Monday 17 October 2011

Suitable Halloween and scary spider jewellery

Its that time of the year again - Halloween - stores filled with bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghouls! So just for the fun of it and the fact that my brain is still full of cotton wool from a bad cold! We have chosen some vintage jewellery pieces suitable to wear for Halloween on the 31st October and can be worn during the rest of the years.

 Black widow spider brooch - pre owned jewellery

A glorious black metal pre owned brooch from Claires, that is just ideal to pin to clothing as near enough a large spider. Pin it to your hat or onto a bag for great effect.

We also have a diamante covered spider brooch if you wish to sparkle

Gothic jewellery has been created across many decades - go for the obvious Gothic necklace.

Gothic skulls necklace in pewter - pre owned jewellery

Or go for something a little more subtle:

 Victorian memorial vintage brooch by Sphinx

Sphinx made a whole range of Victorian revival black vintage brooches and other vintage jewellery. We have 2 different ones for sale at the moment.

For men there is this genuine biker badge which is a bit devilish

 Or for something that is a bit more subtle..

Vintage cufflinks of bloodstone

Wearing jewellery for the occasion is great fun - you do not have to be obvious but a bit subtle for the day if you so wish
Me I will be wearing a selection of vintage brooches and some newer ones. All that have a Halloween theme. If someone this year asks me "are you a witch" I'll just turn them into a pumpkin............. 

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