Saturday 20 February 2010

Mirella by WAP Watson

I have written several articles on Exquisite jewellery by WAP Watson and soon will publish further information
But the company also produced the Myths and Magic range as well as the lesser know range of mirrors and trinkets called Mirella.
The Mirella range was named after an employer of the company. I have only been looking for Mirella items in the last couple of months, but both the pieces I found are marked, so easy to identify.
Interesting small trinket box in a gold metal and red velvet style pin cushion material. Topped with a poodle holding a faux pearl.
In very good condition and has the Mirella signature on the bottom

The other item is a hand held mirror

The mirror is decorated with faux pearl beads and a faux turquoise stone. Also in a heavy gold metal and in good condition with slight rubbing to the gold plate.
The mirror is signed "Made in England" on the top of the handle on one side.

And the Mirella signature on the other side of the handle.

This design was popular as I have had a lady previously contact me regarding Mirella pieces and this was the one she had. At the time I estimated this as being produced in the late seventies. But at present I am not sure how long this range was manufactured for?

WAP Watson also produced a range of souvenir spoons and associated items. Now I am a closeted spoon collector as well but don't tell anyone. Unfortunately I now collect so many things this house is bulging!
The spoon collecting started in the seventies when my pen friend Nancy came over from the US. We went to all the tourist places and she collected souvenir thimbles, so I started to buy a few spoons and got hooked. 
Now I just buy the occasional one or two that are special. This collection now runs into hundreds, but I have not counted for a long time. So now is the time to dig the Exquisite one's out and get photographing as some are quite old.
Been a bit slow adding more items to Jewels and Finery but here are a few...


Vintage faux jade bracelet Seventies

That's all for this Saturday morning. Take care


  1. suzanne cusbert10 June 2010 at 05:10

    Hi, I have a ring stand made of a silvered metal featuring a bird with a ring in its beak sitting on a stump. A rounded and polished length of a pretty, mottled brown stone has been horizontally embedded in the silver stump to form the 'branch' for rings to hang on. It has a stamp on the inside of the stump which either says Wirella Made in England or Mirella Made in England - very difficult to read - which is printed, not in script as in your picture above. I was searching the net for information re the piece and came across your blog with its mention of Mirella, and another ad on Ebay for a piece of Wirella (but they may be as poor sighted as I). Was wondering if you had an opinion as to whether this could be a piece of Mirella. I have tried to attach a photo to this blog but do not have the computer skills to do so. If you have any interest in seeing my piece, can you send me an email address I can send a photo to (I can usually attach a photo to an email). My email is

    Thanks Suzanne

    PS I am in Australia and bought the piece at a sale at a collectibles shop in Canberra.

  2. I would guess that it is Mirella just a bad stamp. Most of the pieces I have seen have been written in script, but as WAP Watson used both types for Exquisite, would guess that it is very possible. Mirella has jewellery stands in its range


  3. My mother has recently given me a pair of ornamental scissors. I think they are fabric scissors but I am not sure and neither is she. They are about 4 1/2 inches long and very heavy - i think they are silver. They have the mirella name and made in england stamped on them. They are very intricate in design featuring bunches of grapes with the grape vines forming the handles. Could you provide any information on this peice?

  4. I can not give much information on Mirella, but if the scissors are decorated with grapes and vines they are probably vine scissors for snipping the bunches of grapes off.If they are not hallmarked silver then they are not silver by the sound of it but a silver tone metal

    All the best Sue

  5. hi i have a mirella gold plated hand mirror with flaux stones and pearls. is there much interest and value in these? as havent been able to find much information on mirella. it has slight rubbing but otherwise good condition.

  6. I have an exquisite small swan in the gold gilt and very fine detailing on the feathers with tiny turquoise and seed pearls adorning the back. The back feathers lift off to expose a white glazed interior, maybe for jewelry? It is marked in printed lettering 'mirella', with no other indications about manufacturing.....any ideas where I might go for additional info?

    thanks, jana

  7. Mirella trinket boxes and mirrors, don't have a great deal of value yet. But in the future they may be worth more. Due to the fact they are English made - we now make very little. there is very little information on each item around at the moment.

  8. I know this is about Mirella but I see you know a lot about Exquisite Jewelry also. I acquired a ring that is stamped with the word Exquisite inside the band. It looks like 2 angel wings together. One side it has 17 small diamonds and the other side is either 17 rubies or pink sapphires, not sure. Does it make it worth more because of the Exquisite name? Thanks so much.

  9. Prices for jewellery by Exquisite are rising. Especially if it is a rare piece. So yes named jewellery is usually worth slightly more than unnamed. The clear stones will not be real diamonds as Exquisite produced mostly costume jewellery. They are diamante or glass rhinestones

  10. I have a very intricate small gold dish on legs with the poodle and pearl sitting on the side, with mirella signed on the bottom, it has the gold outer which shaped like the gold bands from the bronze age, with filigree work to the centre.

  11. Hi. I have an item from the Mirella range, and was hoping you could tell me what it is. I have no idea myself, but have provided a link to a photo album for you to look at. Thank you.

  12. Hello Lisa.
    I have had a look at your links. I really have no idea, but can guess only.Mirella was trinkets and items for the home with dressing table items, pin cushions, etc. Parts are missing from this, so makes it difficult. They could have been of metal or glass. The two outer circles are larger and deeper than the other two. My one guess would be that they were small glass tubes for single flowers that you displayed. But the jury is out on this one. Hubby has no idea either. Will keep an eye out to see if anything similar appears. But if anyone else knows feel free to post.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to have a look for me, and for the reply. I will keep looking back here to see if anyone else can shed some light as to what it is. It has puzzled me. :)

  14. hi Sue, interesting site you have. Picked up a Mirella earring tree for less 50pence the other day and it also has an oblong stamp mark with Mirella in capitals and Made in England, this must confirm they produced jewellery stands. As I speak it will be appearing on ebay (uk) in a few moments if anyone is interested.


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