Friday 8 September 2017

Yeah A Little Vintage Necklace for Friday

Yeah, A Little Vintage Necklace For Friday.

Its early September and it is raining. The weather across the world is horrendous. So we have chosen a yellow bead vintage necklace from the 1950s, for our Friday treat. Below is our necklace image and a little bit of fun lettering added to it.

yellow bead vintage necklace 1950s
Yellow fixed bead necklace 1950s.

Forget the rain and wind. Just wear a little bead necklace today in a bright and cheerful colour. Then maybe we will have some better weather next week!!. This is a fabulous yellow resin bead piece with indentations around the beads filled with a reflected enamel coating. Well, that's what it looks like to me! It is of the fixed bead variety - i.e. that means the beads have been fused onto the string. It makes this beaded necklace quite durable and will wear very well. Ideal for those moms and grand moms that have small children grabbing the necklace.

We have many different vintage necklaces to showcase. From beads to chain and many are very unique featured on this blog post. 

wooden polished bead vintage necklace
Take a look at this vintage wooden bead necklace above. The beads are of polished natural wood. It has been hand knotted and is probably pre seventies of age.
Vintage pearl and glass beaded necklace 1960s
A 1960s vintage beaded necklace with a mixture of white faux pearls, glass beads in green, amber and gold onto three strands. Unsigned.
Vintage amber and black necklace 1980s in plastic
Unique 1980s vintage necklace in plastic. Dark colours of amber and black with beads and fringe detail. Unsigned.
1960s vintage mesh and rhinestone necklace
This is a vintage mesh and clear rhinestone necklace from the 1960s. Gold wire is meshed together and knotted design with an edging of glass stones. Unsigned.
Ciro pearl necklace vintage 1980s
Boxed two stranded faux pearl necklace with a rhinestone clasp. The clasp is in blue and clear glass stones. Unsigned but in it's original box with the Ciro logo on.
Milk Glass vintage necklace with ornate clasp.
A pretty Milk Glass beaded vintage necklace in white with an ornate clasp. The clasp has a glass cabochon that has a pink floral design on. Unsigned and dates to the 1960s. 
Pop It bead necklace 1950s
Rare 1950s Pop It bead necklace. The beads are pushed into each other and can be pulled apart to make a choker or two bracelets. Originally Pop It beads were made for adults, but quickly became popular with children and made into their own jewellery range.
1980s vintage turquoise necklace set
A statement 1980s necklace with matching clip earrings. Turquoise, purple and blue onto gold tone. Unsigned.
Vintage enamel pansy necklace by Exquisite

This is part of the Birthday range from Exquisite. A 1960s - 1970s vintage enamel necklace of pansy shaped links.  

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