Wednesday 28 April 2010

Sarah Coventry Brochure Spring 1976, Part 2

The sun has been shinning now for two weeks and we have taken advantage of the good weather.
In between cutting back and weeding the garden, we have used the beautiful natural light to photograph hundreds of vintage jewellery, beads and buttons. But more of them in blogs to come

This is part two of the Sarah Coventry brochure from Spring 1976. Pages 8 to 11
Silver or gold refers to silver tone or gold tone metal used in the costume jewellery
Click on the photographs to enlarge them 

Page 8
A Silver or gold, Holiday chain 36"
B Fashion Braid bracelet silver or gold
C fashion Rope necklace 36" silver or gold
D Bostonian Classic chain 24 " silver or gold
E Bostonian Classic bracelet silver or gold
F Young and Gay bracelet silver or gold
G Classic Beauty Earrings silver or gold
H Bangle Twist bracelet silver or gold
I Dainty Lady chain 14 to 16" adjustable silver or gold
J Serenity Cross 16 to 18 " adjustable silver or gold

Page 9
K The Big Apple pendant 16 - 18" silver or gold
L Embraceable Necklace 16" silver or gold
M Echo bracelet silver or gold
N Fluerette pin silver or gold

Pages 10 and 11
A two page spread of Original Design Zodiac by IVRI 24" reversible with each zodiac necklaces design exclusive with Sarah
From the top of page 10 to the bottom
From the bottom of page 11 to the top
Order forms for individual pictures 11 x 14" framed or unframed were shipped with the Original Design Zodiac Pendant.

Haven't forgotten jewellery book reviews as I have brought two more books this month so will review in the next blog. More identification jewellery and Exquisite information to come soon also.
Getting back into routine and would love any feedback

Have a great May Day weekend

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