Tuesday 29 June 2010

Fire at Land Rover on Friday

I have to have a rest most afternoons and just having 5 minutes read when our daughter flew in the room with " Look at this mom"

Alarms were going of an fire engines were heading toward the Land Rover plant which is just up the road from us.
The photographs are the views from our bedroom window. The last one is just going out after about an hour

Not sure what was burning and so shut all the windows - yes it was a very hot day unfortunately. Remembered the plume slides shown in my masters in public health course and the ones from car tires on fire carrying carcinogens!!

Later hubby said that the news said it was a container on fire and about a 100 local people were evacuated.

Brings it home to you the chemicals and materials on our doorstep with potential hazards. Still would not have lived here in WW2 as the factory was a location known to the Germans and bombed regular. I think they made tanks, etc then for the war effort - but may be wrong

Thursday 24 June 2010

What length to choose in a necklace?

Thought I would write a guide to necklace lengths.
When choosing what necklace to wear you take into consideration your outfit and whether you want to show off your neck or accentuate your bust.People however do not come in one size and so this is only a guide.

Collar length 

30 to 33 cm or 12 to 13 inch

Sits around the middle of your neck. Very Victorian/Early twentieth century and very elegant. Worn if you have a long neckline and plunging V dress or a dress/top that is off the shoulder. Alternately looks fabulous with a boat neckline.
Usually the necklace is made up of more than one strand of beads to accentuate the neckline.

Choker Length

35 to 40 cm or 14 to 16 inch

Sits at the base of the neck. Popular throughout history as one of the most versatile lengths of necklace. Can be worn with almost any type of outfit and neckline.
Ideal to use for a child - it does not get tangled in anything and has room for growth

Princess Length

42 to 48 cm or 17 to 19 inch

Hangs just below a shirt collar that is buttoned up or a knot on a tie. Ideal necklace length to wear with low, crew and boat necklines. This length is also ideal for wearing a pendant

Matinee Length

50 to 60 cm or 20 to 24 inch

This length is just on or below your bust (depending on your size) Most used for casual wear or for a business dress. Not so suited to wear with a plunging neckline as the necklace will get "lost" with this style.

Opera Length

70 to 85 cm or 28 to 34 inch

The queen of all lengths and the most common. Reaches down to the bottom of your sternum or chest bone. Versatile as can be worn as a single strand which looks very elegant. Or doubled as a choker length. Ideal to wear with high necklines as a crew, boat, turtlenecks, T-shirt, etc

Rope or Lariat Length

Over 112 cm or 35 inch

Longest length without it becoming a skipping rope!
The rope necklace is a necklace with or without a clasp. The lariat is a length of necklace that has the ends without a fastening. Worn with the end lengths dangling at the front and can be knotted to the length you want either high or low, wrapped around your neck then knot or just left dangling.
Sometimes the rope length necklace will have more than one clasp to make it versatile, either a shorter necklace and bracelet or two necklaces. Sarah Coventry produced several of this type of necklaces over the years. Favored in the 1920s onwards and by CoCo Chanel.

You can alter the length of a necklace by adding an extender chain or a shorter chain necklace. Alternatively use another bead necklace and disguise the clasps with fabric bows, lace or ribbon. Longer necklaces can double as bracelets by wrapping them around your wrist. Also use a brooch and pin a necklace in place. Scarf clips and dress clips can be used with a necklace. Just experiment...........

Friday 18 June 2010

Gardener's World Show NEC visit

Took a day out and Mark and I went to the NEC, just a short car ride to visit the Gardener's World show.
The sun shone all day - a novelty as it has rained nearly every time I have gone previously.

Loads of stall on gardening paraphernalia, a huge marque of plants and flowers, show gardens and food stalls to taste and buy both foods and drinks

This was the first time I had not drove to the event and so it was nice to be able to sample some of the drinks - ginger beer alcoholic drink, damson gins and try some of the most tastiest sausages and cheeses.

