Wednesday 24 March 2010

Animal Jewellery reviewed in style

Through out February 2010, we added some new categories or themed animal jewellery to make browsing easier on Jewels and Finery

One of those themes were antique and vintage animal figural jewellery.

Many people have a favourite animal. It can be a family pet or something more exotic

I buy many items that have black cats and German Shepherds on. However in jewellery, I have yet to find any.
Particular German Shepherd jewellery is not seen very often compared to poodles!!

Here are just a few photographs of vintage and antique animal jewellery that are both for sale at present or have been sold in the past.

Panther, leopard and big cat jewellery has been very popular since the twenties, when few people had seen these animals except in circus performances or in books. Both of these big cat brooches are vintage modern

Jonette climbing leopard brooch 1980s
Farm animals are a very popular theme in jewellery. From simple wooden cut brooches to metal and rhinestone-studded ones. Again this sheep brooch is a modern one. Pigs are a great favourite to collect.

Ceramic and pottery animal jewellery is available in a wide range of species.

Victorian and Edwardian antique jewellery often used horses within their design. Horses were part of everyday life, used in transport, farming and sport. The horse shoe has always been associated with good luck, especially at weddings. A vintage horse and shoe charm or pendant above. Below an Edwardian or Victorian men's fob compass in the shape of a horse shoe.  

Sometimes the jewellery designers use their imagination and the animals are very difficult to identify!
Fur was used extensively through out history as clothing, furnishing and jewellery. It is part of our heritage and something that happened. It is only in recent years that real fur is frowned at in clothing and jewellery. This brooch is of mink. Hollywood played a large part with stars wearing fur coats and rhinestone jewellery from the twenties onward. Today many of the film, TV and music stars produce their own ranges of clothing and jewellery. 

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