Saturday 28 December 2013

More delightful brooches after our grand winter sale

We are having a grand winter sale of our delightful brooches and jewellery. Low low prices to make way for next years vintage brooches as well as pre owned and new ones that we have waiting to add. So star brooches and Christmas brooches have been reduced following by all the other category collections in the next few days. Grab yourself a bargain now.

vintage brooches

The following vintage brooch are reduced so take a look - unusual and unique at a low price just for our winter sale which finishes in January 2014.

The last is a vintage bird brooch signed Sarah Coventry. Then a Victorian style brooch and earrings set, a vintage star brooch, a portrait brooch, rare Beatles brooch by Exquisite and a Saxon style brooch with a pink cabochon center.

Sunday 15 December 2013

A very merry Christmas from Jewels & Finery UK and a happy new year.

Christmas is a very busy time for us selling our vintage jewellery - that is November and December. So we would like to take time out and wish you a very merry Christmas and have a happy new year. Time just goes far to fast nowadays. It doesn't seem five minutes since the last one!

 Well it does not look as though it will snow this year, in fact it has been not that cold. This photo was taken a couple of years ago in our garden. I would have shown our tree, but its not up yet - its still in the garden from when we brought it last week.

 Last year, we had two new additions to our household. Merlin and Salem who have grown so much bigger. At a year old they spend most of the time following me or running around the house chasing each other and getting on Marla's nerves.

Our older cat - Marla has been unwell the last month but seems to be back to normal, eating loads now and gaining weight again. At 11 she is the oldest and of course the boss. Now back to putting up the decorations and tree. How long the tree will last is anyones guess as Merlin loves to climb, she was too little and a bit overwhelmed last year!

Saturday 23 November 2013

Price changes to our earring accessories this November

We have made some price changes to our earring accessories this November. Due to our supplies going down as well as up. Many of our clip pads and pillow ranges are cheaper and our earring backs remain very competitive. So have a look at our great earring accessory for all different styles of earrings.

Quality clip earring pads and pillows for clip on earrings which can be vintage or not. Plenty of choice and ideal for extra grip and comfort. Do like the earring pillows or sleeves as they have a slight tacky feel that helps grip.

We have a wide range of earring backs in scroll, bullets, plastic, silver and gold plate. Suitable for pierced earrings replacements. We replace the backs to our vintage and pre owned ones already, but a pack is handy to have in your jewellery box as one always seems to fall under the bed - just as you are running late to go out!

Sunday 3 November 2013

Catch up on Vintage Jewels Geek's latest jewellery!

We have been working hard and have added plenty of  jewellery as well as many other items to Vintage Jewels Geek Blog. So we thought that we needed to showcase a few of our favourites from the last month. Vintage and newer jewellery makes great gifts and if you wrap each either in a gift bag or box it makes a good gift look a little bit special.  Vintage means that the brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, etc all produced between the 1920s and 1990s. So that's up to 70 years of fabulous jewels to choose from. It makes them unique and often of better quality than some of todays jewellery. But don't take our word for it just have a look.

Vintage silver ring that has been formed out of a child's christening bracelet of silver.

Sarah Coventry brooch - this one is from the 1960s. Most  Sarah Coventry jewellery is true vintage now and they produced so many different and quality items to choose from.

 Original 1940s vintage jewellery set of a floral brooch and clip earrings. We just love finding sets as they match and just makes it easier when you come to put on your jewellery.

Celluloid cameo brooch - many cameos are available in so many different looks. A cameo never seems to go out of fashion and can make an outfit look so elegant and feminine.

More antique and vintage brooches. The top all gold coloured one is antique. It has an Etruscan look and quite lightweight. I re-painted it in gold and added the blue detail to make it usable again. The lower vintage brooch is from the 1920s - 1930s. A large clear rhinestone of glass set into an ornate surrounding frame. The circles may have contained rhinestone but they are all now missing. 

A very unusual Asian inspired necklace from the 1970s. It has a circular clasp to the chain and is in an all silver metal. 
I used to sell vintage jewellery but now I just collect. I look for the unusual and things that are a bit different - as well as jewellery that can be identified.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Identifying 20th Century jewellery

When you wear or collect vintage jewellery it is very useful to be able to identify 20th century jewellery and what era it probably came from. One good book to help is called 20th Century Jewelry: The complete source by John Peacock.
A large but relatively inexpensive book that is filled with some great information. For once it does not focus on photographs of vintage brooches, earrings and necklaces as well as other forms of adornment. But actually looks at the different shapes and designs used in each 10 year decade. Illustrated with designs rather than photographs.

Clear and black diamante earrings 1990s
   The book starts from the 1900s with Art Nouveau forms of jewellery. Dragonfly brooches and lapel pins of pearl. It shows brooches, earrings and necklaces with pendants, bracelets and rings. It also has buckles and shoe clasps as well as hair ornaments of combs and pins.

