Sunday 3 September 2023

Diamante bird brooch - Modern jewellery. But is this a stork or a flamingo?

 Is this a stork or flamingo brooch?

Found this pretty diamante brooch several months ago in a car boot sale. Liked the look and so it ended up in my eclectic collection. This gold tone bird brooch has clear diamante decoration with a larger diamante stone in the middle. I think this is a modern piece of jewellery due to the style of the back and because the pin fastening keeps coming loose. Also does not feel as well made as older brooches.

Flamingo stork bird brooch

Flamingo stork bird brooch back
Not sure what type of bird this is. Could be a stork or a flamingo brooch? Or just the maker's poetic licence used! More pre owned/vintage/antique jewellery that I have found can be seen on this blog.

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