Wednesday 2 June 2010

Red and Blue Dragonfly in June

Today I decided to record the change of bird tables in our garden. When taking photographs of the old table that no longer has a roof - probably due to the hefty wood pigeons that frequent it and the brand new state of the ark one! I sat by the pond for five minutes and ended up trying to photograph the dragonfly.
Mark had seen 6 a few days ago but it had not registered with me. So it was quite a surprise to see 4 bright blue and 2 red dragonfly. The conditions must be just right for them to breed. After a while managed to capture a few images
  The red dragonfly doing what all adult dragonfly do!

One of the blue dragonfly. Have this as a screen saver and the eyes are so clear - I'm sure its watching me.

The black tench were basking in the sun, they must be about 2 feet in length now.They were about an inch when we first added them to the pond. They disappeared for 3 years and we thought they had died. But about 3 years ago, we started to see these black fish. Because by shear luck they have produced and now there are some smaller ones swimming around as well as the other fish. 

This little chap was watching the insect life. He was given to us many years ago along with his gnome mate for our children. Now the children are grown up, but they still live in the garden along with an assortment of garden ornaments.

 Vintage insect and reptile jewellery

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