Friday 26 February 2010

Dating Jewellery - Clasps on Necklaces & Bracelets

Just a quick tip for dating jewellery. When you inspect a necklace or bracelet. It is useful to look at the clasp. A circular clasp that opens with a small lever was used from the thirties to the late eighties and into the nineties. But was more predominantly in sixties to eighties jewellery.

Obviously there is an overlap of different components used and you must bear in mind that sometimes a broken clasp will be replaced with a more modern version. Also this type of clasp is still sold today and may be used by some jewellery makers.
So you will need to date the whole necklace or bracelet generally.
Around about the late eighties to early nineties, the lobster style or claw clasp came into use.

Now used extensively on new jewellery manufactured.
Other clasps will be discussed at a later date on this blog

Newly added to jewels and Finery is this ornate vintage poison ring -sold

We have added several vintage brooches including a bright colourful thirties basket brooch and a vintage turtle brooch



  1. Thanks for the helpful info on clasps. I'll keep it in mind when I look at jewelry.

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  3. I had no idea that bolt ring and lobster clasps had a 'date' on them. I guess toggles are more modern too?! Box clasps maybe more older.


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