Sunday 27 November 2011

A bit of BLING vintage style

As the party season hots up. Change the look of your evening gown by adding a sparkling piece of vintage jewellery.
A bling vintage brooch pinned to the lapel side of your dress as a corsage or used as an accent on the plunge of your bust-line. Just the one brooch, necklace or bracelet will add that something special to any clothing and transform you into a glamorous individual.
Pin a brooch to a silver material hair band for a total unique hair accessory. Or add a twinkling brooch to a plain clutch bag. Two brooches on a pair of heels, a belt or even on the plunge at the back of a dress. Just a sprinkle of imagination can transform a sober jacket into an couture outfit suitable for a glitz Hollywood party.  

With a truly vintage piece of jewellery your look will be unique and no one else in the room will have the same copy.

Diamante is fabulous under party lights and rhinestones even better. Add bling in the form of a vintage necklace, dress clip or bracelet if brooches are not your thing.

Swag rhinestone necklace. Pre owned jewellery from recent years. Just covered in bling.

Liven up denim with this sparkling denim clip brooch. Push onto denim buttons available in several different colours and styles.
  Beautiful vintage brooch with deep sparkling rhinestones. So versatile and easy to wear.

Brooches pinned to the clothing can be found in Jewels and Finery's white vintage brooches category.   

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