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Vintage Monet jewellery

 Vintage Monet Jewelry information and Monocraft history

Just vintage Monet jewellery or Monocraft accessories information and photographs. Part of our research on the many jewellery companies across the world. This US company started out in the 1920s and although has changed ownership several times in its long history, it is still in production today.  It is famous for its high quality, fashionable and well made finishes. Ideal to collect and wear.

First established by two brothers - Michael and Joseph Chernow under the name Monocraft. They originally produced monogrammed car emblems. Now rare to find and of course very collectible. Monocraft originally capitalized on the monogram craze by having monogrammed keyrings, bag labels and ultimately jewellery. They then continued after the great depression in the 1930s, to not only produced jewellery but other accessories that could be monogrammed. Continuing its tradition of producing good quality and classical pieces that have stood the test of time. Monet is still a brand that is ideal to wear on many occasions.

All the Monet jewellery pieces that we have showcased here are sourced here in the UK by us. Then photograph each piece of jewellery ourselves. This makes our blog post unique as many blogs we have seen just take photographs from on the web. 

Monet box stamped with logo
Monet stamped vintage jewellery box with logo

Curled Monet brooch with logo on the reverse
Signature Monet on the reverse of a brooch. Complete with their copyright  

Curled Monet brooch circ 1990s
A Monet brooch in bright polished gold-tone. Circa 1990s
Monet stamp copyright
Another Monet signature stamped in the back of an earring
Monet in capital letters
Monet with copyright in block capitals on the back of a clipped earring.

Monet with copyright sign
Copyright sign with Monet in capitals on the back of a brooch

Monet earrings in a perspex box
Monet vintage earrings complete in a Perspex jewellery box. Note the Monet logo on the front.

Monday 20 January 2020

MASJ jewellery | Silver Scenes of Wales

MASJ - Maureen Ann Story - Silver Scenes jewellery and accessories.

MASJ Jewellery and ornament information that we have sourced and collected produced by the designer Maureen Ann Story Jones or abbreviated to MASJ. Also under the brand Silver Scenes - Welsh pieces that are fabulous to own, collect and wear. Made in Wales - jewellery, ornaments and frames that are now very collectable. 

MASJ jewellery History

Crafted silver plated on a pewter base, from Edward and Maureen Ann Story-Jones originally. Produced in the Mid Wales county of Montgomery shire from 1984 - 2017. The Silver Scenes range was started along with other giftware in 1984. The items are all silver plated on pewter, which gives them an antique finish. Well made and of high quality, making them very durable. Lacquered, so that they only need a light dusting o keep them clean. Just becoming vintage with the 1980s and contemporary 1990s. The pieces are usually signed and dated by hand. Early pieces are signed AND dated - later post 2000s pieces appear not to be.

The company was taken over when the couple retired in 2005 and continued until June 2017, when the company folded. The new owners were Phil Wilson and Bill Whitby. The company sold beautifully crafted jewellery and giftware, including a range of frames, clocks, pillboxes and vases. Their logo is shown below and they used the branding line of "Today's treasures, tomorrow's heirlooms"

We are showcasing previously owned and vintage signed MASJ jewellery and accessories that we have found on our travels.
Small rose pin by Silver Scenes
Small rose brooch that came in its original box.

Silver Scenes logo on box
The Silver Scenes box with logo used.

Hand signed MASJ 95  on back of jewellery
Hand-signed MASJ with the copyright sign and dated 95 for 1995. Earlier jewellery is usually dated. Whereas latter pieces are not.

Back of rose pin see signature MASJ
This MASJ/Silver Scenes rose pin can be used for both a lapel pin or as a tie pin.

masj jewellery set
Silver Scenes jewellery set of a floral necklace, brooch  and bracelet. Silver plated pewter.
fish pisces brooch by masj back

fish pisces brooch by masj
Pisces brooch by MASJ 1992. Gold plated pewter.
fish pisces brooch by masj 1992

back brooch by masj 1996

back brooch by masj 1990

fuchsia brooch by masj
Fuchsia brooch by MASJ made in 1990. Written on the reverse. Pewter made.
sunflower brooch by masj
Sunflower brooch by MASJ in pewter. Signed 1998.
dahlia brooch by masj
Dahlia brooch in silver plated pewter. No date stamp on this one so of a later date, probably in the 2000s. 

