Wednesday 19 August 2009

Vintage Signed Designers of jewellery

Vintage clip earrings and brooch set from the Elizabeth Taylor collection - White Diamonds

This week we have been adding categories to Jewels and Finery

The first to launch is the vintage signed designer jewellery

Here in the UK of course we source more UK jewellery designers than the international designers.
This makes our website very different from others; as we are proud to show the depth and range of UK vintage jewellery. Especially from Exquisite, Miracle, Hollywood, Sphinx and Ciro Pearls

Exquisite jewellery is our speciality. However Miracle Jewellery Ltd is still in Birmingham and producing costume and silver jewellery today. Miracle jewellery was made by A Hill & Co, also conected jewellery found under the signatures of Sol D'Or, Mizpah (with the arrows) and Ward Brothers

All vintage jewellery from the UK designers is now gaining in its collectibility factor

International designers of jewellery such as Coro, Jewelcraft, Trifari, Napier, Kenneth J Lane, Jonette Jewelry Co, Moda, Avon and Sarah Coventry. With vintage jewellery from West Germany and Czeckoslavakia. To name just a few of the vintage designer jewellery that we sell.

Sarah Coventry and Avon were sold first from home during home parties. Many books are available on Sarah Coventry's jewellery. Avon jewellery is still produced but many pieces now are not signed and only have the boxes signed.White gold bead necklace from Avon

Our designer signed vintage jewellery changes daily as we add or sell pieces. During the photo shoot today of the jewellery to be added to the site shortly over half were signed. So bookmark this blog as we will be updating regular new additions and view the site regularly

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