Saturday 12 July 2014

Mmmm No Its Second Hand and not for me

I have lots of lovely jewellery for sale but occasionally someone will order and then cancel with "I didn't realise it was second hand jewellery" Now what is wrong with something that is second hand?
First of all what is second hand - it is anything that comes under the antique and vintage banner or anything that has been previously owned and so is not new.

There are many reasons to buy second hand clothes and jewellery.
  1. Its highly unlikely that you will find someone wearing the same.
  2. You will have created a look that is so unique.
  3. Most vintage is of a better quality than today.
  4. Your saving this planet by recycling and re-using.
  5. Upcycle both clothes and jewellery and craft something that is wearable today.
  6. It is often cheaper that something brought new or just not available new.
I have been watching the Dawn O Porter show on TV "This old thing - the vintage clothes show". Its so funny when a newbie says that old cliché "But it'll smell" Now I wash everything that I get that is second hand from accessories to jewellery to clothes. A must before I even try them on or offer them for sale. I also clean any book cover that is not new before reading! Wipe with one of those antibacterial wipes and you will be amazed how much dirt comes off. Then there is this amazing invention that's usually square and lives in or near the kitchen. Put your clothes in, add washing powder and turn it on. Its so amazing when the clothes come out of it clean and fresh!

Now here are just a few of the second hand jewellery items we have showcased this week (that includes vintage, antique and modern pre owned):

A running zebra brooch in silver and black.

A huge flower fabric brooch in a mottled green color.

A blue and stainless steel 1970s pendant and chain.

So bye bye for this week. Its hot and sunny and I will be in the garden if you need me. You may also like to see our cleaning jewellery blog. 

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