Thursday 27 August 2009

Christmas Jewellery - New to Jewels and Finery

Vintage holly brooch by Exqui,site

Yes it seems to be that time of year again August going on December!

Christmas unfortunately has a habit of creeping up too soon...

Vintage glass bead neckace

We have therefore opened our Vintage Christmas Jewellery category. Full of sparkling jewellery for all those parties and evenings out, with many, Christmas themed pieces of vintage costume jewellery.

Red enamel clip earrings - think these are from Avon.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding the many Christmas themed vintage brooches, necklaces and earrings that have been sourced over the year. All are only available in quantities of one, so when gone no more till next year.

This year we are going to be organized and have all the Christmas presents brought, wrapped and ready - instead of the usual Christmas eve dash to the shops........but we say that every year!!

Friday 21 August 2009

Gem Tester on Jewellery

One of our most handy tools in sourcing and collecting antique vintage jewellery has been a gem tester.

It became obvious that we needed a way of testing some of the stones in the jewellery because although we could take an educated guess, we needed to be more accurate.

Vintage modern stone bead bracelet.

Research showed us that one gem tester The Presidium stood out from others but we were unable to find a dealer in the UK. So we sent for the tester from the US and have been more than happy with the results.

We have tested all stones, even if we are fairly sure that they are faux ones.

Miracle jewellery is usually made with mock quartz stones, but there are the exceptions in silver.
Exquisite the Solihull jewellery makers also used faux stones, but it is possible that some earlier pieces may have used actual real quartz so we always test for example the mock jade chip pieces are Chrysoprase.

Quartz stones are different in feel to glass as they have a somewhat cooler surface (ideal to wear in the summer)

Vintage Deco brooch with faux turquoise

One benefit is that if we say the stone is jade, then it is not a guess. As many pieces of jewellery from the seventies, when jade was very fashionable, were made of jade but there was also many mock jade imitations manufactured.

Vintage jewellery set Real jadeite chip necklace and earrings

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Vintage Signed Designers of jewellery

Vintage clip earrings and brooch set from the Elizabeth Taylor collection - White Diamonds

This week we have been adding categories to Jewels and Finery

The first to launch is the vintage signed designer jewellery

Here in the UK of course we source more UK jewellery designers than the international designers.
This makes our website very different from others; as we are proud to show the depth and range of UK vintage jewellery. Especially from Exquisite, Miracle, Hollywood, Sphinx and Ciro Pearls

Exquisite jewellery is our speciality. However Miracle Jewellery Ltd is still in Birmingham and producing costume and silver jewellery today. Miracle jewellery was made by A Hill & Co, also conected jewellery found under the signatures of Sol D'Or, Mizpah (with the arrows) and Ward Brothers

All vintage jewellery from the UK designers is now gaining in its collectibility factor

International designers of jewellery such as Coro, Jewelcraft, Trifari, Napier, Kenneth J Lane, Jonette Jewelry Co, Moda, Avon and Sarah Coventry. With vintage jewellery from West Germany and Czeckoslavakia. To name just a few of the vintage designer jewellery that we sell.

Sarah Coventry and Avon were sold first from home during home parties. Many books are available on Sarah Coventry's jewellery. Avon jewellery is still produced but many pieces now are not signed and only have the boxes signed.White gold bead necklace from Avon

Our designer signed vintage jewellery changes daily as we add or sell pieces. During the photo shoot today of the jewellery to be added to the site shortly over half were signed. So bookmark this blog as we will be updating regular new additions and view the site regularly

Monday 17 August 2009

Jewellery Absolutely Fifties Fashion

This week we have added some great clip earrings. To us this is the fifties fashion. Beautiful sparkling earrings to be worn to a dance.
Earrings that match the original stretch bracelets that were the epitome of that Empire made era. Vintage jewellery that can be worn today and are ideal for evening wear

Just part of our huge range of vintage jewellery that dates from Victorian to yesterday

Saturday 8 August 2009

Children's Beads & How To Making A Bracelet

One of the categories on Jewels and Finery is the "Children's Beads".
Or also called "Young at Heart beads" - brightly coloured plastic or wood beads, with a larger threading hole and so suitable for children.

We offer smaller packets of recycled children's beads, some dating back to the fifties and sixties and some the modern newer type.

All the beads have been used and as with most of our vintage beads have been washed or cleaned thoroughly
When we have a large number of brightly coloured beads. We wash and sort into the same type, same colour or create a mixed bag of beads. Then we package them into smaller plastic resealable bags.

We have chosen to offer a smaller number of recycled beads per pack than the bead companies that sell new beads. Simply because when a child is faced with a large number of same looking beads for the first time, many become bored quickly and they end up on the floor!

The smaller packs enable a child to create a necklace or a bracelet easily without hundreds of beads left over. Next time a different pack of beads can be used to make more jewellery. If your child wants to continue making jewellery - then buy larger packs or several smaller packs to create that something a bit different. Less waste and less mess to clear up.

How To Make A Simple Bead Bracelet?

Read instructions first

1. Select a piece of thread. You can use nylon or plastic thread, jewellery elastic, cord, embroidery silk, string or even a shoe lace. Any thread as long as it goes through the bead's threading holes

2. Wrap the thread around your wrist twice and cut to length.

3. Take a thin strip of paper, wrap around your wrist once. Cut to length. This will be your template and can be used many times

4. Sort out your beads and lay them out below your paper template (You may find it easier to use a towel on top of a table. As this stops the beads rolling about)

5. When you are happy with the bead pattern - start to string the beads. A small knot in one end of the thread will stop the beads slipping off.

6. When all the beads are on the thread. Put around your wrist and tie a knot several times. The thread ends are best left longer as this makes it easier to untie when you want to take your bracelet off.

7. You may want to undoe the first knot at the end of your thread - the one used to stop the beads slipping off or tie a matching knot on the other end.

8. Remember safety and hygiene.

9. Wash hands before and after making your bracelet. Not is it hygienic but dirt (or chocolate) can ruin your jewellery creations

10. Never put beads in your mouth as you can swallow them and choke. Never leave beads around if you have a little brother or sister as they may put them into their mouths. Always tidy away your beads after use.

11. Take care when using scissors and put them in a safe place after use (do not leave them on the chair beside you where they can cut your leg!)

12. Unused beads are better kept in resealable plastic bags and placed in a larger plastic box or tin (The large sweet and biscuit tins that you can get at Christmas are ideal) In fact keep all the materials, beads and equipment in one place for next time

Be adventurous - use a variety of beads. This bracelet was created using all recycled children's plastic beads, mock pearl beads and white Hama beads

Making beaded jewellery will help children's hand and eye coordination develop. Encourage them to be creative. Once mastered making simple bracelets and necklaces. Then suitable clasps and earring findings can be purchased. Brooches and hair jewellery, phone charms and tiaras. Not forgetting beaded bags, belts and even beaded clothes can be made

Hand made beaded jewellery makes great gifts for friend and relatives.

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