Tuesday 19 September 2023

Vintage Celtic Penannular brooch with faux gemstone

 Celtic penannular brooch with faux gemstone decoration.

Another vintage brooch find, but at a festival from a charity stall this time. Yes I do shop at other places not just at car boot sales. I do like this Celtic style brooch because it is sold and well made. Definitely vintage and unfortunately it is not signed. 

vintage celtic penannular brooch

vintage celtic penannular brooch pin back
It is in a pewter jewellery coloured metal with small faux glass gemstones in green, blue and purple. The fake gemstones would have represented malachite, amethyst and possibly blue lace agate. Not a true penannular brooch as it has the pin in the centre fixed with a roll over clasp fastening at the back. 
It is a very nice piece of costume jewellery and one hat will be added to my own collection. I do not sell jewellery anymore and just showcase the pieces I collect. 

Have a look at the many other pieces that I find. 

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