Wednesday 23 April 2014

April's jewellery picks from Jewels and Finery

Time flies so fast this year. So here are a few of the latest additions for April's jewellery. We have added both vintage jewellery and pre owned jewellery over the first half of this month and have some great favorites to show. Here are just a few items from brooches to necklaces and earrings that we are showcasing today.

 Scottish jewellery antique agate brooch in silver
An antique Scottish brooch with half moon agate pieces. Scottish jewellery has always been a favorite for many years, as the highlands has that certain mystery and history.

 green beaded necklace circa 1930s
Some of the most lovely and unusual beads are found in vintage necklaces. Here is a glass beaded green necklace with some gorgeous beads.

 big faux pearl clip on earrings
Now if you like big jewellery how about these faux pearl clip on earrings? Yes they are a handful but so striking. We do have many other smaller clip earrings available as well.

 silver earrings concentric circles
If you are not into clips then we do have silver earrings for pierced ears. All ages and styles. This pair above are originally from Gems TV and unused.

This is just a pick of a few pieces of April's jewellery that we have added. More to come and not forgetting we have around 1, 300+ available and add at least 200 individual items more per month.

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