Saturday 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012 from Jewels and Finery

As 2011 draws to an end, its a time to reflect and plan for the New Year. We have had another fabulous year at Jewels and Finery UK. Sourcing many great pieces of vintage jewellery that we know have gone to good new homes to be worn for special occasions and every day, collected and admired.

Plans are now well in hand for this coming year, new ideas and lines on our website.  Which we hope you will enjoy.

So to all have a Happy New Year, good luck, good health and a prosperous one.

Sue & Mark Jewels and Finery UK

Scottish brooch by Mizpah

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Dating Sarah Coventry jewellery Part 15

I can not believe its been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged. But this time of year is so busy. Lots of jewellery to pack and send to new homes.
This blog is part 15 of the spring 1976 Sarah Coventry brochure to help date and identify their jewellery.

Page 47

Vintage earrings all for pierced ears

A = Tiny Garden**
B = Mushroom*
C = Tiny Turtle*
D = Hollywood Squares*
E = New Twist*
F = Taffee Tones**
G = Luv**
H = Madame Butterfly*(G)
I = The Big Apple**(G)
J = The Big Apple**(S)
K = Serenity Cross*(G)
L = Moon Drops**(G)
M = Golden Lace*
N = Madame Butterfly*(S)
O = Diamonice*
P = Serenity Cross*(S)
Q = Moon Drops**(S)
R = Silvery Lace*
S = Papillon*
T = Flair**
U = Swing Away*~~ (S)
V = Classic Tassel*~~(S)
W = Wishbone*
X = Princess**
Y = Texture Twist*
Z = Senorita*(S)

AA = Swing Away*~~(G)
BB = Classical Tassel*~~(G)
CC = Capers*~~
DD = Tiny Cross*
EE = Senorita*(G)

*Surgical steel post
**Surgical steel wire
~~Sarah convertibles - may be worn with or without dangle.

Page 48

A = Tailored Accent Necklace/Belt 37"
B = Tailored Accent Bracelet.

Our Sarah Coventry Jewelry available.

New additions to Jewels and Finery

Mother of pearl shell bracelet

Amber oval ring

And don't forget our sale vintage jewellery...............

Sunday 27 November 2011

A bit of BLING vintage style

As the party season hots up. Change the look of your evening gown by adding a sparkling piece of vintage jewellery.
A bling vintage brooch pinned to the lapel side of your dress as a corsage or used as an accent on the plunge of your bust-line. Just the one brooch, necklace or bracelet will add that something special to any clothing and transform you into a glamorous individual.
Pin a brooch to a silver material hair band for a total unique hair accessory. Or add a twinkling brooch to a plain clutch bag. Two brooches on a pair of heels, a belt or even on the plunge at the back of a dress. Just a sprinkle of imagination can transform a sober jacket into an couture outfit suitable for a glitz Hollywood party.  

With a truly vintage piece of jewellery your look will be unique and no one else in the room will have the same copy.

Diamante is fabulous under party lights and rhinestones even better. Add bling in the form of a vintage necklace, dress clip or bracelet if brooches are not your thing.

Swag rhinestone necklace. Pre owned jewellery from recent years. Just covered in bling.

Liven up denim with this sparkling denim clip brooch. Push onto denim buttons available in several different colours and styles.
  Beautiful vintage brooch with deep sparkling rhinestones. So versatile and easy to wear.

Brooches pinned to the clothing can be found in Jewels and Finery's white vintage brooches category.   

Thursday 24 November 2011

Sarah Coventry brooch called Featherfroth

One of the latest vintage brooches on Vintage Jewels Geek Blogging, is this striking vintage jewelry from Sarah Coventry.

This vintage brooch has the name of "Featherfroth". Originally produced in 1955 by the US company Sarah Coventry. It is a feather stamped brooch which has fine feather detail. This piece of jewellery is in an antique silver coloured metal, complete with a secure safety fastening. Stamped on the reverse Sarah Coventry and Canada. This particular vintage brooch is in excellent condition and looks unused.
Sarah Coventry also produced clip on earrings to match this brooch in the creeper style. Jewels and Finery has the vintage brooch for sale only. But the earrings are still available to source yourself.

The international company Sarah Coventry started producing jewellery for sale at home parties in the late 1940s and continued until the early 2000s. They also produced Emmons jewellery range.
More Sarah Coventry jewelry is available and information on vintage jewellery can be found from links on our home page.

