Monday 8 April 2024

Yes, I am still collecting jewellery

 Yes I am still collecting jewellery

I haven't posted in a while as quite busy with other life events. However. I am contemplating how to display my growing collection of costume jewellery. I want to be able to see but have the items protected. So watch this space...

Flower brooch with ladybird by JJ
Pretty white floral brooch with a little ladybird on a petal. Loved this one and is by JJ. Jonette Jewelry. Sold a long time ago.
1970s bead and steel vintage necklace
A very stylish vintage necklace from the 1970s. Steel in silver tone with beads brightly coloured. Also sold a long time ago
Vintage jewellery set from Austria signed
Austrian vintage jewellery set of blue and brass clip earrings with matching necklace. Signed on the brooch. Now long gone. Can't remember if I sold this set or it was destroyed in the fire. Think it was the latter. Just a few oldies from my files.  
More jewels soon....

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