Haven't seen one in ages that hasn't been damaged with claws missing. Once very popular in the pre 1980s to Victorian period. This is a real birds claw and the birds were bred for game purposes. Hunting this bird for sport and for food was once very popular. The bird's claw was then preserved to use for jewellery. Traditionally wearing this grouse brooch is said to bring you good luck when hunting and was a favourite for wearing as a little reminder of Scotland. 


vintage grouse foot brooch

Mizpah signature - heart with arrow

Back of grouse bird foot brooch

grouse bird foot brooch with ring

amber glass in grouse brooch
This vintage brooch is in a silver metal and has a large amber faceted rhinestone. The stone is prong set into the end of the jewellery. It has a ring on the bird claw and is stamped "Mizpah" on the reverse with the two heart symbols with an arrow through. Difficult to photograph as the "fur" got in the way. The pin is now a bit wobbly in shape and is fastened under style.

Mizpah was a signature used by the Ward Brother's initially. The designs were brought out by the company who made Miracle jewellery in Birmingham. This company is now under the St Justin's company in Cornwall.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Dragon Defender pin brooch by Anne Stokes

 Large Dragon Defender pin brooch by Anne Stokes.

This is one of my new buys in costume jewellery. A recent release by Anne Stokes and just one of the many of her fantasy jewellery that I have in my collection. Large in size and very well made. Heavy but not too heavy that it will weigh clothes down. Couldn't be worn on thin material but suitable for wearing on a coat, jacket, leather clothing and such. In a grey pewter coloured metal with a glow in the dark shield centre. It was designed from the Dragon Defender's artwork by the artist Anne Stoke. 

Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes on card

Large Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes

Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes back view

Elemental magic postcard by Anne Stokes
This dragon brooch has two pinch back pins on the back - to fasten it securely. Unsigned and sent attached to a branded card. It also came with a postcard showing the Elemental Magic book available by Anne Stokes. Though I believe that this postcard is only included when buying directly from Anne's Etsy store. I have been a fan of Anne Stokes art for many years now and have lots of her artwork displayed around our house. This dragon jewellery has just been released and is available to buy from her Etsy store or from other retailers online and in store. 

This blog is to show what costume jewellery I buy mostly pre owned but also I do buy new occasionally. I do not sell jewellery anymore. So it is just show casing what I buy. Hope you like some of the different stuff I find. I don't do gold or much silver and prefer costume jewellery. 

Silver faux marcasite brooch with mother of pearl

 Stylish mother of pearl brooch Circa 2000s

Yes - another car boot find. This simple but stylish silver tone brooch with an oval mother of pearl polished shell in white positioned in the centre. The oval shaped design is in a silver metal with stippled faux marcasite around a medieval shape. Well that is how I would describe it!

mother of pearl brooch

mother of pearl brooch with faux marcasite

mother of pearl brooch back view

 Dating this shell piece to around the early 2000s. It is quite well made and has a smaller length to the roll over pin fastening at the back. Unsigned but again an import in my opinion. The back view also has no design so made quite cheaply. The mother of pearl is glued onto the brooch, where as much earlier jewellery have the inserts prong set. Not my usual thing to buy, but this one attracted me and I might just actually wear it!

Trying to regularly update this blog now, by adding single pieces of jewellery and not worrying too much about photographs. So have a look at the other brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets I find to show case - mostly previously owned, but I do but new costume jewellery too occasionally.  

Resin dragonfly brooch - large bug insect jewellery

 Cream/brown resin dragonfly brooch

This large dragonfly jewellery piece caught my eye at a local table top sale. It is modern from the last 10 years and made of resin including the diamante decoration. It is in a cream brown antique colour with clear diamante and has a silver under pin fastening at the back. Imported into this country probably from China, although it is not signed and just my guess!

resin dragonfly brooch

resin dragonfly brooch back view

Dragonfly jewellery has been popular for many years. Watching them in the garden in the summer is magical. They remind me of fairies with their shimmering bright colours. So the rather pale colouring of this bug brooch is just been done for fashion. 

Why did I buy it? Well it was very cheap (50p) and made of plastic. I collect plastic/resin jewellery, because I believe at some point resin jewellery will become less available and rarer. I also find it fun to see what can be made from resin. I have many older pieces that I will show eventually. The changes in how plastic in jewellery has been used over the years is quite interesting (Well to me anyhow) As always I do a front and back view to show the construction. This dragonfly is quite well made overall. 

Please view the other vintage, antique and preloved jewellery I have on this blog. Not for sale but just because I like to show and describe what I buy. 

Sunday 3 September 2023

Pave floral vintage brooch 1980s. Stylish jewellery with faux pearls

 Elegant floral brooch with pave stones and diamante 

This pretty vintage 1980s jewellery is in a flower design studded with tiny clear diamante in a pave style with small faux pearls as the flower centres. It is on smooth gold metal setting and a roll over pin fastening. This is very well made and quite elegant. I don't usually buy floral jewellery unless it is exceptional now. This I found in a local car boot sale a few months ago and thought it was of good quality. Suitable to be used in a wedding setting or summer wear. In my collection it has gone. Not worn yet, but one day..

Vintage floral brooch with pave 1980s

Vintage floral brooch with pave 1980s back view
Unfortunately this flower brooch is not signed and so I do not know which manufacturers made this. I source lots of jewellery in different styles and shapes. Not to resell now, but to add to my own collection. Have a look at some of the different ones I have brought in the last few months showcased on this blog.

Diamante lion brooch to bring out the animal in you!

 A diamante lion brooch - gives a little wild style.

Another car boot find from a few weeks ago. This petite silver tone diamante lion brooch has small clear diamante decoration and tiny black diamante eyes. Another modern piece of animal jewellery made in the last 10 years estimated. Unsigned with a smooth back and roll over clasp fastening. The diamante are glued in place. 

diamante lion brooch

diamante lion brooch back

 Now have a few lion jewellery pieces. They are fun to collect and display. But also great to wear when you are after a wild look or a wild night out!!

Diamante bird brooch - Modern jewellery. But is this a stork or a flamingo?

 Is this a stork or flamingo brooch?

Found this pretty diamante brooch several months ago in a car boot sale. Liked the look and so it ended up in my eclectic collection. This gold tone bird brooch has clear diamante decoration with a larger diamante stone in the middle. I think this is a modern piece of jewellery due to the style of the back and because the pin fastening keeps coming loose. Also does not feel as well made as older brooches.

Flamingo stork bird brooch

Flamingo stork bird brooch back
Not sure what type of bird this is. Could be a stork or a flamingo brooch? Or just the maker's poetic licence used! More pre owned/vintage/antique jewellery that I have found can be seen on this blog.

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