Here are some of the gardens on show

The first photograph is the Gardener's World's garden Greenacre full of edible plants

The second again is Greenacre with the cottage garden planting. have always loved the informal planting in a cottage garden

The third photograph is Alice in biodiversity land designed by Solihull school pupils

The fourth is a peaceful garden with a waterfall and a natural feel

The fifth photograph is the footballers one - see those giant footballs!

The sixth is also the footballers garden with the large BBQ and an outdoor jacuzzi - didn't like the football theme but that jacuzzi oh yes.

The seventh is an Indian inspired garden of peace and tranquility - loved the floral petals and colours in this one.

The eighth photograph is by the children of Walmley junior school, Sutton Coldfield. Back to nature. the children were so excited and were showing their enthusiasm at the show.

The ninth  and last photograph of a garden called The Growing Fit Garden. At the back is a set of kettles. Now the only reason I know this is because there is one in the middle of my living room floor at the moment. Curtsy of my oldest son. Delivered the other day and too heavy for me to lift. Still when he looses interest in it, I am sure it will make a great door stopper!!

Back to Jewels - recently added vintage jewellery and pre owned contemporary jewellery

Two black love cats brooch
Enameled insect brooch

Vintage necklace bead slices and chain

Thursday 17 June 2010

Jewels and Finery Newsletter

Just a quick blog today, trying to set up Jewels and finery Crafts, but with all the interruptions not getting very far.

However have just started the ball rolling for a newsletter. We envisage that both sites will have a newsletter shortly, but have managed to get the sign up form on Jewels and Finery - in between phone calls and teenage interruptions.

Will be competitions and discounts as well as lots of information. Will keep them at one a month for now

Sign up atour website.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Emmons & Sarah Coventry Jewelry fashion Show by Deborah A Robinson

This is another book review on the subject of vintage jewellery

This week I have decided to look at the book on Emmons and Sarah Coventry jewellery by Deborah A Robinson, because in the UK the vintage jewellery is not rare and you will often find brooches, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. They also did a range of men's and children's jewellery. Less found in the UK are the scarves and accessories.

On a previous blog I have written about the history of the company and so will not look at that here.

This book is one of several that can be bought. All the authors are collectors and enthusiasts in the US, so although the jewellery is in most the same, you do come across pieces that are marked UK that may not be in the books.

For me this is one of my most used books. It has helped to find the names of jewellery that I find, age and also what is available in that set.
It is written in an easy to read format with hundreds of coloured photographs for reference.It has a section in the back on International jewellery produced by the company from 1960 to 1980.

Green cufflinks and tie pin boxed from sarah Coventry.

Price guides do fluctuate and although the prices are displayed in dollars, this book was written in 2006 and the prices for Sarah Coventry jewellery have risen.  

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Red and Blue Dragonfly in June

Today I decided to record the change of bird tables in our garden. When taking photographs of the old table that no longer has a roof - probably due to the hefty wood pigeons that frequent it and the brand new state of the ark one! I sat by the pond for five minutes and ended up trying to photograph the dragonfly.
Mark had seen 6 a few days ago but it had not registered with me. So it was quite a surprise to see 4 bright blue and 2 red dragonfly. The conditions must be just right for them to breed. After a while managed to capture a few images
  The red dragonfly doing what all adult dragonfly do!

One of the blue dragonfly. Have this as a screen saver and the eyes are so clear - I'm sure its watching me.

The black tench were basking in the sun, they must be about 2 feet in length now.They were about an inch when we first added them to the pond. They disappeared for 3 years and we thought they had died. But about 3 years ago, we started to see these black fish. Because by shear luck they have produced and now there are some smaller ones swimming around as well as the other fish. 

This little chap was watching the insect life. He was given to us many years ago along with his gnome mate for our children. Now the children are grown up, but they still live in the garden along with an assortment of garden ornaments.

 Vintage insect and reptile jewellery

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