Friday 18 November 2011

Charming charms just added to Jewels and Finery

We have just started to sell more charming charms on Jewels and Finery. This piece of vintage jewellery is fun to add to charm bracelets and collect. They can also be attached to necklaces and key rings or chains.
Here are just a few that we have at present.

A silver sea horse vintage charm. This little sea creature is very detailed.

St Christopher vintage charm or pendant. We have a few styles available. In small charms and larger that could also be used as a pendant. St Christopher was the allocated saint of travel. Wearing a St Christopher is said to give protection on the road traveling. These religious vintage charms have several different messages on the back.

A little good luck vintage charm. Ideal to give as a present, especially for a wedding. Or can wear yourself for a job interview or for extra good luck.

Just 3 vintage charms shown today but many more to add over the next few weeks.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Autumn brooches with leaves and orange green colors

At this time of the year, the leaves are falling and the weather grows cold. Back on goes the coats and jackets. I have always liked to pin an autumn  brooch to my lapel. It is usually a brooch to go with the time of the year or how I feel that day. But it does not have to be a lapel. Pin a brooch to a hat or onto a bag.  It just lifts any outfit. My all time favourite for this time of the year is some great enamel leaf vintage brooches made right here in the UK. Companies like Exquisite, Sphinx and Hollywood produced some all time classics in many different finishes from hand painted enamel, marcasite to plain silver and gold that was textured.

 Golden sycamore vintage brooch by Exquisite. This brooch was available in many different finishes. Many can still be sourced today.

Fabulous hand enameled green ivy vintage brooch by Exquisite. Each brooch was hand painted and so they often varied in their look. Produced from the 1950s through to the 1970s and were very popular. Earrings and necklaces can still be found to match.

Another pretty enameled vintage brooch of a white vine leaf by Exquisite. This is one of the rarer hand enameled pieces we have found.

Hollywood also made some pretty vintage brooches. Also a Birmingham UK company that produced vintage jewellery like Exquisite from the early twentieth century to the late 70s. This is an attractive golden leaves vintage brooch by Hollywood.

Another stylish curled leaf vintage brooch from Hollywood. A popular plume motif used in many different jewellery designs. The texture adds greater interest and contrast.

Friday 4 November 2011

Dating Sarah Coventry pieces from 1976 Part 14

To continue with our look at the 1976 brochure from Sarah Coventry. This will aid identification and dating jewellery from the company. It also helps with dating other vintage jewellery by familiarizing the style of the pieces. Do this often enough and you will be able to see which era the brooch or necklace that you are trying to date is more likely to come from.

The following pages are taken from the Spring edition of the jewelry collection 1976, Sarah Coventry inc.

Page 44

Pixie Pets - a range of jewellery aimed at teenagers. Sarah Coventry produced several ranges aimed at the younger girl.

A = bluebird of happiness bracelet.
B = blue bird of happiness necklace.
C = Tina ring adjustable 1 - 4.
D = Pinkie ring.
E = Swingin' bear necklace 14 to 16 inch adjustable in silver tone.
F = Guppy pendants 14"
G = Guppy bracelet
H = Ann 'n Andy pendants 16"
I = Color trio bracelet with three changeable fronts.

Page 45

A = Bittersweet necklace (31" and 36" chains)
B = Bittersweet earrings (pierced)

Page 46
Earrings from Sarah Coventry

A = La grande hoop with surgical steel.
B = Chicken clips with one pair in gold tone and another in silver tone.
C = fashion loops in gold tone.
D = fashion loops in silver tone.
E = hula hoops with 14K overlay.
F = wedding band with 14k overlay.
G = tailored classic with surgical steel in silver tone.
H = Dove of peace with surgical steel wire.
I = twister with surgical steel in silver tone.
J = Charisma with surgical steel in silver tone.
K = Charisma in gold tone with surgical steel.
L = fiesta with surgical steel.
M = pierced ear wires with one pair in gold tone and another in silver tone.
N = twister in gold tone and surgical steel.
O = tailored classics in surgical steel and gold tone.
P = Zodiac circle in surgical steel.
Q = wedding ring in surgical steel.

A ll the above earrings were available but needed either the chicken clips or ear wires to make them for pierced ears or for clip on style earrings.

Just a few of the pre owned and vintage jewellery that have passed through our hands this week.
Vintage molten ring - adjustable 1970s in silver metal.

Ceramic vintage pendant signed Countess made in England. Renaissance art depicted on a pendant. Just add a chain.

Amber plastic cluster vintage clip-on earrings.