Rose pin brooch in it's original box Silver Scene
Rose pin in original MASJ or Silver Scenes box from 1995.

As usual I update my blogs with any more jewellery photographed that has come into my possession.

Miracle jewellery | St Justin Jewellery

Miracle jewellery designs now under the ownership of St Justin jewellery

Since 1946, Miracle LTD has been a resident of Birmingham in the UK. But early in 2013, it was announced, that on the retirement of the owner, it had been taken over by the Cornish company St Justin. Both companies produce fine pewter and silver made jewellery in the style of Celtic, Scottish and historical reproductions. So we are showcasing both vintage Miracle jewellery and pre owned St Justin jewellery together. 
Below is a faux agate brooch signed Miracle. Dome shaped with a pewter setting.
Mock agate brooch by Miracle

  Miracle jewellery information 

First produced in Birmingham, England in 1946. It produced the famous Mizpah designs that were first made by the Quarrier Ward and Ward Brothers over 100 years ago. The Mizpah jewellery was set with the purple Bohemian glass that looks like amethyst and glass Cairngorm stones in its yellow-orange colour. Silver made jewellery was also produced in the Miracle, Ward Brothers and W Johnson designs. Handcrafted with engraving and completed with real semi-precious gemstones.
Although it's sad that Birmingham is at the end of an era for Miracle. It is still continuing Ward Brother’s legacy. We are very glad that the company has remained in the UK.

Miracle signature on a clip earring back
Large clip-on earrings - not in the usual style of Miracle.


Miracle stamp under the clip of an earrings
Miracle stamp under the clip - can be missed at first glance

On this page, we will showcase the Miracle, Mizpah and St Justin jewellery that we have sourced and photographed. We will be leaving them so that you can see the many designs and information.
Mizpah signature mark

Mizpah jewellery stamp = 2 hearts with an arrow through. (not to confuse with Mizpah Victorian pieces) 
Cartwheel brooch by St Justin

St Justin jewellery SJC mark used by St Justin early in the companies history and St Justin there after.
Cartwheel brooch by St Justin in box
Large cartwheel brooch in box with information by St Justin.
Celtic brooch by St Justin in box
Another pewter Celtic brooch in it's original box by St Justin.
Celtic pewter brooch by St Justin
Cosmic Celtic brooch by St Justin in pewter.
Celtic brooch by SJC
Pewter Celtic brooch stamped SJC.
Celtic knot brooch by SJC
Celtic knot brooch stamped SJC.
SJC pewter signature
SJC pewter signature on the reverse of a brooch.
St Justin box with logo
St Justin box with the logo on.
St Justin signature

St Justin signature on the back of a jewellery brooch.

Miracle signature
Miracle stamp on a brooch below.
Back of a Scottish brooch stamped Miracle
Back of the thistle brooch by Miracle.
Amber thistle Scottish brooch by Miracle
Amber glass thistle brooch from Miracle - probably from the 2000s.
Red dragon brooch by Miracle
Red stone and enamel Welsh dragon brooch by Miracle. This brooch was produced in several colours. From the 2000s.
Green agate clip earrings by Miracle
1990s pair of faux agate clip earrings in green circa 1990s.
Unusual cherub brooch by Miracle. In an all pewter metal with dangles. 
Turquoise necklace by Miracle Britain
Large faux turquoise gem pendant stamped on the reverse Miracle Britain.
Colourful cabochon Celtic brooch signed Mizpah
Colourful cabochons in this Celtic brooch signed Mizpah.
Green Celtic cross brooch/pendant signed Miracle
Faux green agate Celtic cross brooch and pendant by Miracle. 
Brown Celtic garter pendant necklace by Miracle
Art Glass in brown in a garter design pendant necklace by Miracle.
Blue Celtic pendant necklace by Miracle
Blue diamante Celtic cross pendant necklace signed Miracle.

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