Thursday 29 September 2011

Is it a brooch or a pendant - just versatile jewellery?

Some forms of jewellery are very versatile. There are a few brooches that have a loop on the back to convert into a pendant. Easy to do by adding a chain necklace or even a ribbon. The loop is also handy to attach a safety chain pin, most often seen on the 1950s vintage brooches.
Here are a few available at the moment on Jewels and Finery.

We do have many more of these brooches available


  1. Hello - I came across your post as I was researching filigree. The silver cross is a Maltese cross made out of traditional Maltese filigree. It is very typically sold in Malta (the island in the middle of the MEditerranean). Would you have any other filigree items similar to this one?

  2. The brooch is here

    We do have many other forms of filigree jewellery from many decades. Just type in filigree in the search on Jewels and Finery.

    best wishes Sue


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