Monday 24 October 2011

Flowers in Brooches

This week Jewels and Finery has launched a new category - flower brooches. This is just one of the categories we have in vintage brooches.
We intend to have just the single flower brooches here, not floral bunches and bouquets designed vintage brooches, but just ones like the small sample below. The category will eventually include the following vintage flower brooches.

Jewelcraft brooch
This beautiful mock pearl large vintage flower brooch by Jewelcraft. Jewelcraft was a name used by Coro and most of the Jewelcraft vintage jewellery found in the UK was made here in Sussex.

large rose brooch by Hollywood

Another UK produced single rose vintage brooch by Hollywood. A Birmingham based firm that produced large quantities of vintage jewellery from the early part of the 20th century until the late 70s.
This is another larger than average red rose brooch enamelled and has textured gold metal.

Unsigned lily brooch 1950s - can be found in a wide range of enamel colours.

Lily flowers are often produced as brooches. Single blooms have been added to our new vintage flower category. This is a gorgeous light purple enameled vintage brooch.
But if your tastes are a little darker, then go for this lily vintage brooch in black.

modern lily brooch unsigned.
Back soon with some more pics from our vintage jewellery and an update on Sarah Coventry's brochure.

Friday 21 October 2011

Christmas and holiday jewellery 2011

Its nearly the end of October, time has just flown so quick and it will soon be Christmas jewellery time again - whether we are ready for it or not.
During the festive season a few years ago now, I started to wear vintage Christmas rhinestone brooches or diamante brooches and it not only brightened up a plain outfit  but it made me smile and feel more Christmasy.

Now every year I wear a different piece of vintage Christmas jewellery every day. It may be a themed piece like a vintage Christmas tree brooch or a pair of sparkling vintage earrings. Lets face it, when in the year will you get away with wearing rhinestone and diamante vintage jewellery during the day to work or out just shopping. So I make the most of this time - it makes me feel good and happier, it is also a better talking point other than the bad winter weather!

Now I did not start of with buying lots of Christmas themed jewellery in one go as far too expensive. Each year I buy one or two pieces and add them to the ones stored at home. Of course I have lots of bright sparkle jewellery that I keep for special occasions and they get a daytime airing as well.
Over the years that we have sold vintage jewellery; it has become obvious which type of jewellery is most popular.
Top is vintage Christmas tree brooches. Well you have one at home and probably in the office, they are in shops and standing in the middle of the high street. So why not one on your shoulder or bag. Putting up the tree is part of our Christmas tradition.

Floral jewellery is the next popular with white Christmas roses, poinsettia and holly with its bright red berries, being the flower choice.

Vintage brooches of Father Christmas and stocking are the next favourite with bells, garlands and toy themed jewellery coming just after in the popularity stakes.

Sparkling vintage jewellery is not just for parties and evening do's. Put on a pair of shimmering earrings and a diamante bracelet every morning in December. Or add a rhinestone necklace to several layers of plain black bead necklaces for your office outfit. You will positively sparkle every time you walk past the a lighted Christmas tree.

Now I have to stop at this point and just point out that I have been talking about jewellery for women. But there is no reason why a man can not join in the fun. Its this time of the year you can attach a Christmas vintage brooch pin to your jacket or on your tie instead of a vintage tie pin. Hats just scream to have a little Father Christmas brooch pinned over that designer logo.................okay just put it next to it then!
Now men, if your thing is sparkling necklaces and bracelets - then go for it. Who cares in this day and age, be yourself.

Why vintage Christmas jewellery - well very few firms make special Christmas themed jewellery now days, as its too expensive. Older costume jewellery was often better made and is still available in a greater variety. 
My take on life is that you only live once so make the most of it, let your confidence shine through and start a new Christmas tradition this year. Have a Happy Christmas.   

Monday 17 October 2011

Suitable Halloween and scary spider jewellery

Its that time of the year again - Halloween - stores filled with bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghouls! So just for the fun of it and the fact that my brain is still full of cotton wool from a bad cold! We have chosen some vintage jewellery pieces suitable to wear for Halloween on the 31st October and can be worn during the rest of the years.

 Black widow spider brooch - pre owned jewellery

A glorious black metal pre owned brooch from Claires, that is just ideal to pin to clothing as near enough a large spider. Pin it to your hat or onto a bag for great effect.

We also have a diamante covered spider brooch if you wish to sparkle

Gothic jewellery has been created across many decades - go for the obvious Gothic necklace.

