Friday 7 May 2010

Rare Mirella Jewellery by W A P Watson

Following an very wet and hail stormed weekend, this week has been one of change.
First our teenage daughter has brought her first car. Her brother is a bit more laid back and is still looking. Thank goodness as I do not think I could cope with both at the same time

She is still a learner driver and will be taking her test soon. So for the last few days she has cleaned, added air fresheners and customized her little black car

Rare Mirella jewellery by WAP Watson.

Well, just a quick look at a piece of vintage jewellery that I brought on eBay a few months ago now. I did not realize that W A P Watson also produced jewellery under the Mirella name as well as Exquisite. The seller had 2 cornflower brooches for sale but someone had already a bid on the one so, I went for the other only.

The second signature says REG.

Very rare jewellery as I have not seen any other jewellery in the last 3 years that I have been actively looking. This is now in my own collection and not for resale. However, I have now seen the same brooch stamped Exquisite on the reverse.

Exquisite jewellery for sale on our website Jewels and Finery

Still to come in this blog: vintage jewellery book reviews, dating vintage jewellery and how to replace stones.
Also an announcement on our website redesign that we are so excited about

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