Thursday 3 December 2009

Christmas Party Time

It's December and we have been busy not only with our website but Christmas Fayre's and of course preparing for Christmas.
This year we will have all our family to Christmas dinner. We will just about get everyone seated around our table. Today we received our first Christmas card. But our problem this year is where will the tree go - since rearranging the living room fitting a six foot real Christmas tree in may be a problem?

Back to party time what sort of jewellery should you wear to what sort of occasion?

Any party that requires a party dress need a bit of sparkle. Try these vintage clip earrings from the fifties. Wear with a little black dress and maybe a sparkling matching bracelet. No other sparkling jewellery or you will look like the Christmas tree!

Vintage clip on diamante sparkling earrings

Out to dance the night away - then this vintage jewellery set is an original collection from a ballroom dancer in the seventies so  Strictly Come Dancing

Looking for something simpler to wear to a formal occasion, a dinner or a meal out with work colleagues?
This stylish and classical necklace from Sarah Coventry is easy to wear but looks special

Just having a Christmas evening out to the cinema or a pantomime?
Then brighten up your outdoor jacket, coat, hat or scarf with a bit of sparkle.
How about a contemporary steam punk style brooch?
Be different in a pair of boots with crystal clips these Gothic cross shoe or boot clips are new. Vintage costume jewellery of the future.
What ever your choice for that night out, enjoy yourself. Christmas is a time for family and friends. The most important things in life.

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