Wednesday 3 July 2013

A 1940s wedding bride and bridesmaids

Just a couple of photographs of a 1940s wedding party. I do not know the happy couple and would like to find out. To know a little more visit our other blog Jewels Vintage Vibes. The bride has a traditional wedding dress and jewellery on with a long hem in lace. This would be about the end of the World War Two and rationing would still be in force.

She has a beautiful bouquet of flowers and appears to be wearing a pearl bead necklace.Her veil is very long and fits over a flowered crown style head dress. It has a square neckline and is fitted around her bust then it softly drapes to the floor. Note the assortment of wedding gifts of a lucky horseshoe and black cat on her arm. 

The three bridesmaids are probably sisters or friends and she does not have any younger girls as bridesmaids. Their long dresses appear to be in a silky cotton. They have cap sleeves, which go in and out of fashion. Round head bands of flowers are on their heads. Not sure whether they are real flowers or in material. All the bridesmaids are wearing double stranded pearl necklaces to match. As rationing was still on for luxury goods until the mid 1950s. The pearl necklaces would be their own.
Just a short blog today. Now to clean up the plant that my beloved cat has just knocked down. Both the two youngest cats have this thing about chasing flies and eating them! They are both sniffing the pot and flowers on the floor at the moment as if to say "how did that get there"!  

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