Tuesday 25 May 2010

Jewellery Glossary Part B

Where has this month gone to?

Have spent many hours working on Jewels and Finery Craft website. Just getting the shopping carts in place have been anything but simple. It all takes so much time and I am convinced there should be an extra couple of hours in the day that would help!

So a quick glossary on the letter B. Here are some great beads to get this part started.

BAGUETTES: Gems/ crystals/diamantes cut into narrow rectangles, small baton shapes.

BANDELETTES: Decorative ribbons worn in the hair in the late 1860s

BANGLE: A bracelet which is not flexible

BAROQUE PEARLS: Also can be barrok. Irregular shaped pearls

BASSE-TAILLE: A method of enamelling in which the surface of the metal is hollowed out to receive the enamel. Similar to Champleve

BATON: Stones cut into long narrow rectangle shapes

BEZEL: Originally the part of the ring which holds the stone or other ornament. Now generally used to signify the salient or characteristic part of the ring. E.g the setting including the stone or as in a signet ring - the portion bearing the device.

BIJOUTERIE: The art of working in gold and enamel, as distinct from Joaillerie, the art of mounting precious stones

BLISTER PEARLS: A pearly deposit cut away from an oyster shell; irregularly- shaped and sometimes hollow

BRILLIANT: A form of cutting introduced by Vincenzio Peruzzi at Venice in the late seventeenth century. Nearly all diamonds are now brilliant cut and the word "brilliant" commonly means a diamond cut in this way. In a perfect briliant there are 58 facets above and 25 below the girdle

BRIOLETTES: Oval or drop shaped stones, facetted all over and often pierced at the top

BUGLES: Glass or plastic beads.originally used in dress trimmings. Now days bugles are used in both trimmings clothes, bags and also in costume jewellery

The above jewellery and beads are available at Jewels and Finery and shortly Jewels and Finery Craft

Vintage jewellery added recently

                                                        Vintage brooch Maltese Cross

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