Thursday 18 April 2013

Beautiful Honora Pearl necklace

Recently added is this beautiful Honora pearl necklace in rainbow coloured freshwater pearls. It is quality second hand jewellery that is still boxed and unused. Maybe it was given as a present and not a colour or length that the person receiving the gift liked or wore. Who knows! But Honora pearls are very collectible as well as very wearable. So this is one not to miss. They are usually sold via the television and online, as well as in the store situated in America.

This has pretty rainbow colours of pink, purple, light and dark green, blue, cream and orange. It is one that will brighten up an outfit even on a dark day.

This freshwater pearl necklace is signed with a removable plastic tag and comes complete with its original box and embroidered pocket bag. It is just one of the many freshwater and simulated pearl necklaces we have available.

Honora has been producing good quality jewelry in the US for around sixty years. In the last twenty years it has been producing beautiful cultured freshwater pearl jewellery in a wide range of colours. My mother (a mad QVC fan) has brought me two of their pearl necklaces in the past and they are ones that I wear often.

This cream pearl necklace is by Honora and will go with most outfits. I think this one is about 18 inches in length.

Then the most recent Christmas present from my mom was this very long peach and pink freshwater pearl necklace by Honora.

It is so versatile and all long necklaces are. I wrap it twice around my neck and leave it long. I haven't wrapped it around my wrist but there is no reason why not.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Sara heart tag on a gemstone necklace

Below is a very pretty Sara signed gemstone necklace a gemstone jewellery piece that we have at the moment. Sometimes we come across a piece of vintage jewellery or in this case previously owned that is signed and modern but we do not know who produced it. There is a clue on that it is signed with a small tag at the fastening.

This quality turquoise and silver coloured bead necklace has a distinctive metal tag. Its heart shaped with the name "Sara" on one side in small case lettering. This has real semi precious turquoise coloured gemstones and silver coloured beads with a central ornate heart charm. See below.

On the reverse of this heart tag it has three dashes that form a happy smiley face.

Would love to know a bit more about the company and designer jewellery. We do know that its not Sarah Coventry and have an inclination its from a clothing store in the UK that sells Sara jewellery and accessories. If you know, just leave a message on this page's comments please.

Monday 15 April 2013

Collectible trinket boxes for you

Recently we have added vintage trinket boxes to our accessories collection. They are small ceramic trinket boxes that are ideal to hold small earrings and rings on your dressing table.

Like this one its small but has pretty decorations of blue tits and flowers.

It is signed and tried a quick research but there was so many marks on china and ceramics from so many different potteries that we gave up after a bit.

Another small box. can use this one as a pill box also. It has a pink rose motif on the lid. Have some more of these to add including soapstone ones.

If you have any information on the ceramic mark, would love to know and details.

Sunday 14 April 2013

Background and progress for Ciro Pearls jewellery post war years

This is the third part of the Ciro Pearls vintage jewellery catalogue. During the Second World war. Almost every now vintage jewellery company turned their factory over to producing goods that enabled the war effort against Germany. Patriotism was strong and because of this whole hearted effort by the many companies, it enabled the war to be won. However it had a detrimental effect on our industry and in the fifties enough jewellery could not be produced with the restrictions on metals still in place.
An article was written in this catalogue that explains how Ciro Pearls has improved over the last 15 years. I like how the aftercare included restringing of the necklets and pearl necklaces - real and faux.

The next pages show the show rooms in different parts of the UK in large department stores.

The showrooms include ones in Reading (Heelas), Wolverhampton (Beaties), Kingston-On-Thames (Bentalls) and Bournemouth (Robinson & Cleaver). they looked very plush with tables and comfortable chairs in which you sat and chose your necklace or earrings. Complete with mirrors to try on before buying. A far cry from today's stands that have very little room around and no mirrors. However trying on earrings that someone else may have tried on before. Still makes me cringe.

Further black and white photographs of showrooms in Browns of  Chester and Griffin & Spalding in Nottingham. In this article it was noted that younger women in their teens were becoming more fashion conscious. So Ciro Pearls has decided to stock necklets suitable for teens as before they would make one to size by order only.

Finally a photograph of the lovely actress Miss Janet Leigh, star of Scaramouche wearing a treble pearl choker by Ciro Pearls.

Above not a Ciro Pearls pearl necklace but a modern pre owned one that has fringe detail. 

Sunday 7 April 2013

Changes with jewellery signed Exquisite in 1954

Important changes happened within W A P Watson Ltd with Exquisite jewellery. Up until 1954 the company has manufactured their now vintage and sold to shops and other places as a wholesaler. Their whole range of Exquisite jewellery was not really attributed to them. But in 1954, the company built a whole new factory in Solihull and moved from the center of Birmingham in the Jewellery Quarter. After this move this policy was produced and distributed to the people working there.

Instead of just selling their jewellery it now became "Exquisite jewellery Ltd" a subsidiary of WAP Watson Ltd. They brought in more control of their distribution. Introduced new lines into their production. In fact the 1950s very a fabulous time for many manufacturers. Post war and still with rationing in place until much later in the decade. The country was crying out for jewellery. No longer having to worry about war, bombings and no supplies coming into the UK. WAP Watson found it difficult to keep up with the demand.    

In an attempt to bring in a higher class to their range. Exquisite had some imported pieces incorporated. We know that they brought some from Boucher in the US. They also estimated that about 2 million pieces of now vintage jewellery would be produced in one year.

This policy produced shows some of the now vintage brooches, vintage necklaces and vintage earring that was available at that time. This helps with dating them. It also shows views of the factory in Solihull that is long gone and now a large housing estate. I don't think any of the roads and building are named after this company either. Which goes to show how little known how important this company was in the UK. It was the second largest seller of costume jewellery in the UK. The first probably being Coro. Why do we not celebrate our heritage like the US does I will never know?

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