Sunday 7 February 2010

Butler & Wilson 40th Anniversary - Jewellery Book Review

Butler Wilson 40th birthday book

Butler& Wilson 40th Anniversary - Jewellery book review.

I hinted like mad that I would like the Butler & Wilson 40th Anniversary book for Christmas. But to no avail. I had told myself that if I did not receive it, I would buy it anyway in January. So I did!

No longer available on Amazon, I ordered it direct from Butler & Wilson's website. It is one of the most expensive jewellery books I have brought new to date! But some of the proceeds do go to the Breast Cancer Care Charity. The reason for this charity choice was their shop was within walking distance of a cancer unit in London. Many of the women would pop into the shop to purchase a piece of jewellery to "cheer themselves up"
It is certainly something that I have done, buying more vintage costume jewellery in the last 4 years than ever before.
Butler & Wilson stamp on jewellery

The book is also one of my largest - it does not fit onto the bookcase! So I have kept it in the cardboard box and it has to go on the top shelf unfortunately.

You will not be disappointed with page after page of beautiful jewellery with each section having the history and some detail of the jewellery sold. But for me there was not enough information on the individual pieces of jewellery for dating purposes. Also the photographs are very artistic and taken by many famous photographers but they are ones for magazines and do not necessarily show the jewellery at its best.

Out of the D& E book and this one, I have to say I preferred the D & E book. However my 17 year old daughter liked the Butler & Wilson book the best. We have similar tastes and she "borrows" my vintage jewellery regularly.

I have an American Indian brooch by Butler & Wilson that has a stone missing. It is in my "to repair" box. Its from the 1990s and one that will end up in my (our) jewellery box once repaired. So if anyone has this stone I would be grateful
Vintage indian brooch by Butler & Wilson 

Missing rhinestone on brooch

Here is a few brooches signed available on Jewels and Finery: A joy brooch in red, Avon glace cameo brooch, filigree metal butterfly brooch in a fine gold tone look.

Joy Christmas brooch vintage

Large cameo brooch vintage 1960s

Vintage butterfly brooch in gold

More dating jewellery and book reviews soon. Also an update on Exquisite jewellery. So bye for now

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  1. I have acquired this book and it is signed by
    Simon Wilson has any one else got one.


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