Thursday 1 September 2011

Vintage Jewelry by Sarah Coventry Part 13, Spring 1976

This is now part 13 of the Spring brochure 1976 for Sarah Coventry jewelry. Ideal to help name, date and for information on the seventies era vintage jewellery. Some of the pieces are timeless and can be worn with ease today.
Page 40

A = Ember Tear earrings
B = Golden Teardrop Hoop necklace.
C = Ember Tear Choker 16".
Ember tear choker 18" (not shown)

Note the wire choker necklaces were all the rage in the mid seventies, especially the ones with a single initial pendant or large charm.

Page 41
A = Rain Flower earrings (pierced dangle removable)
B = Rain Flower necklace 15 - 16" adjustable.
C = Springtime choker 16 - 18" adjustable.

Note in the seventies short length necklaces of 16" and under were the fashion. However nowdays 16" chains are the average size to pendant and chain necklaces - but they are never referred to as a choker!

 Page 42

Golden Dove pendant 21"
Nite Owl pendant 24"
Madame Butterfly pin (gold tone) Silver tone - not shown.
Fifi pendant 21"

This summer of 2011, owl pendants and other jewellery enjoyed another revival. Still available to buy new. Owl jewellery has always been popular and is worn and collected by people of all ages.

Page 43

The sting pin. (bee)
Slick Chick pin. (bird)
Tiger Fish pendant 24" Fish)
Hercules pendant 24" (dog)
Professor pin (owl)

Just a few related pieces of vintage jewellery from Sarah Coventry. A brilliant bird brooch that is in a silver colour with a twinkling diamante eye. 

This Sarah Coventry booklet has 62 pages, so a few more pages to go!


  1. Wonderful vintage collection. I'm wondering if the booklet is in good condition. Is the paper brittle?

  2. No the paper is not brittle and the catalogue is in good condition just with wear from use.

    Best wishes Sue


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