Sunday 8 September 2013

What would you choose diamante or rhinestone jewellery?

What would you choose a diamante brooch or a rhinestone brooch, a diamante necklace or a rhinestone necklace jewellery piece? What is the difference between diamante (also spelt diamonte) and rhinestone? This is something that I have struggled with for years as there is little information around. However I came to the conclusion that it just depends on where you live.

In the UK, most people would call the above stone a diamante. Originally diamante were used to add sparkle to clothing. Flat backed glass crystals or acrylic diamante that could be sewn onto garments. I am not sure when or why the UK started to call them that also in jewellery. If you lived in the US or Canada you will call the above a rhinestone pendant. So the collection of party clip earrings will have either diamante or rhinestone sparkling decoration - just depending on where you originate from.

We have used both terms for covering the UK and US markets. But tend to put the later dated (post 1970s) and less sparkling pieces in the diamante name; and the more opulent and higher quality ones in the rhinestone collections. What do you do and what is your preferred term?     

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  1. I would never have known the difference! I have a lot of vintage costume jewellery, and assumed that diamante and rhinstone were the same.


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