Wednesday 30 December 2009

Left Over Christmas Turkey - make a curry?

This year with the help of my husband, I made a turkey curry with the left overs. I used to do this but the last couple of years I have been unable to cook a full meal. But this year with the help of a chair and hubby cutting up the vegetables and lifting our heavy saucepans we managed.
We have a heavy cast iron set - after going through several cheap sets in our first few years of marriage. We splashed out on a set to last. These have now been going about 20 years!! But they are heavy and I have difficulty lifting them now.

Menu for a family of 4, I used 2 medium onions and 2 cloves of garlic both chopped up into small pieces. Cook in a large pan until soft using a splash of sunflower oil.  Have the heat on low to medium here.

Add 2 chopped peppers, I used a red and green one for the colours, rather than the flavour. Cook for a few minutes until soft.

Add one medium can of tomatoes and one can of water - just refill the tomatoes can for this. One squirt of tomato paste for extra tomato flavor. Then stir well and bring to the boil slowly. If you find that it goes a bit dry, you can always add more water at any point.

Add about 2 tablespoons of mild madras curry powder and 2 generous pinches of black pepper.

Now I love sultanas in stews and curries - so I added at least 2 hand fulls of dried sultanas.
My daughter came into the kitchen at that point and pulled a face - she is the only member of our family that does not like the sultanas - but my answer was that she could leave them at the side of her plate(which she did)

Then finally add some mushrooms chopped - use about 8 medium sized ones. Then the chopped turkey - what ever is left or or in our case about 1 and a half cup fulls.

As you can guess I rarely use measuring scales and just throw it in until it looks right - works for me but then I have been cooking like this for over 30 years!!

Serve after about 15 minutes or until the vegetable are all soft and cooked. I like this on plain boiled rice with a poppadom.

We all had a meal and a couple of us had another meal the next day - even with the usual moans from my teenager son about don't use too many vegetables; and my teenager daughter on sultanas - they didn't leave much.
The sultanas can be replaced with chopped apple or any other vegetable you like.

Don't have to think what to do with the left over Christmas pud this year as my lovely but slightly clumsy teenage daughter managed to knock it out of the fridge all over the floor!

On Jewels and Finery we will be reducing many items from now until the 4th January

Have a good New Year

Friday 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas 2009

Happy Christmas to family and friends. Have a great day
We are having all my family for Christmas dinner. Busy preparing the turkey, two lots of stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, parsnips with parmesan, sprouts, broccoli, carrots and gravy. With Christmas pudding and profiteroles, brandy sauce and custard. Washed down with wine - after this lot will just collapse in a heap!

Photos of our tree last night with all the family presents

Our fireplace. This year we had a new fire and a fire surround. So this year could decorate it. Used fir leaves and other floral bits from the garden to decorate. Lucky we have many different fir trees and conifers with many different colours and textures.


 Now just have to repaint the wall after a candle left a lovely black mark!!

Thursday 17 December 2009

Clothes Show 2009 NEC Birmingham Review

Every year my daughter and I with friends visit the Clothes Show at the NEC Birmingham.

It has taken me over a week to recover from the busy day but it was worth it.

If you like fashion, clothes buying, make up and shopping then a visit is a must.

The main fashion show in the large arena was very theatrical and Christmasy. Dancers and models took us through a winter wonderland themed show. This year with no designer backer there was few clothes modeled.
But the dancers whirled through many clothes changes to provide an entertaining performance.
However - not everyone was there to see the male dancer's bare chests and would have preferred more fashion with an idea on who the designers were. Being up the very back of the arena the large screen was necessary, but the camera man seemed to be very reluctant to actually use his camera and most of the time we could see only the small figures on stage.
In all I was disappointed at the show and felt they did not make a real effort!

However this year the clothes, make up, shoes and many other products on display had improved. Less tat - or what I call market clothes. More named stall that were selling many different ranges of fashion, as last year there were too many stalls selling the same.
The seventies influence was very evident in the clothing with a Bohemian and embellish flavour. Jewellery lent towards charm bracelets and very sparkling jewellery. The make up was excellent with many bargains available from Boujoir and Rimmel to name a couple of brand exhibitioners.
ASOS had a stall which was a bonus as they are Internet based, so a completely unique opportunity to see their range first hand.  

Jewels and Finery had been asked to have a stall in the vintage section, but the cost of the show and logistics were too expensive compared to potential profit generated. Also it would have been impossible to organize in the time for us with our other commitments and health problems. 

The vintage stalls were a mix of great clothes, bags and jewellery. Bit disappointed that the exhibitors did not label their goods, and so I had to keep trying to attract a busy stall holder to find out the cost. Also this was an ideal opportunity to market their main shop or market stall location, but the stalls that I visited had no marketing strategy. No bags with their name & location. No postcards or even leaflets to attract further custom. I did buy lots of vintage items to add to my collection however.

In all I was pleased with the items I brought and where else could you shop with so much choice under one roof.. Brought two new beaded bags that were in a vintage style. Also a sparkling ring for myself.

We will be back next year to the Clothes Show and maybe be able to watch more of the smaller shows. As it was we did not see everything and we arrived just after opening and left just before the close!


Thursday 3 December 2009

Christmas Party Time

It's December and we have been busy not only with our website but Christmas Fayre's and of course preparing for Christmas.
This year we will have all our family to Christmas dinner. We will just about get everyone seated around our table. Today we received our first Christmas card. But our problem this year is where will the tree go - since rearranging the living room fitting a six foot real Christmas tree in may be a problem?

Back to party time what sort of jewellery should you wear to what sort of occasion?

Any party that requires a party dress need a bit of sparkle. Try these vintage clip earrings from the fifties. Wear with a little black dress and maybe a sparkling matching bracelet. No other sparkling jewellery or you will look like the Christmas tree!

Vintage clip on diamante sparkling earrings

Out to dance the night away - then this vintage jewellery set is an original collection from a ballroom dancer in the seventies so  Strictly Come Dancing

Looking for something simpler to wear to a formal occasion, a dinner or a meal out with work colleagues?
This stylish and classical necklace from Sarah Coventry is easy to wear but looks special

Just having a Christmas evening out to the cinema or a pantomime?
Then brighten up your outdoor jacket, coat, hat or scarf with a bit of sparkle.
How about a contemporary steam punk style brooch?
Be different in a pair of boots with crystal clips these Gothic cross shoe or boot clips are new. Vintage costume jewellery of the future.
What ever your choice for that night out, enjoy yourself. Christmas is a time for family and friends. The most important things in life.

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