Monday 20 January 2020

Stratton jewellery

Stratton jewellery and accessories with their men's jewellery

Stratton jewellery and accessories. Once based in Birmingham and London - This company started in the 1860s and folded in the late 1990s. The brand name "Imitation" was also produced by Stratton.
They made a wide range of items from women's jewellery, men's jewellery, jewellery boxes, trinket boxes and accessories to buttons and not forgetting their range of famous compacts. All our items have been sourced here in the UK and photographed by us. 
Stratton Made in England. Stamp on the reverse of a pretty trinket box

Stratton long tie clip in white and gold

Signature on the back of the above white tie pin. It says "Stratton, made in England, Pat app for" Patent applied for

Some Stratton pieces are unsigned. This pair of cufflinks has "Metal" and Pat number on only.

Stratton of London on the inside of a box

The patent number on one of Stratton's cufflinks

Presented by Stratton England on a box containing cufflinks and tie pin

The passant lion is an emblem used on Stratton boxes with the gold and red detail. However, this is not signed Stratton. It is from a shop on Bond Street, London.

Bond Street jewellery but in fact made by Stratton. See above on how to identify


  1. Hi Sue, I have a pair of Stratton Arita porcelain cufflinks, I cannot find a picture of the same pair anywhere, is it possible that you tell me anything about them please?

  2. Hi. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about the Arita porcelain range. I have not come across any on my travels. Looking on the web, there are quite a few different styles and price range. My only advice would be to see if you can trace the patent number. Regards Sue

  3. I used to work for Stratton in there design studio as a model/pattern maker,making the first jewellery at design stage,think Stratton was sold to Fermins in hockley


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