Monday 20 January 2020

Corocraft jewellery

Jewelcraft to Corocraft and Coro jewellery. With Vendome

One of the brand names used by the jewellery company Coro was Jewelcraft. It was used here in the UK quite a lot, because of the court case that Ciro Pearls the UK company had with Coro – over the right not to use their name here as it was too like their own. Ciro won and so Coro was not allowed to use their brand name of Coro here and that means that many of the pieces found here in the UK will be marked “Jewelcraft” or “Corocraft” instead. All the ones we will be showing are signed – unless they come within a set and at least one other is signed. But I will tell you about this when I show the jewellery.

In this blog, we will gradually add the photographs and signatures of Jewelcraft jewellery that we have found and hopefully build up quite a jewellery library of images. Below is a pair of large earrings by Jewelcraft with a red enamel design and next to it the Jewelcraft markings on their jewellery.

Corocraft box with signature

Corocraft was another Coro mark. Above is a leaf with the Corocraft stamp on. Pretty in all gold tone. In the seventies and eighties, I can remember that when shopping most of the jewellery around was saying Corocraft. But few are found here today – I puzzled about this for a while. I think that the cards and boxes were signed but not the actual jewellery pieces. Which will make it difficult to firmly identify.
Corocraft earring backs in their original packaging

Corocraft earring backs with the information shown from their original packet

The above is a matching Jewelcraft jewellery set of a bracelet and earrings. In a light brown/taupe color. The bracelet is signed Jewelcraft but the earrings are unsigned. Without them being sourced together we would not have known they were from Coro.

As usual, we will be adding more Coro/Jewelcraft jewellery photographs as we take and source more. So please bookmark this and all our jewellery blogs

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