Wednesday 15 January 2020

Collecting funky jewellery this year 2020

What funky jewellery am I collecting this year?

At the start of each year since 2012, I have racked my dysfunctional brain on what unusual and funky jewellery to collect. It has to be cheap, fashion or costume, slightly kitsch and a mix of pre-owned and new. Throughout the year, I photograph and showcase that collection. In previous years, I have collected alien and space themed jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, recycled, witch, Gothic and magic styled pieces. Along with Egyptian jewellery and unusual vintage beads. Not forgetting those plastic brightly coloured rings that could be found on cakes from a well-known shop.

Avon cat with brooch witch brooch.

Do I wear my funky jewellery?

Actually no. I see it as art pieces to display and admire (Or cringe - depending on your tastes). Yes, I would wear it in the right circumstances - but that has yet not been an option or the opportunity has not reared its head at this point. However, the funky pieces that I collect are made to be worn.

Do I stop collecting jewellery?

Ahh...No. Every year I end up adding to previous yearly collections. So that's another alien brooch, space rocket earrings or an Egyptian pharaoh necklace that I find on my travels ends up in its respective theme jewellery box. I find my jewellery mostly at vintage sales, car boots, charity shops, jumble sales, stores, markets or online. As I am no longer selling vintage and handmade jewellery. I tend to only look a couple of times a month now and only buy a couple of items that catch my eye. Everything I have that I brought to sell is in storage until I find the time in a few years time to start to sell jewellery again. However, each year's themed collection is not for sale as I keep them for showing at a later time on another blog to inspire and see how much is available out there. Also, Google tends to archive blogs and it is better to add a fresh collection over time. So look out for each past year's funky collection that I will be re-photographing and showcasing soon.

 Now what to collect this year?

There are so many things to create a brand new theme that I was spoilt for choice. Some of the ideas are Disney jewellery, sea-themed, real shell, fossil, science (as in DNA and molecular shaped), political or fruit. I considered cactus-shaped, charity and those rubber/silicone band bracelets. I wanted something that I would not normally source and it had to be interesting.

The funky jewellery I intend to collect this year is politically inspired and news related jewellery.  

As at last, we are getting out of the European Union. I have decided to collect politically related pieces. Starting with Brexit and moving on through the different political and news-related issues that are ever-present in the world. I hope to find climate change inspired jewellery and badges. I think that someone will also produce charity jewellery to raise funds for the Australian people and animals harmed in the awful fires soon. So that we do not forget and raise more money. 

As this year continues there will be other things that happen. Political, environmental, social and other changes here and abroad. As well as breaking news issues. If no specific jewellery is produced then I plan to buy a kangaroo brooch and koala earrings, for the Australian fire reminders as well as other similar pieces that serve as a memorial or commemorative piece. But they may not have been first made for that purpose intentionally.  

To start off - I have ordered a few Brexit badges and plan to buy a necklace.  So watch this blog...

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