Crescent antique brooch 1900s

Then onto the 1910s with long dangling earrings, sautoirs, necklaces and the start of the Egyptian themed pieces. Buckles were used extensively on belts and on hats for decoration. Hair ornaments were worn low on the fore head and jewelled bags and watches were in fashion. Mens jewellery were chained enamel cufflinks and tie pins.

Moving into the Art Deco period with machine styled and angular designs. Then onto the 1930s to 1940s. In the 1930s dress ornaments were used on long dresses and to add glitter with decoration on the back of plunge backed dresses.

1930s vintage buckle
Post and pre war jewellery of the 1940s to 1950s became more elaborate and slightly larger in style. Pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings were very much in fashion. Frivolous novelty jewelry with dog brooches, flower basket and Chinese designs. the Carmen Miranda influence was seen in bright lemons, orange and fruit designs. In the 1950s to 1960s brooches were used extensively on clothing, Necklaces were very drape with multiple strands in bright colours.

1940s vintage jewellery set brooch and floral clip earrings

1960s milk glass bead necklace

When the 1960s arrived fashion became adventurous and exciting. All sorts of materials were used. Pop groups influenced jewellery and necklace pendants became bigger and bolder. With shoulder duster earrings and cocktail rings. It was a decade of decadence. 

Beatles vintage brooch by Exquisite 1960s
1970s to the 1980s were eras of change and experimentation. With chunky chain link necklaces and all gold or silver colours and mens jewellery becoming more flamboyant. Into the 1990s the big and bold styles continued with bows and pearls a favourite. 

Large red diamante cufflinks 2000s
At the end of the twentieth century crosses come back into fashion with layered necklaces and a classical modern approach applied. 

The book is very useful for recognizing the many eras and styles, well worth obtaining.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Genuine jewellery we have in our collection

Recently added genuine jewellery we have in our collection. We have pretty sparkling vintage brooches ready for the party season and more demure vintage necklaces. Just have a look at some of the gorgeous antique and vintage jewellery pieces we now have available.

Amber, citrine and clear aurora borealis coloured rhinestones used in this sparkling vintage brooch by Jewel Craft.

Not vintage but an antique brooch with fabulous sparkling Austrian faceted stones. Crescent moon shaped with a brass setting.

Superb large Monet green diamante brooch. Love this one as its so bold with its Maltese Cross design.

Looking for something special? Then this vintage necklace from Castlecliff and Larry Vrba is just perfect. Large and very striking. Vintage jewellery that deserves to be worn.

A multi bead necklace that is so vintage in style. 1950s jewellery that has some great unique vintage plastic beads from Hong Kong.

How about a 1970s medallion necklace with Atlas holding up the earth on it. Greek inspired by the ancient Gods of old.

1970s blue and green abalone shell pendant necklace by Exquisite. Long chain with a diamond shaped pendant. This is just a little that we have added to Jewels & Finery recently. Our aim is for between 30 and 50 unique pieces of vintage jewellery each week. Not forgetting that we have new and previously owned jewellery as well.

Sunday 8 September 2013

What would you choose diamante or rhinestone jewellery?

What would you choose a diamante brooch or a rhinestone brooch, a diamante necklace or a rhinestone necklace jewellery piece? What is the difference between diamante (also spelt diamonte) and rhinestone? This is something that I have struggled with for years as there is little information around. However I came to the conclusion that it just depends on where you live.

In the UK, most people would call the above stone a diamante. Originally diamante were used to add sparkle to clothing. Flat backed glass crystals or acrylic diamante that could be sewn onto garments. I am not sure when or why the UK started to call them that also in jewellery. If you lived in the US or Canada you will call the above a rhinestone pendant. So the collection of party clip earrings will have either diamante or rhinestone sparkling decoration - just depending on where you originate from.

We have used both terms for covering the UK and US markets. But tend to put the later dated (post 1970s) and less sparkling pieces in the diamante name; and the more opulent and higher quality ones in the rhinestone collections. What do you do and what is your preferred term?     

Friday 9 August 2013

Romantic cameos for the connoisseur

We do not only have many different sorts of jewellery but also new jewellery and one of our latest additions is a piece of romantic cameo jewellery that is from the Susie Carol jewellery and accessories collection. The Romantic cameo brooch will match with the Romantic lovers cameo necklace that has previously been released. All new and perfect to give as a gift.

The cream cameo depicts a romantic sixteenth century couple seated together. It is on an orange background that represents carnelian. There is the brooch and the cameo necklace available in this pretty style.

The cameo brooch is the Popular Goddess cameo profile onto a gold coloured setting.
If you are looking for a older cameo that is still romantic then have a look at this cameo brooch.

