Tuesday 30 July 2013

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The finest tribute to Ciro Pearls is paid by the women who wear them for that alone says more for their beauty than all the praise which language can bestow. This is the opening lines for page 7 of the Ciro pearls booklet which is now part 4 of our blog posts. The real and faux pearl necklaces were very popular with women in the fifties and had been for many years. It was then and still is an easy way to look elegant and well dressed. Just slip on a string of pearls and away you go.
Back in the 1950s, Ciro Pearls would clean, restring or remodel any of the pearl necklaces, chokers and necklets. You were expected to take care of your pearls but if not they would be able to bring them back to pristine condition for you. However they were guaranteed to last you years if you looked after them - and they did.

Ciro produced pearl necklaces in double and treble strings as well as single. They were also made in varying lengths. From the short choker style to either 15 and 17 inches (the most popular lengths). However from an extra 3/- per inch depending on the pearl bead quality, you could request extra lengths. Then you could have the strings knotted which increased the length of the pearl necklace by 10%. Each pearl bead was hand knotted in between each of them, which prevents the pearls from scattering if the string thread broke.

The pearl beads could be graduated in size and also could have gold clasps and safety chain, silver clasps or Ciro gem clasps.
Choker necklets were made to measure, so that they fitted snug to the lower part of the neck. they could also be in single, double, triple thread, four or in five rows.That and with every pearl necklace supplied in a presentation box.
The two women photographed in the above pages were Miss Esther Williams, actress wearing a single row necklet and matching ear drops. The other was Miss Ava Gardner who is shown wearing a double string choker.
The next blog post will look at the next pages that has the many different clasps Ciro used. We sometimes have Ciro vintage jewellery available but you can also visit the Ciro website as the company are still in continuing. 

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