Wednesday 5 October 2011

BJL necklace lily design

Several jewellery blogs ago - I asked for any information on BJL signed designer jewellery. and information on the unsigned vintage brooches that are of the marcasite and enamel lily design. These brooches can be found in many different colours from pink, blue to green enameled ones.

The lily vintage brooches are very similar to the signed brooches by BJL, so I wondered if they were made by the same company and asked if anyone had a vintage brooch that was signed?

Thank you very much to Clare in New Zealand who recently brought this beautiful vintage necklace signed BJL

It certainly looks very similar to the lily vintage brooches. Now we know that BJL made lily designed jewellery - so there must be a signed brooch somewhere as absolute proof?

And if anyone knows who the company was that made BJL jewellery - please let me know so that I can share the information.


  1. I have a signed BJL lilly brooch which pink and blue enamels and also a large B or 8 as well as the BJL mark. Am happy to send a photo but not sure how to do this! KENT

  2. Hello

    If you send it via email to
    sales @ Just take the gaps out to send. I will then be able to publish it on this blog as I have done previously.



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