A pretty white rose onto a light powdered blue background cameo necklace is also available. Small and neat with a silver coloured pendant and chain. Also produced by Susie Carol and in a limited edition

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Like Ciro Jewels

The finest tribute to Ciro Pearls is paid by the women who wear them for that alone says more for their beauty than all the praise which language can bestow. This is the opening lines for page 7 of the Ciro pearls booklet which is now part 4 of our blog posts. The real and faux pearl necklaces were very popular with women in the fifties and had been for many years. It was then and still is an easy way to look elegant and well dressed. Just slip on a string of pearls and away you go.
Back in the 1950s, Ciro Pearls would clean, restring or remodel any of the pearl necklaces, chokers and necklets. You were expected to take care of your pearls but if not they would be able to bring them back to pristine condition for you. However they were guaranteed to last you years if you looked after them - and they did.

Ciro produced pearl necklaces in double and treble strings as well as single. They were also made in varying lengths. From the short choker style to either 15 and 17 inches (the most popular lengths). However from an extra 3/- per inch depending on the pearl bead quality, you could request extra lengths. Then you could have the strings knotted which increased the length of the pearl necklace by 10%. Each pearl bead was hand knotted in between each of them, which prevents the pearls from scattering if the string thread broke.

The pearl beads could be graduated in size and also could have gold clasps and safety chain, silver clasps or Ciro gem clasps.
Choker necklets were made to measure, so that they fitted snug to the lower part of the neck. they could also be in single, double, triple thread, four or in five rows.That and with every pearl necklace supplied in a presentation box.
The two women photographed in the above pages were Miss Esther Williams, actress wearing a single row necklet and matching ear drops. The other was Miss Ava Gardner who is shown wearing a double string choker.
The next blog post will look at the next pages that has the many different clasps Ciro used. We sometimes have Ciro vintage jewellery available but you can also visit the Ciro website as the company are still in continuing. 

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Sea side holiday at Eastbourne in the 1950s

Just enjoying the hot weather that is long overdue. So in the spirit that I should be on holiday sunbathing on a beach somewhere, instead of in front of this computer! I have found some photographs in the Illustrated from May 27th 1950. This was how a seaside holiday was really like back in 1950. So just to keep it jewellery related we have a new collection of 1950s jewellery for you also.

Arriving at your boarding house for the week, you would be greeted by the boarding's house owner.

Mrs Amy Chandler has run her boarding house Fairdene in Eastbourne for 15 years. She offered a warm reception and a home for your holidays. At 65, she was born and then married in Eastbourne. For the photograph she wore a black suit and white silk blouse.

No teas made or electric kettle in your room. Each morning a cup of tea was delivered to your door. Matching twin sets of a woollen top and cardigan was a fashion that lasted many years. Often hand knitted and usually dressed up with a string of pearls necklace. Is this someone who has been hired to bring around the tea? - no its Rene one of the guests just helping out.

Somethings don't change. Breakfast freshly cooked served in the breakfast room. Mmmm I can smell the bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes (in season) and sausage with buttered toast. No baked beans as standard though yet. Foreign muck my grandad used to say who wouldn't touch beans! How times have changed.

Following breakfast a brisk stroll along the cliffs and plenty of fresh sea air to work up an appetite for lunch. Every woman would wear a head scarf. She would probably buy a souvenir one from one of the many small souvenir shops along the beach front. Shops crammed with shell ornaments and other nick knacks.

Mrs Chandler working out her rations. Even in the mid 1950s rationing for goods was still in place. By the end of the week, she would often find that sugar was becoming low. Her fat rations she mixed with margarine to make it go further. I believe that she made some fabulous home cooked apple tart and Yorkshire puddings. Mr Chandler helped by working an allotment and supplementing their rations with seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Its no good living by the sea if you do not take full advantage of it yourself. I think that is Eastbourne promenade in the background and it has changed a bit in the last 60 years or so. Mrs Chandler walking at low tide along the beach then its back to work at her boarding house.

Now down to cooking the evening meal. Most boarded with breakfast and evening meal included. Peeling the spuds was a marathon peeling feat for 16 people. No electric potato peelers used in those days. Nor dish washers! Hair nets were a woman's staple hair accessory. Used at night to hold your rollers in place and during the day when working, then any other time to keep your hair in place. Straighteners - yes. Use the hot iron heated on the stove. Just be careful not to iron your ears and it did tend to sent the ends dry and a little burnt (if you had the iron too hot).

After your evening meal it was down to the evening's entertainment. A game of cards or a board game. No TV as many places did not have. In 1953 more houses owned a TV for watching the coronation but still not everyone.
Life was simple then, but would you go back to those days? 

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