Gothic skulls necklace in pewter - pre owned jewellery

Or go for something a little more subtle:

 Victorian memorial vintage brooch by Sphinx

Sphinx made a whole range of Victorian revival black vintage brooches and other vintage jewellery. We have 2 different ones for sale at the moment.

For men there is this genuine biker badge which is a bit devilish

 Or for something that is a bit more subtle..

Vintage cufflinks of bloodstone

Wearing jewellery for the occasion is great fun - you do not have to be obvious but a bit subtle for the day if you so wish
Me I will be wearing a selection of vintage brooches and some newer ones. All that have a Halloween theme. If someone this year asks me "are you a witch" I'll just turn them into a pumpkin............. 

Friday 14 October 2011

Zoom feature on Jewels and Finery's jewellery photographs

Yesterday saw the launch of the new zoom feature on our Jewels and Finery's website. So now the vintage jewellery photographs can be seen close up and in closer detail. Taking vintage jewellery photographs is an art in itself. Best taken outside in natural light for me. I have never been a fan of the bland jewellery pictures on a white background - they seem so flat and false. But that is my opinion, not for the many jewellery website around, but then I have always looked at life very differently.. 

Particularly like the close up detail to this second hand brooch of a silver modernist design.

This vintage jewellery set of Christmas bells in our vintage Christmas jewellery category can be viewed so close the reflection of the outdoor studio can be seen.

Look at the detail with the new zoom feature on this panther vintage bracelet.

The zoom can not be seen on these blog photographs - view them on our website - vintage jewellery from Jewels and Finery.

Now have a good weekend.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

1930's filigree and rhinestone jewellery

1930s jewellery comes under the Art Deco and pre-war banner. Jewellery from that decade was a mix of graphic, luxury and very exotic. The thirties is most associated with bright colourful 1930's jewellery, usually imported into the UK from Bohemia. Art Deco and modernist machine jewellery was in evidence but also other styles flourished in the pre war boom years.

Bohemian blue dress clip 1930s
Blue rhinestone dress clip circa 1930s Bohemian

Vintage brooches of that period were often of enamel with marcasite or rhinestone encrusted of multi colours. The signature style of Czech vintage jewellery was filigree, in a few short years it was imported into this country in the thousands such was the demand. It was evident on brooches, bracelets, necklaces, dress clips and earrings. Earring mechanisms changed from pierced to the clip and screw backs; because to pierce ears required a cork and sharp needle - modern piercing equipment had yet to be invented. Dress clips became very fashionable worn on dresses and tops singular or in pairs.

small dome 1930s brooch pin
Small 1930s brooch with colourful rhinestone and filigree

War in the UK saw a gradual change in material used, to sterling silver and "natural" occurring products such as shells, wood and seeds. With rationing until the 1950s, jewellery was available only in small quantities or "home made" Once again during the 30s and 40s, the UK saw the jewellery industry change to help the war effort.

1930s vintage black clip earrings
Black and carved gold feature on this pair of 1930s earrings

The war brought an end to the flourishing Bohemian jewellery industry. The Jewish workers and owners either fled the country or ended up in concentration camps never to return.
1930s filigree and purple rhinestone earrings
A filigree effect around this tear drop shaped rhinestone on this amethyst purple pair of earrings

1930s vintage flower brooch

1930s vintage flower brooch.

Today brightly coloured rhinestone and filigree jewellery can still be found at a reasonable price. The workmanship was by far superior to today's machine made pieces. Rhinestones were prong set by hand and the filigree is in several layers. Beware when buying "vintage" filigree jewellery from Czechoslovakia as the jewellery is not real vintage but new reproductions of an inferior quality. This is very evident now on shopping channels such as eBay.        

Friday 7 October 2011

Clown brooches for that comic circus look

There are so many kinds of brooches to choose from, that today I thought I would have a quick look at clown vintage brooches.
Circus life has diminished tremendously during the last 50 years. In my childhood I went to the circus and enjoyed not only the clowns but the lions and elephant performances. Today circuses are still around but many have complied with the times and moved to theatrical and mostly human performances.

Clowns are either loved or hated. Hated maybe because you can not see their true expression and intent behind the face paint? Loved because they are funny and wear brightly coloured clothing.

Here are a few pieces of vintage jewellery of different clowns that we have on the website at the moment.
Very retro and fun to wear on a hat, bag, clothing or as a hair decoration. Fun to collect and display in a frame or on a pillow.

So have a good weekend and don't clown around too much!!

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