Friday 4 November 2011

Dating Sarah Coventry pieces from 1976 Part 14

To continue with our look at the 1976 brochure from Sarah Coventry. This will aid identification and dating jewellery from the company. It also helps with dating other vintage jewellery by familiarizing the style of the pieces. Do this often enough and you will be able to see which era the brooch or necklace that you are trying to date is more likely to come from.

The following pages are taken from the Spring edition of the jewelry collection 1976, Sarah Coventry inc.

Page 44

Pixie Pets - a range of jewellery aimed at teenagers. Sarah Coventry produced several ranges aimed at the younger girl.

A = bluebird of happiness bracelet.
B = blue bird of happiness necklace.
C = Tina ring adjustable 1 - 4.
D = Pinkie ring.
E = Swingin' bear necklace 14 to 16 inch adjustable in silver tone.
F = Guppy pendants 14"
G = Guppy bracelet
H = Ann 'n Andy pendants 16"
I = Color trio bracelet with three changeable fronts.

Page 45

A = Bittersweet necklace (31" and 36" chains)
B = Bittersweet earrings (pierced)

Page 46
Earrings from Sarah Coventry

A = La grande hoop with surgical steel.
B = Chicken clips with one pair in gold tone and another in silver tone.
C = fashion loops in gold tone.
D = fashion loops in silver tone.
E = hula hoops with 14K overlay.
F = wedding band with 14k overlay.
G = tailored classic with surgical steel in silver tone.
H = Dove of peace with surgical steel wire.
I = twister with surgical steel in silver tone.
J = Charisma with surgical steel in silver tone.
K = Charisma in gold tone with surgical steel.
L = fiesta with surgical steel.
M = pierced ear wires with one pair in gold tone and another in silver tone.
N = twister in gold tone and surgical steel.
O = tailored classics in surgical steel and gold tone.
P = Zodiac circle in surgical steel.
Q = wedding ring in surgical steel.

A ll the above earrings were available but needed either the chicken clips or ear wires to make them for pierced ears or for clip on style earrings.

Just a few of the pre owned and vintage jewellery that have passed through our hands this week.
Vintage molten ring - adjustable 1970s in silver metal.

Ceramic vintage pendant signed Countess made in England. Renaissance art depicted on a pendant. Just add a chain.

Amber plastic cluster vintage clip-on earrings.

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